Activists Shut Down Chiquita Banana’s Facebook Page


This morning, banana giant Chiquita was forced to shut down comments on its Facebook pages when thousands of ForestEthics and Care2 activists swarmed Chiquita and Dole‘s Facebook pages asking them to stop using Tar Sands fuel to transport bananas. Activists posted images of ads targeting Chiquita and Dole which ran today in USA Today.

Screenshot of Chiquita's FB page


The ads and Facebook posts call on the companies to reject extreme fossil fuels from Canada’s Tar Sands and to embrace cleaner transportation fuel options.

As this blog hits the press, Chiquita just re-opened their own posts for comments (you still cannot start a post on their wall). If you want to get involved, pick a company to post an ad:

ForestEthics is also expanding the reach of this campaign, turning to the companies’ Twitter accounts. You can tweet a message about the shutdown:

“ForestEthics supporters shut down Chiquita’s FB Wall with tar sands campaign


“Hey! @DoleFoods & @ChiquitaChatter shut down talk of #tarsands on their FB pages. RT to tell them – stop dirty fuel”

“Hey @ChiquitaChatter @DoleFoods – stop using tarsands fuel! RT to pass along”

ForestEthics and Care2 members have already sent the companies over 12,000 messages urging them to find fuel solutions that don’t kill forests and pollute our air and water. You can send your message here.

To sell more than 27 billion bananas a year – and to make up nearly 60% of the United States’ banana market – Dole and Chiquita consume prodigious amounts of diesel fuel for shipping and refrigeration. ForestEthics – and Care2 members — have asked both companies to reject transportation fuel that comes from Tar Sands refineries because of the impacts on communities, forests, water and climate.

Canada’s Tar Sands, located in Northern Alberta, is home to the one of the most resource-intensive oil extraction processes in history. US communities are being exposed to health problems that come with increasing US dependence on Tar Sands for transportation fuel. US refineries processing Tar Sands spew more toxic pollution than refineries that do not use Tar Sands. The health effects of refining Tar Sands are already evident in Alberta where downwind and downstream communities have levels of cancer more than 400 times the normal rates.

Extracting Tar Sands threatens an area of Boreal Forest the size of Maine, sacrificing the long-term value of these forests for the quick burning of oil. Ninety percent of the water consumed in Tar Sands mining ends up in the world’s largest lakes of toxic waste.

A 2010 poll conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation found that more than 70% of Americans “favor cleaner energy sources that use the least water and involve the lowest possible risk to the public and environment.”

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Lindy E.
Belinda E6 years ago

@William: Chiquita and Dole have lots and lots of money. All we have is lots and lots of voices. How is it improper to use our voices to sway how they spend their money (which they got from us in the first place, actually)?

It's all well and good to boycott the product, but if we do it silently, we're not going to have much effect and they probably won't even notice, or know why sales are dropping. Those who posted on their Facebook pages were simultaneously recruiting, by letting people know what's happening, and letting the companies know what the people are unhappy about. Can you think of a more effective way to let banana lovers know about the connection to Tar Sands?

And it's not as if they maligned the quality of the fruit; they simply decried one specific aspect of the way they were doing business. Legitimate gripe, legitimate forum, good result.

chelsea m.
chelsea madison6 years ago

You are obviously watching too much FOX television...good luck with that.

Tim Cheung
Tim C6 years ago


William G.
William G6 years ago

OK Hilary S. So I assume your fine with the Tea Party voicing their opinion. Do you think think it's impressive and inspiring to see that people concerned about something can join together and peacefully have their voices actually heard by big government to the point that they take action?

Elizabeth K. the only thing you need to fight is your bad attitude. I've never seen a post by you that was positive. You should try being happy a little more, it's good for you!! Good luck with that.

Hilary S.
Hilary S6 years ago

@ William G - Chiquita and Dole both had choices in how they responded. They could allow people to post on their FB wall, they could delete the posts, and/or they could prevent people from posting. It's not like the posters shut down their businesses, they just spoke up in Chiquita's PUBLIC Facebook conversation, really loudly. It's allowed - Chiquita just didn't like it and responded by shutting down public comments. I believe that most people would view terrorism as actually stealing from, disrupting or physically harming a business (not communicating on one of their marketing streams which INVITES public comment). I think it's impressive and inspiring to see that people concerned about something can join together and peacefully have their voices actually heard by a big company to the point that the organization takes action.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K6 years ago

William G.

Like Chiquita plays nice. They are the real terrorists.

We need to fight them the best way we can,

William G.
William G6 years ago

They should find those responsible for the internet attacks and arrest them for terrorism. If you don’t like a business then you have every right to not buy their product, but you DO NOT have the right to attack, harm, or shut down any part of that business. What a bunch of anarchists, commie, jerks thinking they are doing anything even remotely legal.

Find and jail the whole bunch!!

Brian P.
.6 years ago

As a Canadian, I encourage my American counterparts to do what they can to discourage use of tar sands products. I've seen some of the damage they've caused up close and it's not pretty. More pipelines aren't the answer to the lack of political willpower to effect wider development and adoption of green power - and yet we continue to give subsidies to dirty energy like oil and coal.

I also encourage people to look at the operating histories of the Dole and Chiquita companies...some pretty nasty stuff. While they may be more expensive, better to buy organic, fair trade bananas...your conscience and body will thank you.

Kathryn B.
Kathryn B6 years ago

This is one of the BIGGEST and most DANGEROUS environmental abominations yet!!! This FILTHY fuel would cross our most sensitive water sources and cause untold contamination along with completely RUINING the boreal forest that gives life to MILLIONS of songbirds and other beings!! Human encroachment MUST be stopped!! ALTERNATIVES are available!! Get on your bikes, walk, use electric mopeds, car pool and STOP believing we NEED this filthy oil to survive. We do NOT!!!

Alexa Q.
Sasha Willard6 years ago

Quick question - How might one determine the source of fuel?

I tend to think of an article on the David Suzuki Foundation site (link below)
"They are simply supplying a commodity which is in huge demand by society. They didn't create the demand, they're just good at providing what society wants, i.e. cheap fossil fuel to burn in gridlocked Escalades"