Ad Uses Pet Gas Chambers To Get Votes

As the race for governor in Illinois heated up this week, Governor Pat Quinn (D) released a controversial TV ad that accused his opponent Senator Bill Brady (R) of supporting mass euthanasia of homeless cats and dogs in gas chambers.


The ad received national attention, but was this a game of dirty politics for the Governor or a story that had to be revealed about the Senator?


The TV ad showed a video that is disturbing and apparently intended as a tactic to scare away votes.  But from an animal welfare aspect it may have inadvertently introduced a new audience to the cruelty of using gas chambers as a method of killing unwanted pets.


 It has been my experience that many people aren’t even aware that animal shelters routinely euthanize animals.  And showing carbon monoxide gas chambers, which is one of the most horrific methods for carrying out euthanasia may have been enlightening.



Gov. Quinn’s TV ad is graphic and shows multiple dogs being tossed into a metal container.  Their cries and whimpers are heard in the background. 


A message printed over the scene reads, “Just two days after Bill Brady won the primary for governor, Senator Brady’s first priority was to sponsor a bill that would mass euthanize sheltered dogs and cats in gas chambers.”


The TV ad seems to have accomplished what was intended.  On the plus side it got the attention of animal-lovers from both political parties.  But the ad also used innocent animals as political pawns, incorporated fear tactics and had several inaccurate facts.  Politifact found three they deemed worth mentioning.



First it is true Sen. Brady introduced a bill that would have amended a 2009 law about euthanasia in animal shelters.  The 2009 law said shelters could euthanize animals in a gas chamber one at a time and if they had justification for using the method.  It also stated a veterinarian had to be present during the entire procedure.


These restrictions made it more costly for shelters to use gas chambers and instead most began using the more humane method of euthanasia by lethal injection.


Brady’s bill would have lifted the “one animal at a time limit,” making it more financially attractive to use carbon monoxide gas. 


This would have widened the number of animals killed, but it wasn’t mass euthanasia as described in the TV ad.


Second, the ad shows dogs being dropped into the gas chamber on top of each other.  Brady’s bill would have called for separate sections for each cat and dog.


Third, the bill is not active as alluded to in the TV ad.  Brady dropped the piece of legislation only a few days after introducing it.  This happened after meeting with representatives with the Humane Society of the United States.


So after reading the facts, how would you rate Gov. Quinn’s ad?  Was it dirty politics or a story that voters had to hear?


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William C
William Cabout a year ago


W. C
W. Cabout a year ago

Thank you.

richa blue akasha
Raiin Blue5 years ago

Sick bastard politicians ! Poly ticks! actually is an insult to a parasite even to be compared to these vile abominations, a curse for every nation on this planet!!

timothy m.
timothy m5 years ago

Astounding that Care2 would actually criticize a Democrat! Does hell's thermometer read 32°F?

Jerilyn C.

We are trying to get rid of gas chambers here in the U.S--not use them more than they've been used!!!!! If that man was in our state, believe me, I would definitely vote against him!!!!!
Jerilyn Capaccione

Relmond H.
Relmond H.7 years ago

The entire premise behind the posting of this blog entry seemed to beg opinions (needless to say FACTS also) about whether scurrilous, if not bordering on libelous, campaign propaganda should be tolerated.

The poll numbers posted seem to indicate a resounding "NO".

Dragging the perpetrators of such disgusting filth out into the daylight from the almost legendary Illinois "smoke-filled back rooms", ought to be part of the refutation process.

When the "inconvenient truth" becomes a shoe on the other foot, so to speak, somehow that should qualify the topic for redefinition?

The fact remains that the H$U$ was party to crafting the law which legalized the use of carbon monoxide in Illinois A/C gas chambers which was passed through a Democratically controlled legislature and signed by the Democrat Governor struggling now for re-election.

The facts are indisputable and can be extracted easily by those seeking truth, from the official Illinois General Assembly website:

The fact remains that the truly guilty have endeavored to erroneously shift the blame to their opponent.

Hopefully todays events will help to blunt the "ends justifies the means" insanity assaulting valid constitutional rule.

Sebastian James
Sebastian J7 years ago

While most commenters seem to be very concerned about The ( real ) Issue, some appear to use this as a partisan political forum.

Those comments may largely be dismissed: the messages are of dubious motivation, and hence tainted.

personally, I would say theat thee problem crosses political lines. I would vote according to thee individual's merits. Sometimes, the sad political fact is theat theere is a trade - off: good guy in some ways, bad guy in otheer ways. Like everyone, really.

And before accepting unverified "information," I would like to see thee source.

Sorry, but thee issue is gas chambers and individuals.

PS could there be a difference between comparatively dispersed or diluted CO gas in the home, vs. suffocation in a gas chamber?

Linda Tasa-andrychuk
Linda Tasa7 years ago

We need to pressure Veterinarians to lower the price of nutering. For most people the price is too high, so they don't get it done and surprise! the animal is going to give birth from 1 to 6 kittens or puppies. Now what, they pass them on, and the cycle starts again.

Relmond H.
Relmond H.7 years ago

To fully appreciate the depths of hypocrisy to which this is subject, understand that (510 ILCS 72/) Humane Euthanasia in Animal Shelters Act was amended effective Aug 28 2009 in Sec. 57. Procedures for euthanasia, to whit:

"a licensed veterinarian may euthanize companion animals in such a shelter or facility by the use of carbon monoxide"

The amendment had to pass through an Illinois House of Representatives with Democrat majority (Speaker Michael J. Madigan, father-in-law of Jordan Matyas, state director and head lobbyist for the Humane Society of the United States), an Illinois Senate with a Democrat majority, and signed by a Democrat Governor, one Patrick Quinn.

Three good chances to stop this practice and each level of Democrat controlled government (plus the H$U$ gatekeeper) passed it on by.

All the kettles calling the pot black???!!!

Linda Szymoniak
Linda Szymoniak7 years ago

While it may have been dirty politics, one positive thing may have come from it - public awareness of the problem. I'm finding an alarming number of people who have NO idea how animals are killed at shelters. An equally alarming number have no idea just how many dogs and cats are dying in shelters in the US every year. Dirty politics? Maybe. But, if it opens the eyes of people to the inhumane methods of euthanasia still being used in the US and can help save animals, perhaps it isn't such a bad thing. Personally, it doesn't surprise me that a politician would do this. My opinion of politics and politicians isn't the best these days.