ADD or DELETE Challenges Super Bowl Ads / Ad Industry

For all you football fans out there you know that part of the enjoyment of watching the Superbowl can be the commercials. But there is a new LOHAS ad twist to the mega buck commerials that are placed this coming weekend.  ADD or DELETE is a social initiative that asks people from all walks of life and the global marketing industry: Could the $500 billion dollars projected to be spent on advertising worldwide in 2011 be put to better use? ADD or DELETE provides a forum for people to identify advertisements that ADD value to society vs. merely being “ads” that consumers would rather DELETE. It’s also designed to spark a conversation that inspires businesses to redirect or leverage at least 5 percent of their advertising or marketing assets to solve social issues.

“Our industry needs to redirect some of its creative firepower towards creating positive change instead of generating more distasteful or wasteful ads,” says Fred Haberman, CEO and co-founder of Haberman, a media + marketing firm that is spearheading the ADD or DELETE initiative. “Allocating 5% of marketing budgets towards projects that create global benefit and showcase brands’ values creates a win-win proposition for marketers and our society alike.”  For Super Bowl XLV alone, reallocating just 5% of the $270 million ad spend would free up $13.5 million dollars to support positive change in our world. Given that 72 percent of consumers find ads “annoying or extremely annoying,” according to AdWeek, it seems reasonable to suggest a more positive use for those funds. “We are asking people who are watching the Super Bowl to look at all those expensive ads with a critical eye,” says Eric Block, managing director at Haberman. “Ask the question: ‘Is the approximately $3 million dollars being spent on every ad ADDing value or would you rather DELETE it?’ We think marketers and brands might get more benefit if they deployed those resources to impact social issues and causes that people are really concerned about. We created ADD or DELETE to begin that important conversation.” Anyone may upload advertisements or examples from marketing campaigns that either ADD or DELETE to society on the ADD or DELETE Facebook page at: Fans of the page will then have the opportunity to learn about campaigns that ADD to society, give their feedback to ads posted by others and share the ads that they would rather have DELETED. The forum may also create links between socially-minded companies who are ADDing to our world and consumers who prefer to support such brands. “We’ve believed in the power of authentic, relevant, pioneering campaigns that ADD value to our world since our inception as an agency,” Fred Haberman said. “ADD or DELETE inspires marketing professionals to consider their legacies; do you want to be known for gaining approvals for lavish ad shoots or for creating campaigns that positively impact our world?” 

Super Bowl Sticker Shock: 

  • Ad cost per second – $100,000
  • Average production cost per ad – $1 million
  • Cost of 30 second commercial – $3 million
  • All game ads – $270 million
  • Super Bowl ad spending over past 20 years – $2.7 billion
  • Total ad time per game = 45 minutes 

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They should advertise how they have turned their own stadiums green and helped to make a better world. Inspire Us.
And make us laugh at ourselves.

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Great idea - it would be wonderful if in addition to entertaining us or trying to sell us something the advertisers could achieve some social good.

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