After Banning Almost All Abortions, Arkansas GOP Targets Birth Control

What does a hard-right state legislature do after passing the most restrictive abortion law in the country? It goes after family planning programs, naturally.

It’s not called the “forced birth” movement for nothing.

Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert, the Tea Party brains behind the 12-week ban just passed by the Arkansas legislature, is now proposing legislation that would cut all public funding to Planned Parenthood. Like other states such as Arizona and Texas, Rapert wants to cut any state or federal funds from going toward any entity that performs abortions. Planned Parenthood doesn’t perform any surgical abortions in Arkansas, but it does distribute abortion pills in the state.

The bill, if passed, would cut off funds for non-abortion services like sex education programs that educate students about sexually transmitted disease. And while Rapert is not working directly with Arkansas Right to Life, the group is pushing a bill that would ban the distribution of RU-486 or other medication abortions via webcam, making accessing reproductive health care in the state nearly impossible for some women.

Arkansas only has one clinic that performs surgical abortions left open.

Planned Parenthood officials vowed to fight the legislation. “For many Arkansas women we care for, we are the only health care provider they rely on every year for affordable care including well woman exams, lifesaving cancer screenings, contraception, and STD prevention,” said Jill June, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland. “Planned Parenthood will fight this dangerous bill just as we fought Senator Rapert’s abortion ban – politics should never come between a woman and her medical care.”

Rapert’s singular focus on abortion rights is not that much of a surprise. He won re-election last year after defeating a Democratic lawmaker who had chaired the House committee that previously rejected several anti-abortion measures during the 2011 session. Rapert is another lawmaker in the mold of Todd Akin, descendants of the days of clinic terrorism, misogynists with an undivided focus on beating back women’s progress toward social and economic equality any way they can.


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Maggie Bradner
Maggie Wilson4 years ago


under worse circumstances only greatful to have a job at all. This is a win for corporations and the military.

Those gnarled old warlords don't give a SHIT about babies or women or so called "life". They only want more people brought into this world to control and exploit for their own gain.

Maggie Bradner
Maggie Wilson4 years ago

Some thoughts about the motives behind criminalizing abortion and cutting off access to birth control...

1) Strips women of the bodily autonomy that men enjoy their whole lives.
2) Turns women into baby making machines that will inevitably end in women staying home to take care of their hordes of children, shutting them out of public life once again and rendering them financially dependent on men.
3) It will be next to impossible for professional women to gain any position of influence or power if they are having children every couple of years.
4) Sex will become a thing of stress and fear for women once again, undermining their sexuality which is a huge element to a person's wholeness and success.
5) Shifts the small amount of power women gained, back to men.
6) The median age of Americans is in the 40s while the median age in the Middle East is in the 20s. The military needs to compete with the birth rates of its present and any future enemies to have a strong, young, thriving military.
7) Cutting coverage for birth control will overwhelmingly affect the lower income women, who's children are the ideal cannon fodder (In the eyes of aging, white politicians). They don't want to be recruiting privileged, upper class children to fight on the front lines... they are being groomed to take over the system.
8) With an uncontrolled population, there will be fierce competition for jobs... people will be willing to work for less, under worse circumstances only greatful

stacey t.
Stacey Toda4 years ago

I hate living in Arizona and I hate Republicans.

Miranda Lyon
Miranda Lyon4 years ago

Logically, one of the most effective ways to prevent abortion is to support access to methods of birth control. The fact that so many of those vehemently opposed to access to medically safe abortion also oppose access to birth control suggests that they are not thinking logically at all but rather are operating out of an obsessional need to control the behavior of others who do not think the same way they do.

Nils Anders Lunde
PlsNoMessage se4 years ago


Dennis D.
Past Member 4 years ago

Suba G. I have yet to get one of the antichoice(prolife) to explain how a z/e/f should supersede a woman rights. I have had the Declaration of Independence used as a justification. Even though that very fine historical document has no weight on the Constitution. The DoI being an Instrument of War makes the case even more cloudy as to how that would justify or even give precedence to a what is essentially tissue. That has only a possibility, with no guarantees, of ever gestating to a full term.

I have even been told that because a z/e/f is innocent it should be protected.. Which only raises another question.. Are there bad z/e/f and if so do they run in gangs and wear leather coats. Just asking..

I have carefully studied the Constitution. [B]een guided by the finest minds on the Supreme Court of past and present through their Decisions and papers. I have yet to find one Supreme Justice that has ever agreed that a z/e/f is a person or should be protected as such. A further study into the Constitutional scholars that have had any say on this issue.

[H]as revealed that such thinking on the subject of granting a z/e/f any rights or privileges as though it were a person. Is only found on the outer fringes and only with in the mid to latter part of the 20th century. That any that has tried to base their opinions on a past precedents did so by taking large leaps past the author(s) words. Taking them so out of context as to leave the Decision(s) or paper(s) as unrecognizable

David King
David King4 years ago

Good morning Kevin.

I am confused about something: If pro-lifers believe that killing a fetus is the equivalent to murder...

Then why do they not advocate that women that miscarry be jailed or executed for murder???

Dagmar Breg
Past Member 4 years ago

How do these dumb-asses get into power?

Luvenia V.
Luvenia V4 years ago

Michele H., when you say this country "THIS" country does not believe in murder what country are YOU posting from because America is the MURDER capital of the WORLD. Those who know so LITTLE seem to say so MUCH!!! Those murders include men, women and children dying from the lack of basic health care, shelter and food not to mention all the "FOR PROFIT" wars. Once your babies on demand get here you stand up and shout they are NOT our problem so let them go hungry, without health care and yes even food.

David King
David King4 years ago

If you impose YOUR religious beliefs on everyone else, then are you not you are removing everyone else's religious freedom by doing so???

If we want a Government that is a theocracy then we have to be prepared when a religion that we disagree with gets into power and starts forcing those beliefs on us instead of our own!

Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it!!!

AND: Shouldn't the rights of the living pre-empt the rights of the nonliving in cases where it IS one or the other???

Should the "Pro-Life" stance end when a fetus is born, or should the philosophy continue after the birth???

And I guess my next question is: Should a "Pro-Life" stance include picketing against wars where millions of people are killed ???

Should a "Pro-Life" stance include the murdering of the politicians supporting those wars???