Agency Threatens To Remove Baby From Couple with Cerebral Palsy

A Canadian couple, Maricyl Palisoc and Charles Wilton, are fighting to keep their one-month-old son, William, at home. Palisoc and Wilton, who live in Missisauga, both have cerebral palsy. According to CBC News, the Peel Children’s Aid Society (CAS) has expressed concern about whether the couple can care for their son due to their disabilities and has said it will “remove William from their home unless his parents secure 24-hour care from an able-bodied person.”

Wilton uses a power wheelchair and has good upper body strength. Palisoc has some hand mobility issues but can change diapers, breastfeed and “do the necessities” to care for her son, says Ryan Machete, a program co-ordinator with the Coalition for Persons with Disabilities. His organization has provided funds for the services since William’s birth; a staff member has even used his own credit line to help pay the fees for a caregiver. Machete says that he is “not convinced” a round-the-clock staffer, who would cost $2,000 a week, is needed.

Machete did note that, as William gets older, his parents may need more support: ““I think that maybe when William grows up to be six years old and hurts his knee and needs his mom to pick him up, and he’s 60, 70 pounds, maybe that might be a little bit more difficult for her to do.”

Even before William was born, CAS workers had expressed concerns that Palisoc and Wilton would not be able to take care of their son, says CTV. The couple currently receive a few hours of care from support workers through an organization called AbleLiving; they only need a few more hours to care for William, says Linda Soulliere, also of the Coalition for Persons with Disabilities

While noting that she and Wilton do need assistance, Palisoc emphasized her fear about having William taken from them, as she said to CBC News:

“We know that we need help, but we know that we are the best thing for our boy right now. We both wanted to be parents and now we are, and we don’t want do give anyone control of our family.”

The CAS is to meet with Palisoc and Wilton on Friday to try to figure out an arrangement.

As Soulliere says to CTV, “attitudes and perceptions and a lot of misunderstanding about what cerebral palsy” are some of the reasons that CAS does not think Palisoc and Wilton can care for William. Both Palisoc’s and Wilton’s speech is affected; as Soulliere notes, “it’s much easier for people to assume their cognitive skills are affected, but that’s not the case.”   Soulliere also points out that Palisoc and Wilton “deserve the chance to have some privacy,” rather than having an attendant always present in their residence.

Palisoc and Wilton simply want to take care of their son on their own terms and should not be denied the right to do so. Certainly, it is not right for William to be removed from parents who love and who are caring for him.


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Charles W.
Charles Wilton4 years ago

O by the way... to Kara C. Umm... yeah, WE ARE NOT GOING TO DIE!!! well not soon anyway~! Peope with Cp live normal lifes, same as abled bodied people~! I don't f****** get why people think that Cp is MS or MD~!?

Charles W.
Charles Wilton4 years ago

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people that cared. You know... the world needs to look all over the world, not only us, that this kind of thing is happening... and not only that!!... seems to keep happening! This is 2013... and we as humans, we as a race need to stand for something once again! We are playing God!! who gets to parent a child, Who should be able to be married to whom(Gay people), More guns, less guns!... well... you get the idea~! From: Charles Wilton

Terry V.
Terry V5 years ago


Lori Santos
Lori Santos5 years ago

Too bizarre! "We are taking this baby from his parents for his own good?"lol Do these heinous abled people recognize themselves when they look in the mirror? I know I am a socially non-desirable cripple by this type of thing that I read, and wonder when all the abled will appear at my door to burn me at the stake for having lived to the age of 54. omg...

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B5 years ago

thanks for telling the world

Samanta Zbinden
Samanta Zbinden5 years ago

This is a tough-one..I do believe that taking the child away would do more bad than good, however they do need someone that they can rely on to be there in case they find themselves impaired

Jane R.
Jane R5 years ago

Of course the baby should remain with the parents, however they really do need a full-time live in caregiver. Their speach is impaired. Will the baby grow up without knowing the proper way to pronounce words? Sad situation!

Robert Tedders
Robert T5 years ago


Janet W.
Janet W.5 years ago

KaraC: You worry about the child seeing his parents waste away? How much better it is for him to get to know his parents as they are and he will most certainly adapt to them as they will be. How much worse for him to never know them at all because some damn fool agency thinks they know better than anyone. Sounds like they are using their jobs to make a name for themselves rather than giving help when and if it is needed. These parents probably are very able to take care of this child now and who knows for how long.

Kara C.
Kara C5 years ago

Its sad for the parents but you have to think of the child's wellbeing above all else, CP is degenerative and how will it be for the child seeing their parents waste away and what happens when both the parents are completely unable to care for themselves let alone him?