Agriculture 101: A Graphic Novel


Written by Malaka Gharib for ONE

Soon, ONE will be launching a massive campaign around agriculture, a topic that has become so important given the destructive famine in the Horn of Africa. To help get your motor running on all things ag (as we affectionately call it here at ONE) Kelly Hauser from our global policy team and I have teamed together to create our first graphic novel, Agriculture 101.

Each week, we’ll publish a new chapter of Agriculture 101, each covering a different facet of the agriculture dilemma in Africa. Our first chapter, “The Cycle,” tells the unfortunate story of many African farmers after they harvest their crops. Read on to find out, and stay tuned for our next chapter, “The Hunger.”

If you want to take things a step further, we encourage you to apply to our Agriculture Griots program. It’s a free, six-week leadership course. Apply here.

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I had to come back to yesterday's chapter before reading today's chapter. Thank you for the insight to their situation!

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And on top of that something has been causing all of Africa's deserts to grow for the last hundred years, let's call it the Tooth Fairy. Or ManBearPig.

And on top of that extremists in Southern Somalia won't let international aid agencies into certain areas, not even the Red Crescent, for fear of ceding political influence.

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