Ahmadinejad Wants More Teenage Girls To Get Married

Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, articulated his disgust with Iran’s extremely successful family planning program, telling the state-run newspaper, “We should take the age of marriage for boys to 20 and for girls to about 16 and 17.  The marriage age for boys has reached 26 and for girls to 24,” he continued, “and there is no reason for this.”

Iran’s internationally lauded family planning program, which was implemented in the 1990′s following record birth rates in the wake of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, has suffered under the Ahmadinejad regime.  Ahmadinejad, who sees the program as an “ungodly” Western influence, launched new financial incentives in July for every new child born.  A third of the country’s population is already between the ages of 15 and 30, but Ahmadinejad has said that he believes that the country could feed up to 150 million. 

Whether it should, of course, is another story (assuming that Ahmadinejad’s statement has a legitimate basis).  10 million people are estimated to live under the poverty line in Iran, and critics of Ahmadinejad’s policy have said that a growing population would simply exacerbate problems with unemployment, which is set at 9 percent with an estimated 3 million out-of-work adults.

There’s also the point, though, that women who get married at 16 are less likely to know what they’re getting themselves into, to wisely choose a spouse, and to make empowered reproductive choices.  They’re also less likely to be able to create any kind of financial independence, which is difficult enough for Iranian women.  So in that sense, Ahmadinejad’s badly conceived family planning programs are not just bad for Iran’s poor and unemployed, they’re also pretty misogynistic as well.

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Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle7 years ago

Ahmadinejad is a tool.
Kudos to Ronald Ellsworth: "Sarah Palin with a beard."
But Sandra Lee S. really dissects the Iranian male. Read her comment.

Jim S.
Jim S7 years ago

Another reason for every good progressive to do everything possible to take down the theocratic gangstership running Iran. This country has experienced arguably the most successful reduction in fertility of any nation in the past decade. God forbid this man succeeds in reversing it.

kenneth m.
kenneth m7 years ago

More problems with Moslems what do u expect. Enjoy your airport
Hay. Another one got cought trying to blow up Americans today Moslems. Again

Grace Johnson
Grace Johnson7 years ago

its way to keep women out of power plain n simple

Ronald Ellsworth
Ronald E7 years ago

Sarah Palin with a beard.

Debbie M.
Debbie Miller7 years ago

I think the motivation is all wrong. I think he just wants to boost the population for political reasons.


Jeffrey M.
Jeffrey M7 years ago

Ahmadinejad is making an appeal, to those Iranians who are of below-average intelligence and financial means, to create more Iranians of low intelligence and financial means. This is an excellent way for him to stay in power. It does not do much for Iran, though.

Typical right-wing politician, am I right?

Sandra Lee S.
Sandra Lee S.7 years ago

Keep in mind this is a Muslim male; I won't use the tern "man" because most show the maturity in most matters of about 12 year old boys; this one is NO exception to my observations of them. I know 1 Muslim man, and am becoming acquainted with 1 other; out of all the ones out there spouting! It's not that I don't listen to what they're saying, rather it's that I DO listen and understand it. This comment from Ahmadinejad is typical of juvenile males who are in a rush to get all the sex they can without regard for what it does to the girls. But since they value women less than they do camels, that's hardly much surprise. Just consider the source here and file it in the deep six with the rest of what spews forth from that source.

Tana Williams
Tana Williams7 years ago

OK, I said in another thread on a different subject that I didn't know if Emanuel was joking or serious in an outrageous comment he made. I know now. How truly frightening and sad that some people live in such unneccessary fear.

Helena plum Bowyer
Helena B7 years ago

I thought he was responsible for moving the age girls can get married at from 9 to 16, to stop the abuse of young girls and to increase the chances of a successful marriage. Thats how this was reported in the UK anyway.