Aisha Tyler: Gays Can Save Marriage, Straights Are F-ing it Up


Aisha Tyler, actor, comedian and current co-host of The Talk, stars in a new video from the Human Rights Campaign in which she highlights her reasons for supporting marriage equality and states that she believes gay people should be allowed to marry to save the institution from the actions of straight people who, she believes, are making a mess of it.

Or, in her own words:

Tyler joins a number of others in making videos for the Americans for Marriage Equality campaign.

Previous offerings come from Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Oscar winner Mo’Nique, civil rights legend Julian Bond, Emmy Award winner John Leguizamo, acclaimed Broadway playwright Katori Hall, American footballer Scott Fujita, and The Good Wife’s Josh Charles.

This follows HRC’s New Yorker’s for Marriage Equality series that ran earlier this year in the run-up to the New York Legislature legalizing marriage equality in the state.

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Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Past Member
Past Member 5 years ago

Heh... Very cute! And she does have a point.

Sue T.
Susan T6 years ago

We ALL F*CK up
Gay people are not going to do it any better than I did.
maybe they will be worse.
I take offense to the constant "my left wing agenda" is better than anything else.

Sue T.
Susan T6 years ago

@ linda T....
when you say "With over a 50 percent divorce rate in my state I think she's on to something. But then just voicing it will send those who are pushing Christain Sharia Law in this country to take up yet another cause to rule over us with.

I question what Sharia Christain (like she spelled it) Law are you writing about?

Rebecca W.
Rebecca W6 years ago

Wow!!! Paula M., Darryll G., Sharon G. - Do you realise that the comments you have made end up hurting the reputation of the religion you are trying to defend? Paula M. - Would you like to go back to the time in North American history when women, children, and slaves were a man’s legal property? How about before women had the legal right to vote? Or how about when a woman could not be seen in public wearing “men’s clothes” AKA pants.

And what about Biblical laws surrounding marriage. Like, the only time the Bible specifically speaks against Polygamy is when it says a Priest/Elder shouldn’t have more than one wife but other men are just told (basically) to not be greedy ... and yet, gay marriage leading to polygamy is one of the “feared outcomes” of marriage equality. (Kinda backwards)

Or how about each time the Bible says a man “takes” a wife, or a wife is “given”. How many of those “wives” had a choice? And when their husbands died?.?. They had to marry his next closes male relative or be destitute because they could not inherit their husband’s property.
Do you want to go back to Biblical law where once again women are chattel.

American Laws have changed in the past because people justly fought to be recognised as PEOPLE with RIGHTS. Gays are people too and should be afforded the same.

Rebecca W.
Rebecca W6 years ago

Paula M. - “BECAUSE MAN (want?) TO BE WOMAN AND WOMAN (want?) TO BE MAN!!!! HOW CREWED UP IS THAT”... “AND SAY OH I WAS BORN THIS WAY....NO THE HECK YOU WASN'T!” & Sharon G. – “God made Man & Women God does not MISTAKES !!!” – Then Hermaphrodites are not a mistake either?.?. Right?.?. God “knit them together” too didn’t he?.?. And if they are not a mistake then who says what we call Transgendered is not just another type of hermaphroditic state where one gender is displayed downstairs and the other upstairs (in this case the brain function)... just sayin’...

Jesus seems to support Separation of Church and State too in Matthew 22:21 when he is recorded as saying “...Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's.” And in other verses that teach about following the laws of the land. This is an issue of CIVIL rights. Let civil law dictate it.

Darryll G. – “if people want to join with someone of the same sex, fine, but don't call it marriage, the government can give you the same rights as marriage just call it something else. “ Really??? – so you don’t care if they join together in a marriage like commitment as long as they don’t use “that word”... as Shakespeare said "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." It’s just childish to hog a word all to yourself.

Sue T.
Susan T6 years ago

First I have no problem with gay marriage. That being said they already are gay divorces happening so to make a comment that somehow gay people could do marriage better than not gay people is just as bad in my mind as not allowing gay people to get married.

We are all people first and we all have the capacity to make things good or F them up. I know of a lot of really messed up gay relationships, so this statement is worthless and just not a valid reason in my mind for marriage for anyone.

Heather G.
Heather G6 years ago

"blaming the straight couples will get you far. Maybe you'd be happy if we were all queer like you??"

Exactly Diane M!! But it goes BOTH WAYS. Blaming gay couples isn't going to make heterosexual marriages better either, and even if everyone else was straight it wouldn't make heterosexual marriages any happier!

Dr Clue
Dr Clue6 years ago

Marriage has two distinct aspects that should travel independently. The part that falls to government is the civil contract of marriage , and as a contract , anyone with the ability to comprehend the obligations of the contract should be entitled to enter into same and enjoy all the rights and benefits that flow from same.

The portion of marriage separate from state , is the ceremony of marriage, which any religion may elect to perform or not.

This is basic 1st amendment separation of church and state.