Al Gore Asks Us To Get Real on Climate Change

Former Vice President Al Gore has launched a new project to bring attention to the importance of action on global climate change. The Climate Reality Project will kick off with an international media event, dubbed  24 Hours of Reality, on September 14-15 to raise global awareness of both of the need for action and of the deniers who are impeding progress and hope. The event will broadcast live online over 24 hours, in 24 time zones and in multiple languages. Celebrities, business leaders, scientists and citizens are expected to participate in the event to draw attention to human-caused made climate change and the effects that are already being felt all over the world.

In this video, Vice President Gore introduces the new project:

Gore calls out the special interests, especially fossil fuel companies, that are spending dollars to sow the seeds of doubt and encourage inaction. As he notes, climate change is all our problem, and “fossil fuel interests have money, influence and control, but together, we have something they don’t: Reality.”

The former vice president  has been crusading to combat climate change for decades. His book and film, An Inconvenient Truth, educated millions on the causes of climate change and his success has made him a target of deniers, who have attacked his credibility time and time again. We are now witnessing the manifestation of warming,  as severe weather events have dire effects on agriculture, economy and politics across the world.  Let’s hope this newest effort will spur global unity and action on climate change.


Photo: screenshot from 24 Hours of Reality via YouTube


Lynda Markowski
Lynda Markowski6 years ago

I dont trust polititcans however global warming is real and Al Gore is right

Wiebe S.
Wiebe S6 years ago

What a load of lies from the man whose electricity bill goes through the roof. See

Paul Z.
Paul Zio6 years ago

Hey Gore
What happened to the Ozone Hole?
How much money did Al Gore make form chemical companies with the new refrigerants since the older refrigerants were phased out?
Its all BS and money!

Robby C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Al Gore is just another attention-craving polluter. It's fine for him to live in million dollar mansions & drive / fly wherever he wants on a whim, but the rest of us are supposed to clean up the earth for him (& the rest of his rich democrat & republican friends). Money is behind everything he & his kind really stand for.

Odyssadie Ordain
Odyssadie Ordain6 years ago

what he's doing is cool. this will hopefully raise awareness that it could nearly be to late.

Tammy Birch
Tammy Birch6 years ago

I am tired of the wait and deal with it later attitude that is given. We need to start focusing on this problem now before it goes beyond just saying it's too late.

Chris Ray
Chris R6 years ago

The Earth wasn't designed to take the beating we've done to it with pollution, fossil fuel disasters, overpopulation, etc. Climate change is REAL (ask the polar bears), and we're lucky there are people with sense and influence that can help open peoples eyes to the plight Earth faces.Thanks Nancy.

Marco C.
Marco C6 years ago

Clearly an important topic with valuable information. Thanks for passing the information along.

Jennifer G.
Jennifer G6 years ago

It's scary how it seems to get hotter and hotter over the years. If you want to deny there's a climate change, you're just kidding yourself--I sure don't believe you. How else does one account for polar ice melting, etc. It's hotter than hell in TX and we haven't even reached August yet!

Carolina Amena
Carolina Amnell6 years ago

I believe the environmental issues should be included at schools to promote ecological habits. I began recycling a few years ago when I became aware of this, I wish I was taught about my impact on the environment earlier in life...