Alaska Lawsuit Claims Obama Can’t Be President Due To His Race

Did you know that you can’t be president if you are African American?† At least, so declares Gordon Warren Epperly, an Alaskan citizen who is trying to fire up the flames of birtherism with a new lawsuit meant to strike President Barack Obama from the ballot in the state.† The argument?† Since he’s African American, he isn’t a “natural born citizen.”

JoeMyGod posts the key lawsuit passage: “As stated above, for an Individual to be a candidate for the office of president of the United States, the candidate must meet the qualifications set forth in the United States Constitution and one of those qualifications is that the Candidate shall be a ‘natural born citizen’ of the United States. As Barack Hussein Obama II is of the ‘mulatto’ race, his status of citizenship is founded upon the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Before the [purported] ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, the race of ‘Negro’ or ‘mulatto’ had no standing to be citizens of the United States under the United States Constitution.”

Clutch Magazine calls the lawsuit “a stark reminder of the challenges and racist attitudes many of us continue to face.”

Lawyer David Wells is more blunt.† “My legal analysis in brief: thatís crap…In fact, any excessive amount of scrutiny of what it means to be ‘natural born’ as it pertains to the presidency really didnít come up at all until a black guy with a funny-sounding name got elected president. Donít insult yourself, America, or humanity by trying to claim that racism is not a factor in all of this. Gordon Warren Epperly at least has the courtesy, and the courage, to be honest about it.”

It will come as little shock that Epperly appears to not only think “non-whites” aren’t allowed to hold office, but women aren’t, either.† He filed suit against Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s reelection, too.

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Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

There were no moon landing.
The Earth is flat.
World football championship did not occur in Sweden 1958.
President Obama was born on Mars.
Every country around the world sports conspiracy believers, but as long as they don't have any influance on the real issues, let them believe what they want. When they become a threat, there are plenty of institutions to take care of them!

Myron Scott
Myron Scott5 years ago

The full Complaint is a disconnected jumble of unrelated, insupportable claims. I give it another week, tops, before it is dismissed.

Wendy F.
Wendy F5 years ago

OMG! Are we going to waste more time on this dead issue? For god sake move on and talk about a REAL issue not this republican paranoia! Honestly they'll do anything to divert attention from the real problems and issues that need to be dealt with.

LD B5 years ago

Haleene said "How could they let a half black man be president ..."

Your bigotry and lack of understanding of the US Constitution is appalling.

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance5 years ago

Bigots are as bigots do.
There is room for bigotry or racism in this age, or any age for that matter.

Pego Rice
Pego R5 years ago

"Birther" is definitly going down in history with "Flat Earthers" and other such sadly credulous movements. You do the Koch's brothers proud.

Haleene W.
Haleene W5 years ago

Did you just come out of a coma? This wouldn't be the first government cover up by far.
Their dilemma... How could they let a half black man be president, then break the news of their big time blunder of not even finding out he wasn't born an American till he was in office?
It's not paranoia, when it's true.
Obama has yet to come up with a birth certificate that has an "official seal" on it. Poo pooing it doesn't change the fact,
They try to confuse you with bull s_ _ _ _, seems to be working for you, but it breaks down the laws of our land just a little bit more all the time. Soon anyone can run.
Oh wait, they already did... And won!

LD B5 years ago

Actually, only the States can amend the US Constitution.

While Congress may propose such Amendment, as may the States by convening a Constitutional Convention, only the States can ratify such.

joe M.
joe MARTINEZ5 years ago

Melissa: Congress is the only body of government that can amendent the Constitution. Which amendment Obama added? I must have missed this act. Please enlight those of us who are asleep not paying attention to every little thing Obama do.

melissa m.
melissa m5 years ago

so somehow,Mr.Obama had someone change the qualifications for being President while no one was watching,and an amendment was added to the Constitution,again while apparently Congress was asleep!