All This Health Care Talk is Giving me a Headache… When Can I See a Doctor?

Making sense of the health care debate is enough to give anyone a migraine. Albert Einstein famously quipped: “Politics is harder than rocket science.” He didn’t know the half of it.  

But don’t be disheartened, now is far from the time to give up!  

For starters, even if you have health care, we will all need a price cut shortly. Health insurance costs for large employers increased six percent in 2009. This is on top of a seven percent increase the previous year. According to a survey by health care consultant Towers Watson, 83% of large companies have already revamped their employee health plan, or plan to in the near future.  

Remember that oft-touted 46 million Americans without coverage? Well, that’s not true anymore. That was the number of Americans without health care BEFORE the recession. Today that number is closer to 50 million. According to the Center for American Progress, at least 2.4 million Americans have lost health insurance in the past two years.  

Don’t forget premiums. We still spend close to twice what any other industrialized nation spends on health care. What’s worse? We are no better off for the money, and we are the only industrialized nation not providing this basic service to all citizens. 

As if all that is not enough, we know that health care reform will not only lower the deficit, but will actually INCREASE our own incomes (unless you happen to be an overpaid health care executive) by reducing the cost of coverage.

In two days, President Obama will convene a half-day health care summit in Washington, D.C. In the President’s words:

“I want to have a large meeting, Republicans and Democrats, to go through systematically all the best ideas that are out there and move it forward.”  

As Washington ramps up for this summit, let us send our leaders a clear and powerful message: MAKE THIS YOUR LAST MEETING. We will not tolerate stagnation. We expect bold action, and we expect results.  

Take action: Tell Congress that you expect health care reform NOW.

Photo Credit: Center for Disease Control 


Seth E.
Seth E7 years ago


I'll try to be brief here because I've been discussing this on other threads, too, but you're wrong about this and seem to be quoting some of the propaganda aimed at stopping the reform.

The numbers do not include illegal immigrants as it has been reiterated again and again that illegal immigrants will not be covered by the reform package. There are many small business owners and employees who cannot afford health coverage, not to mention the unemployed and underemployed (those who work but may not have employer-offered plans and but do not qualify for Medicaid). There are also people who do not qualify for individual plans, for a variety of reasons or were dropped from the plans they had.

The reform packages proposed by the Democrats make an effort to further fund Medicare so that it does not run out of money (which is expected to happen within about 15-20 years, if left as currently funded), and it would eliminate the "donut hole" from Medicare Part D.

Even your logic of corporate support is flawed. If corporations were lobbying for charity and favors, why would they support reform? The fact is that they are opposing reform as it would take money out of their pockets, so much of the corporate money is actually going to the Republicans, NOT the Democrats. Why do you think the Republicans have shown so much opposition?

Believe me, I worked in that industry, and I know it well.

Don't fall for the lies. Reform is needed immediately.

Eileen P.
Eileen P7 years ago

let me finish......
i am sick of Care2 supporting a bad bill and never presenting the real facts on this topic.....
This is such a biased article it is truly sad and bad reporting and it influences people.....

Where is your conscience, Care2 writer.....where?
This is a terrible Health Care bill and needs redoing....

yes i am in favor of a Health Care Bill but not at any groups'

Get the facts Care2........all the facts......

and try to have some respect for the seniors of this world and the disabled......

Eileen P.
Eileen P7 years ago

Care2 should get off this subject about the Health Bill...YOU DO NOT HAVE ALL THE FACTS....This article is only supporting the Democrats without looking at facts, ALL facts.

This is truly a political situation. And one of a megalomaniac called Obama who at this point just wants his bill to go through and claim victory.

This bill needs total redoing where money is not taken from medicare to give to medicaid or anyone else

IN fact the first figure of 48 million people not having health insurance should be broken down. The largest percentage of this group of people are illegal aliens who should be made citizens and pay taxes first.
Give me a break.Maybe we citizens should not pay taxes and get insurance too..Let illegals become citizens and pay taxes.

And the second group of uninsured are young people who never buy insurance because they think they are immortal..Who at that age buys insurance?

The writer here is just not giving out the true facts......and in terms of this Health Care Bill Care2 never gives the real facts..Care2 needs articles that show the other side of this farce.
And why should we have a bill that exempts our representatives whom we have elected and who are our employees?? But they voted themselves a pay raise!.

This bill takes away from medicare and seniors and gives to the pharmaceuticals.
Do your research writer of this article! And i suggest you read the entire 1990 pages of this wheeling and dealing bill.
i am sick of you supporting

Road LessTraveled
Eric Straatsma7 years ago

What would Jesus propose, if he were here?

Putting a monopoly and their lobbyists in charge of deciding how to fix healthcare is a recipe for more disaster and expense.
I watched a summit on healthcare, and most of the sponsors were drug companies.

No mention was made of free or inexpensive fixes, which exist in the natural world of herbs, nutrition and vitamins plus lifestyle changes.

What I was amazed to hear is how some pilot projects are showing how easy it is to save 75% or more on costs using simple things like check off lists, nothing more. The problem with this? Hospitals and doctors would go out of business if they lost 75% of their revenue and patients. Good for patients, bad for healthcare industry... and their profits. There is the basic root cause problem with profits.. Everyone gets addicted to them, and it turns the whole health model upside down, into a disease supporting system that everyone milks.

What we have now is large monopolies writing the laws, passing them and milking US taxpayers with corporate social welfare payments. Then they have the gall to say that the public does not deserve anything better... righttttttt.... I have some cheese on the moon to sell anyone who believes that..Kick corporations out of Congress. Then we may get what we want..

Rudica R.
Rudica R7 years ago

They will do anything and any cost so President Obama will
not be reelected. Do you really feel like those in Congress
really care about the public? It's just Democrate against
Republicans. We lose and the Health Insurance Companies
win. Premiums go up and benefits go down. Premiums are
paid and the insured also pays on the medical bill. Who wins?-
the insurnace companies. We certainly didn't have to bail out
Anthem Blue Cross.

Terry B.
Terry B7 years ago

Yeah, some wonderful health care system you have down there -- the best doctors and the worst insurance companies on the planet.

After being diagnosed in the USA with pinched nerves from extreme spinal stenosis at three levels and in howling pain 24/7 it took me three weeks to get an appointment in the pain clinic for an epidural spinal injection -- that's not brain surgery for any competent doctor.

Mervi R.
Mervi R8 years ago

Thanks for posting.

Dusty D.
Past Member 8 years ago

I know this is off the subject, but if you will just take a moment to look at my Petition-I would appreciate it kindly. Thanks!

Edward Lawler
Edward Lawler8 years ago

I don't understand how you can say it would put more money in our pockets. Medicare cuts and no coverage for mamograms folr women under 50 amnd the general waste that goes along with govt. spending. Ed

Lin C.
Linda C8 years ago

ain't NOBODY gonna make me buy anything I can't afford!! this whole friggin' health care thign is nothing but a political ball to bounce around anymore. the people have absolutely nothing to say about it, it's all the politicians and ins. cos. and lobbyists!! Again, are we really this stupid???