Allen West Considers Leaving Congressional Black Caucus Over “Lynching” Remark


Florida Congressman Allen West is the only member of the Tea Party in the Congressional Black Caucus.  And very soon, there may be none.

Caucus Whip Congressman André Carson, an Indiana Democrat, made waves when he told a townhall that the Tea Party would be happy to see African-Americans “hanging from a tree.”

The Hill reports:

“This is the effort that we’re seeing of Jim Crow,” Carson said. “Some of these folks in Congress right now would love to see us as second-class citizens.”

“Some of them in Congress right now of this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me … hanging on a tree. Some of them in Congress are comfortable where we were 50 or 60 years ago.”

Carson says he has no regrets about his comments, reiterating that the Tea Party desires to end public schools and other programs that many minorities rely on.   But Republican Allen West is not happy with the “race-baiting” remarks, and is threatening to leave the caucus over it.

“Congressman Carson’s desire to generally criticize a large grassroots group as racist is baseless and desperate,” West wrote. “When individuals believe they are defeated in a political disagreement, they normally resort to race-baiting, which in my opinion is in itself racist.”

West added that “in order to cover for the failings of the Obama Administration and the economic policies which have led to unemployment of more than 15 percent in the Black community, the CBC strategy is to demonize the Tea Party.”

Yes, this is the same Allen West who has talked about the “Democrat Plantation” and accused those who spoke against him over his sexist attacks on Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of being racists for not siding with him.


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Charles Temm JR
Charles Temm JR6 years ago

The moron who made the remarks has spent more time trying to explain what he "meant" then if he had simply said I shot my mouth off and was wrong...

Is there an Irish Caucus or German one? Why in hell does the supposedly color blind Congress even have such a group anyway. Oh yeah, they were a Dem group and such racial babble is ok coming from enlightened folks that make up the Dem party.

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

Wait a minute! Florida Congressman Alan West (who is black--or at least brown) may leave the Black caucus in protest over what he feels are Racist comments made by WHO? Is this the same Comgressman Alan West who made clearly SEXIST comments about Comgresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz recently? The same Alan West who retired from the military right before they threw him out? The guy who bragged during his Congressional campaign that HE had had a HIGHER Security clearance than Barrack Obama? The one who supports cuts to Social Security,Medicare and Medicaid that would bankrupt HIS CONSTITUENTS in South Florida? HIM? Oh.well.......sigh!

Charlene Rush
Charlene Rush6 years ago

I can't help wondering, if Congressman West is not color-blind and brain-dead, sometimes.

John W.
John W.6 years ago


Some members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) have been are traveling around this great country, at taxpayers’ expense of course, meeting with members of their communities in town hall style meetings hurling vile and false racist charges not only against their fellow white members of Congress, but at anyone associated with the Tea Party movement, particularly if they happen to be White. Apparently, these members of the Congressional Black Caucus feel that anyone who is White, in the Tea Party movement and is standing up for the constitution and/or who wants a smaller federal government with less spending, is an anti-Black racist.

At one of these recent CBC Town Hall meetings, Representative Andre Carson (D-Indiana), said that some (White) members of Congress want to go back 50 or 60 years with regard to race relations. He said “Some of these (white) folks in Congress right now would love to see us (blacks) as second class citizens and some of them in Congress right now with the Tea Party movement would love to see you and me hanging on a tree.”

Of course, Andre Carson has never really had anything of substance to say during his unremarkable congressional career, so what the hell, why not just accuse Whites of racism and put the race card on the table. Remember back in March of 2010, when Representative Andre Carson, the NAACP, along with Congressmen John Lewis and Emanuel Cl

Kathleen D.
Kathleen D6 years ago

Frankly, it gets really old hearing the same old whiners, whining about racism, simpy to get attention, albeit; negative. Like naughty kids, who by damned are going to get want they want by screaming, scratching, kicking, etc. Remember Clarence Thomas and the hearings of Anita Hill's claims of sexual harassment? When pointed questions by Democrats were asked, Thomas claimed racism, and Republicans like Simpson, (along with a number of other right wingers) claimed Anita Hill was a liar. Now look at what we've got in the U.S. Supreme Court; Clarence Thomas, who has never stopped LYING! Liars and the lies they tell, and West is no stranger to being one of the biggest noses in the bunch. Uggggh....tea-bags!!!!

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Mick R.
Mick R6 years ago

To Congressman Allen West I would simply say, bye.

Rob K.
Rob Keenan6 years ago

See the double refutation here of Tea Party denials it's racist;the remark itself;and the inability of the movement any longer to point to West's membeship as an African American being proof of it's non racism. But there always been those us who knew what such claims were full simply because of what else has the initials tp....

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle6 years ago

Allen West is perfectly aware of whom the Tea Party is made -- and I am surprised that any black person would want to be a part of it.

Yvette T.
Past Member 6 years ago

I can't stand hearing anything about the tea baggers. I mean, REALLY?