Allen West Considers Senate Run


What do you do when you are a radical Tea Party Representative known for inflammatory, offensive and sexist comments and your tea party backers are starting to turn on you?

Why, you run for a statewide office, of course!

Florida Rep. Allen West is mulling a senate run, hoping to oust Democratic Senator Bill Nelson.  According to The Fix, West says he is “cracking the door open” on a run for higher office.  “I cracked it open enough so that people can slip a note under the door and I can read the note and I can write back on the note ‘probably not’ and send it back out under the door.”

The “probably not” makes sense in a presidential year.  Although Republicans swept the state during the 2010 elections, many of the state’s residents have expressed huge buyers remorse over their election of Governor Rick Scott and many of the state legislators they put into office.  The 2012 election, with Obama at the top of the ticket, could potentially be a “correction” election for the state.

Still, West is in a fairly liberal district for a Republican, and unless Republican redistricting can prop him up, he may be vulnerable in his own reelection campaign.  Perhaps a statewide run might actually provide a better opportunity.  If he stops trying to end Medicare, of course.

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Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

This man is embarassingly STUPID.He was an inch from being thrown out of the military when they let him resign.While campaigning he claimed to have had a higher security clearance than the PRESIDENT.Since he was elected less than a year ago, he has made one racist.sexist or just plain stupid statement after another.Today I have to commend him.Today he upstaged HIMSELF by suggesting his out of work brother attend the Jobs Fair being held byTHE DEMOCRATIC BLACK CAUCUS in ATLANTA.MSNBC which covered the Fair was able to interview the man who was VERY PLEASED with his day and his prospects for a job .When asked his opinion of his brother's PLANTATION STATEMENT today in which he pictured himself as "leading the slaves to freedom" , he wasn't impressed. I think we have THE WRONG WEST IN CONGRESS but I"D LOVE to see MSNBC GRAB him as a POLITICAL COMMENTATOR! Allan ,on the other hand will be NEEDING A JOB FAIR . I'll slip THAT NOTE under the door!

Lois Jordan
Lois Jordan6 years ago

According to an article in The Nation (5/30/11), Col. Allen West, in 2003 in Taji, used a mock execution to interrogate an Iraq police officer accused of insurgent attacks on US forces. 45 days after his arrest, the military released this police officer, realizing that he didn't possess any intelligence about insurgent attacks. West's commanders charged him with aggravated assault for threatening a prisoner at gunpoint. West accepted an Article 15 nonjudicial punishment; his sentence amounted to a $5,000 fine and a demotion. West submitted his resignation. This is NOT the type of man the military, or anyone, should be proud of. Anyone who voted this torturer into office should've taken a better look at his shameful record.

Sharon H.
Sharon H6 years ago your name by the are dead on! Liberals never bring up what race someone is because we don't care! What we do care about is what the person believes in and what they stand for. This man thinks by being so far to the right, he will blend in with the white folks...he's a disgrace to his race. He's an "Uncle Tom."

Igor M.
Igor m6 years ago

oh, shit.

Now, there are all kinds of distinguished professionals. If you someone here on this blog want to drag military officers to the Capitol, why not good doctors, teachers, auto-mechanics, vet technicians, and drivers? Are they not smart enough for you? West isn't, too.

As far as risking their lives, there are cops, firemen, and other occupations with no less risk involved. Why do you not want them in the Congress? In the first place, they don't want that because they know what they do and what they are and they feel good about it. Not this one, obviously.

As far as race and liberals, isn't it conservatives who drag race in all the time? Just stop mentioning race and dwelling on it. Might help ...

Gary O.
Raymond O'Keefe6 years ago

This is one combat vet (Vietnam) that thinks Alan West is a joke and an embarrassment to the military and the country.

Gary O.
Raymond O'Keefe6 years ago

Alan West is a boorish moron that always lets his mouth overload his a**. In the military, people had to put up with his ignorance, those days are gone for ex-LTC who was kicked out of army (who showed very good judgement in doing so).

Carlene V.
Carlene V6 years ago

Don't know much about West but what I do know is not good. He won't apologize for anything he said, thinks he's above it all because he was in the military? That is a most honorable thing to do but it does not make you hononable, that you must prove yourself and he has not proven anything but that he has a big mouth.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K6 years ago

Ron, my husband is a combat vet and he thinks West is a moron, like many of the officers in Viet Nam were.

The military is no different that any other group; there are all kinds of people in it for all kinds of reasons - many of them the wrong reasons.

And by the way, the republicans are the ones who brought in the race card, they wanted to try to show that they are not the racists that we all know they are.

Tierney G.
Tierney G6 years ago

Just because somone is in the military does not make them God for goodness sakes. I could care less and besides the military loves killing Period! The military is about control the world through force much as we are seeing in the extreme right wing of this congress and senate.
There are also a lot of corrupted cops it is called reverse phsycology someone does what they are trying to overcome. In other words they lack control of themselves and use these jobs as therapy.
Don' tell me I am being disrespectful I had two fathers in the military I have many military brat friends and friends in the military and most of them were not real happy with the way they have been treated or should I say used!

elemental jim A.
James A6 years ago

"I can't imagine many voting for this idiot." I can't either but he did get elected. This says a lot about Fla voters. West is obviously a jerk, so you have to ask are the Fla voters just stupid or what? Apparently, they even voted for Rick Scott. Scott ex-CEO of HCA, guilty of fraud, overbilling Medicare for billions WTF!
Tell me this two party system ain't broke when these miscreants can not only run but get elected.