Amazing Video of Puppy Mill Rescue

The Humane Society of the United States said the rescue of 97 dogs and one cat from deplorable conditions in a Tennessee puppy mill began with an anonymous tip.


When the Marshall County sheriff’s department received a call from a Good Samaritan about dogs being abused at a nearby puppy mill, they asked HSUS to lead the rescue mission to free the animals.  The team arrived and transported 97 dogs and one cat to their emergency shelter. 


HSUS said it was the 12th deployment of their animal rescue team to Tennessee in the past three years – more than any other state. 


The organization has now rescued more than 2,300 animals from puppy mills, horse neglect, animal fighting and other cruelty cases in this one state.


Here is amazing video from HSUS when they first arrive at the Tennessee puppy mill.  The facility has shut down.




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Creative Commons - Leis Bell


William C
William C1 years ago

Thanks for caring.

W. C
W. C1 years ago

Thank you.

David Anderson
David Anderson3 years ago

It seems to me that a free market solution may work faster, better, and easier than legislation. One would think that if people were made aware through assorted means of communication that not only are they paying grossly inflated prices at the pet shop, they are paying such prices for maltreated and likely unhealthy animals, they would reconsider their decision to buy there. The demand is not going to evaporate for favored breeds, so the prevailing solution of choice that all these people will head to the shelter for luck of the draw is not realistic, but some will and others will buy from breeders who treat their animals better, much like the movement toward locally grown and/or organic produce.

Debbi -.
Debbi -3 years ago

Years ago my husband was given a Cocker Spaniel. She was very shy, then we received her registration papers. She came from a puppy mill in Nebraska, via a mall pet store. I was so angry and disgusted. We were lucky, though, that her problems were minor, many other people were that fortunate. Anyone involved with puppy mills belongs in prison, not jail.

Stardust Noel
Past Member 3 years ago

Alabama is working on closing them here, they are having vets check if animals are at flea markets, & other public places, this is a good beginning.

Duane B.
.6 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

aileen cheetham
AILEEN C6 years ago


April T.
April T.6 years ago

Wonderful news. Now if we could only get them all shut down. They keep those animals in squalor conditions, sell them for big money and a lot of them are sick and disease ridden with conditions that do not show up until they are older and you have totally fallen in love with them and spend big money to fix them and sometimes that doesn't work and you lose them and end up with a broken heart like a friend of mine. Adopt, at least those animals are checked out and you may save a life and not suffer a broken heart. They will be eternally grateful and loving.

Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson6 years ago

People need to respect animals more. Thank you to the people who do all the rescues. You are hereos.

Beryl S.
Beryl Sanders7 years ago

This is so thought is that every human that isvolved in running puppy mills should, themselves, live in the confines of a small cage where they have to eat, sleep, urinate and defecate in the very same cage...but on the other hand, they don't deserve to breathe the same air as these poor beautiful little animals had to endure....Animal abuse must becomea class 1 felonay and punishable by jail time and a criminal record and never be allowed around animals or children for the rest of their lives and the only place this would happen is in the confines of jail. the friggin people aren't even human.