Amendment 1 Takes Away Domestic Violence Protections (VIDEO)


North Carolina’s proposed Amendment 1 isn’t just a gay marriage ban. It would take away vital domestic violence protections in the state.

AssistantDistrict Attorney Amily McCool has recorded a video explaining her great concern that North Carolina’s GOP-backed Amendment 1, which would ban same-sex marriage and all marriage-like partnerships, could impact domestic violence protections in the state by leaving women cohabiting with their partner vulnerable.

Watch the video below:

And here is a video from a woman whose concern over this law stems from a personal tragedy:

The state’s religious conservatives have pushed for Amendment 1 to be on the May 8 ballot so that they can write the state’s existing ban on same-sex marriage into the constitution.

However, the language of the bill bans all marriage-like partnerships and prevents cohabitation from having legal weight. In so doing, Amendment 1 supporters have greatly endangered domestic violence protections in North Carolina by essentially making it so unmarried women would be vulnerable in cases of stalking and abuse because much of the state’s domestic abuse provisions require evidence of an established relationship.

A similar amendment that passed in Ohio, that was less broad than this, is said to have lead to cases where the courts had to invoke lesser provisions because the couple were not married and therefore the form of abuse did not fall within the domain of domestic violence law.

The North Carolina amendment would also, and in one broad stroke, undo years of work to strengthen domestic violence protections.

This was pointed out to Republican legislators and Democratic apologists who voted for the amendment, but when the ballot language was published the broad language was retained.

To find out more about how Amendment 1 could impactcitizensbeyond enshrining a gay marriage ban, please click here to go to the Protect All NC Families website.


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madeleine watt
Madeleine watt5 years ago

Interesting that only a man thinks domestic abuse and the new North Carolina War on Women is acceptable.... I live here and I am embarrassed, horrified, and ashamed of my state at this moment

Krysta G.
Krysta G.6 years ago

This seriously makes me SICK to my stomach and brought tears to my eyes. I guess there really is a first time for everything... Thank GOD for VAWA and other National domestic violence laws that OVERPOWER any state law. ignorant ignorant ignorant. Ironic thing is, most domestic violence happens when only cohabiting, not actually legally married, so this means it would be harder to get those protections over the majority of victims of violence.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia6 years ago

this is a horrible idea and needs to be stopped before it actually becomes a law

Viviana C.
Past Member 6 years ago

this is just going way too far

Sharon H.
Sharon H6 years ago

I will be heading to the polls in a few minutes to vote against this amendment. All we can do is hope.
Our governor, Bev Perdue, is not even seeking another term because of the republican brick wall she's come up against during her term. The only hope is that more progressives are moving here and hopefully they will help those like myself who keep trying to reason with the radicals. So far, not one I know has budged and inch, but I keep plugging away anyhow.

Deborah F.
Deborah F6 years ago

Their job is to pass laws. It seems that they keep monkeying around with thing just to give themselves a reason for being. The pass something that is so incredibly wrong just so that they have something to vote on to try to make it right. But, of course they have to try LOTS of times to make it right. Job security.

Frances C.
Frances C6 years ago

Bigotry and intolerance will not end until we vote out all the tea party right wing religious nuts.

Vote Democratic 2012!

Obama Biden 2012!

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance6 years ago

If there is freedom of and from religion, how can one state (and others if they had their drothers) legislate a value that is rooted in evangelical Xtianity and get away with it. That should be unconstitutional! Admittedly, it would go to SCOTUS and the 5 Injustices would make it look like swiss cheese. On top of that, there are the issues of domestic partnerships, common law relationships, weakened domestic violence laws, and a host of other consequences. North Carolina legislators, you really are a buch of nit-wits. Vote NO on amendment 1.

Nick C.
Nick C.6 years ago


Nadine Hudak
Nadine H6 years ago