Poll: Americans Don’t Support Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Earlier this week, a new national study found that only 8 percent of Americans polled want to continue the roughly $10 billion per a year given to fossil fuel interests by the federal government.

The survey was commissioned by Tigercomm, a public relations firm that works specifically with cleantech companies, advocacy organizations and government leaders.

Many lobbyists and politicians claim that fossil fuel independence is impractical because that these energy sources are so “cheap.” However, as the study showed, few Americans realize that this reduced price for oil, coal, and gas is the result of articifical market surpression facilitated by huge federal subsidies.

“Dirty energy executives and their lobbyists talk about how ‘cheap’ fossil fuels are, but they don’t want to talk about how much they’ve lived off government handouts for the last 150 years,” said Tigercomm President Mike Casey. “We should do what most Americans want and push these industries off the welfare rolls. Then we can have an honest conversation about how ‘cheap’ coal and oil really are.”

Opponents of renewable energy, like solar, wind and geothermal claim that these industries aren’t ready to serve national grids, but that’s mostly because the government refuses to fund them in the same way they do fossil fuels.

The findings and conclusions of the Tigercomm survey are based on analysis of a nationally representative survey of 1,013 adults.

Here’s what else Americans said about energy:

  • 80 percent of Americans are unaware of how much of their tax money goes to highly profitable fossil fuel corporations, such as ExxonMobil and Massey Energy.
  • 80 percent of American adults rate “solar power” favorably (compared to 76 percent for wind power, 62 percent for natural gas, 39 percent for nuclear power, 32 percent for oil, and 29 percent for coal).
  • More than 70 percent rate solar energy as “an energy source I trust” and “safe for future generations.”
  • 74 percent believe that solar energy is a “long-term solution for the country’s energy needs.”

Are you one of millions of Americans that support clean energy and national policies that move us closer to fossil fuel independence? Take action below!

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tom Booth
tom Booth8 years ago


Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W8 years ago

thank you

Monica D.
Monica D8 years ago

The fossil fuel subsidies should end. We need to move to renewable energy. This is very important.

tom Booth
tom Booth8 years ago

great article. I would support a 2.00 oil/gas tax if they lift the subsidies to the industry and then use the money to fund Solar projects- We have the technology already to power the world 5 times over using the sun...
geopolitics at its best

Sarah C.
Sarah C8 years ago

Interesting. Thanks for article.

Gregory A.
Greg Amour8 years ago

Everyone who wanted progress MUST go out and vote against the G NO P! The Republicans are accepting $75 million from unknown sources who refuse to reveal themselves. Call it legalized(by the 5 conservative members of the Supreme Court) bribery. But it is clear that the Republican agenda is simply to gain power at the expense of the middle class. It was Bush and deregulation of the Banks, mortgage companies, and Wall Street that caused this economic mess. Not even Iron Man could repair it with a snap of the fingers. The Party of NO has sabotaged efforts to improve it, just to keep things bad so they could manipulate anger into power. You MUST defeat this cynical, money accepting party from giving back to their corporate sponsors their soul for $$$$ (75 million worth). DO NOT SIT THIS ONE OUT. If you do, EVIL and GREED will prevail! VOTE! Damn it, YOU MUST VOTE!

Kay M.
Kay M8 years ago

Our government should be putting our tax dollars into a better future for all of us. They should be investing in solar, wind, and geothermal power instead of fossil fuels. Coal and oil have no place in our future! Think ahead!

Donna F.
Donna F8 years ago

The price of a gallon of gas should be much higher to cut down our wasteful driving habits and reduce emissions. I suspect the 8% of Americans who agree to oil industry subsidies are those who are making millions in profits.

Colin Hope
Colin Hope8 years ago

Enough said and not near enough done!

Neda E.
Neda E8 years ago

It makes me sick that in this so-called democracy the people actually have no voice. I do not want my tax dollars to be going to these greedy corporations who are ruining the environment. The people need to become more vocal about demanding clean energy- unfortunately fear is sometimes the only way to get through to some of these corrupt politicians...