America’s Favorite Animal Shelter is ….

From Sept. 22 to Nov. 1, 2008, Care2 and sponsored our first “America’s Favorite Animal Shelter” contest to raise awareness of the need for pet rescue and adoption and to reward rescue groups and shelters around the country for the hard work they do every day to save homeless animals’ lives.

The results are in, and America’s Favorite Animal Shelter is Independent Animal Rescue Inc. (IAR) of Durham, North Carolina!

IAR is a non-profit, no-kill rescue group that saves animals who are found as strays or originate from local shelters, where they are in danger of euthanasia. IAR places the animals with volunteer foster homes and pays for vet care and animal supplies. IAR also provides spay and neutering for pets of disadvantaged families, as well as behavior dog training.

“The $10,000 prize means everything to homeless animals in our region,” said Jennifer Naylor, president of IAR. “Last year, IAR volunteers saved over 500 animals from uncertain futures; with this generous donation we will be able to save even more dogs and cats this year. In addition, IAR will be able to expand our feral cat and community spay and neuter programs by financing more sterilization surgeries for cats and pets of low-income families.”

The response to our contest was amazing. Over 200,000 people voted for more than 5,000 animal shelters and rescue groups. People told stories of the animals they have adopted, of the dedication and love that the tireless volunteers at these groups show to rescued animals, and of their hope that their favorite group could win a much-needed and much-deserved donation to save even more animals.

Ten dedicated organizations won prizes in our contest. The top vote getting runners up are:

And the five lucky groups that won our weekly $1,000 prizes are:

If you missed this first contest, have no fear–you can help homeless animals this holiday season by casting your vote in our holiday contest for your favorite local rescue group or shelter and help make 2009 A New Year of Hope for Animals!


Lianne Lavoie
Lianne Lavoie9 years ago

One thing I've noticed on Care2 is that all the contests, and everything else that's not entirely in the online world, is only for the United States. I don't know how big a part of the membership is Canadian, but I know I for one would like to see some Canadian stuff on here. Like, petitions to our government, instead of always to the Unites States government. That kind of thing. I realize this is a little off-topic here, but this is just one example of it so I thought I'd bring it up.

Carmencita N.
Carmencita N.9 years ago

I have started my own pet shelters my problems are enormous, day by day I try to find way to solve problems, good thing that some of the animals are well behaved

Robyn E.
Robyn E9 years ago

A big kudos goes to ALL the shelters across America. Your work it invaluable to the lives of countless animals. In my book, you are all winners!!