And the Feminist Award Goes to… Miss Piggy!

Have you heard? Miss Piggy is being honored with a prestigious feminist award, and no, this is not one of the sub-plots from an upcoming Muppet movie. It’s really happening, and I couldn’t be more pleased, because I grew up loving her and never stopped.

The annual Sackler Center First Awards celebrates females who have broken gender barriers and made remarkable contributions in their fields.

Miss Piggy will receive her award from Brooklyn Museum’s Sackler Center during a June 4 ceremony. At the event, she’ll be interviewed by Gloria Steinem, a nationally recognized leader and spokeswoman for the feminist movement — a fitting choice, given that Miss Piggy was recently called “The Gloria Steinem of the Muppet world” by the Daily Beast.

Here’s how the Daily Beast describes the situation: ”Today, more than ever, Miss Piggy’s ideals regarding style, beauty, relationships, food, confidence, and authenticity display a strong example of feminism.”

What’s Steinem’s definition of being a feminist? Here’s how she described it back in 1995: ”I would go along with the dictionary definition of someone, which can be a woman or a man, who believes in the full social, economic, political equality of women and men.”

That's me, back in the day!

That’s me, back in the day!

I’ve been a Miss Piggy fan since I was a young girl in the late 70s/early 80s. Other kids had Barbie dolls; I had Miss Piggy toys. I’m not embarrassed to admit that this actress, singer, fashion icon and all around fabulous diva was my role model growing up.

Sure, she can have a bit of a temper, but she keeps it under control. As far as her being a role model for kids is concerned, here are a few lessons she’s passed on to generations of young people:

  • Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes—Miss Piggy makes no bones about her weight—she’s curvy-fabulous and wants everyone to know it
  • Being a tough chick is cool—Miss Piggy has a black belt in karate, plus she does her own movie stunts.
  • Be loud, be proud—Miss Piggy knows who she is and isn’t afraid to show it. Her confidence is infectious.
  • She’s worked hard to get where she is—No one can stop the driven Miss Piggy from achieving her goals, and if they try…”Hi-yah!” (I know, violence is bad, but work with me here.)
  • Don’t be afraid to speak your mind—Miss Piggy is opinionated, yes, but she’s also direct and honest with the people (and Muppets) she cares about most.
  • Gotta have thick skin—Outspoken, opinionated women often find themselves the targets of ridicule and insults. Miss Piggy doesn’t let those pesky bullies bother her.

So it seems, Miss Piggy is finally receiving the notoriety she deserves.

When I broke the news about Miss Piggy receiving a feminist award to my childhood friend Isabel, she giggled out, “Which person is going to play Miss Piggy at the ceremony?”

“What do you mean, person?” I responded.

She’ll join a prestigious group of previous Sackler Center First Awards winners including Toni Morrison, Julie Taymor and former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Photo Credit: wikia

Photo Credit: wikia

What does Miss Piggy think about all this new attention? “Moi is thrilled—but frankly, not surprised to be receiving this Sackler Center First Award,” she said. “It is truly wonderful to be celebrated and share this honor with fellow legends, role models, and pioneers of female fabulosity. We rock!”

As for the question I’m sure many Miss Piggy fans are dying to know: Will Kermie be there for Miss Piggy’s big day? Of course he will!


  • Awards Ceremony Info: To attend the June 4 event, call (718) 501-6423 or email firstawards@ Proceeds will benefit the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art.
  • Spread the word, s’il vous plait! If you’re familiar with Miss Piggy, you know that she loves attention, so please share this news with as many of your friends as possible, and as she would say, “Merci!”

I’ll leave you with this wonderful walk down memory lane—Raquel Welch & Miss Piggy singing “I’m a Woman” on the Muppet Show:

Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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