Anglicans Vote For a Do-Over on Ordaining Women Bishops

After blocking the ordination of women bishops last November, the Anglican Church’s governing body has voted for a do-over.

Last week the head of the Anglican Church, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, in effect told the church’s governing body that it’s 2013 and it’s time to get with it. I paraphrase, of course.

Welby said that it’s time for the Anglican Church to realize that much of the world has progressed when it comes to its views on women, and that the church would be foolish to ignore that fact. Put simply, it’s a matter of equality.

“If we say we will ordain women as priests and bishops, we must do so in exactly the same way as we ordain men,” he said.

Funny how that works, eh?

Well that was last week.

On Monday, the General Synod (the church’s governing body) voted by simple majority to approve the ordination of women bishops.

It’s going to be at least two years for this process to be completed even though, according to Reuters, the measure passed overwhelmingly as “a matter of urgency.”

I’m not sure they know what urgency means, but two years is a much shorter span of time than the 10 years of debate that lead to the defeat of this measure last year.

Here’s the catch: It’s significant that this vote only needed a simple majority from members of the Synod.

According to Paul Handley, editor of the Church Times newspaper, if the vote last November had needed a simple majority, it would have easily passed.

However, the vote needed a two-thirds majority–something the Synod could demand again.

To put this into perspective, in November the yays had 73 percent, but that was six votes shy of the required two-thirds majority.

Even though women have been allowed to be Anglican priests since 1992, there is still a vocal conservative minority who would like to see the measure fail once again.

“There will be a sense of gnawing anxiety on our part if we go down the route as it stands,” said Rod Thomas, chairman of the evangelical group Reform.

And what is there to be anxious about, exactly? Women can be bishops in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.

To be fair, those societies have completely collapsed under their own hedonistic weight and devil-worship.

Oh wait. The haven’t? Interesting… .

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Jim V
Jim Ven9 months ago


Jim V
Jim Ven9 months ago


Jerome S
Jerome S9 months ago

thanks for sharing.

Dianne L.
Dianne L4 years ago

Sharon R. isn't it that God wants good works to be done in the communities........and not ignore the communities. Religious leadership is about power and some men are drawn to power like a moth is to a light! Good deeds are done by the direction of the Holy Spirit however, the person that is being directed by the Holy Spirit isn't thinking of him or her self but of those that need help!

Michael H.
Mike H4 years ago

I would like a few do overs in my life.

JACarlton Author
jill c4 years ago

Linda T - I'm with you 100%!

Fred Boulton
Fred Boulton4 years ago

While religions retain their holy books that were written by MEN they will retain the prejudices and bigotry that were current at the time those books were written.

I can't imagine that any woman would want to belong to any religion or entity that regards them so badly as the Abrahamic religions do. As the brother of 4 sisters and the father of 2 daughters I am pleased that none of them adopted any religion.

Nils Anders Lunde
PlsNoMessage se4 years ago


John S.
Past Member 4 years ago

Does it matter, I think the only thing close to an Anglican from a religious point of view is an athiest.

GGma Sheila D.
Sheila D4 years ago

To Barbara L - it isn't only religions, but men in general who are afraid of women. Why else would they work so hard to take away the few powers we have gained since the 50s? Many men are threatened by the freedoms we have and the choices we make to delay getting married, having families, etc. Some of these men may have even been rejected by a "modern woman."
The Anglican Church is no different from most - it's just a bit behind the times, and of course, mostly male.