Animal Cruelty Rising to Horrifying Heights in UK

A puppy beaten to death with a baseball bat and a kitten spun in a clothes dryer are examples of the horrific animal abuse crimes that are on a dramatic increase in Britain.

In a report just released, the RSPCA revealed shocking news that convictions for deliberate acts of cruelty and neglect to small animals, farm animals, horses and donkeys rose by 33.8 percent in England and Wales in 2012. The animal charity said it is “struggling to keep up” with the “growing animal cruelty cases.”

The number of prosecutions grew to 4,168 last year from 3,114 in 2011. It was the highest spike of people found guilty of animal abuse since 2008.

The RSPCA says it does not know what is causing the increase in abuse, but noted that staff members are taking more calls from people who are having a hard time financially. While this might be a reason for more cases of neglect, RSPCA Chief Executive Gavin Grant said it doesn’t explain the rise in cruelty.

Some of the other victims of the shocking abuse included a dog that was repeatedly slashed with a knife by his owner and two young puppies that were buried alive. More than 30 rabbits and guinea pigs were found living among dead animals in filthy hutches and an emaciated pony was rescued from a tether that pinned it to the ground.

In addition to the increase of convicted abusers, RSPCA inspectors investigated 150,833 suspected cases of cruelty last year and issued 78,090 “advice” notices to owners. The group said the notices, which give pet owners suggestions are, “extremely effective in improving the care of animals.” The welfare agency said prosecution for offenders is “always their last resort.”

“However, if there is evidence of a crime and serious animal abuse then we will take legal action to protect the animals and prevent further abuse,” said Grant.

Judges are also imposing serious sentences for those convicted of the abusive crimes. The 27-year-old man who beat the puppy with a baseball bat received 18 weeks in jail and the 22-year-old who spun a kitten in the dryer spent 56 days in jail. Both men are banned from owning another pet.

The RSPCA also rescues abused, abandoned and neglected animals and those numbers increased dramatically in 2012 as well. The organization saved the lives of 130,695 animals last year, which is a 9.7 increase from 2011. That included rescuing pets such as a litter of newborn kittens that were abandoned in a park and helping 64,000 chickens that nearly drowned in a flooded barn. They also treated 500 horses, ponies and donkeys in 2012.

“We are leading the fight against a growing animal cruelty crisis,” said Chris Nice RSPCA inspector. The charity said its staff and volunteers are dedicated and will not give up the fight to save animals.

The RSPCA is currently holding their annual campaign. They expressed this plea, “More animals need our help than ever before and I urge everyone to give us as much support as they can, volunteer for us or, if they are able, to give a new home to an abandoned or abused animal.”


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Glennis Whitney
Glennis W2 years ago

So sad, just how could anyone be so cruel to innocent animals, they must have a very sick mind. Harsher laws and punishment now.

Glennis Whitney
Glennis W2 years ago

If they do this to animals what will they do to humans, so deplorable and sickening, harsher laws needed.

valda p.
valda p4 years ago

Those who take out their frustrations on animals for their failures are week individuals -animals are used for weird and wonderful potions -sexual impotency and religious rituals-we close our eyes to their suffering and by doing so we are condoning it -sentinent beings have a -right to be free from physical abuse -our sense of morals must exempt those who try to impose -their lack of morality- compassion and empathy on our societies and culture.

Lyn Smith
Lynelle Romaine4 years ago

These people have no hearts and they will do people the same way. If they can be this cruel to innocent animals what kind of compassion will they have for humans. They should be locked away and never see the light of day, and as far as I'm concerned, actually jail is too good for them. Let them be euthanized, they have no purpose to live.

Marilyn Ashman
Marilyn A4 years ago

Abusing , Torturing , and Killing an animal is NO EXCUSE !! for not having a job or money !!!.
It's a downright Sadistic Act !!!. The only way to stop this , is by getting rid of the Lazy Asses that create these Laws with just a slap on the wrist given to the Abusers !!!. Either that or allow the Animal Lovers to hunt them down and do to them , what these Abusers did to the Animals !!!
You Get What You Give !!! ,

Robyn O.
Robyn O.4 years ago

The educational system in the UK has declined in quality in the last 50 years. Some of the responsibility for that has been the ease with which 16-year-olds can "leave school". British social structure has collapsed, starting in the "free" 1960s, when youth and its hedonistic "pop culture" took over. The educational system there used to be considered the best, but the "youthquake" has destroyed it over the last 50 years. It's almost as bad as the US educational "system". Violence has been on the increase during that time and vicious ignorance rules supreme. More and more children are fatherless and grow up with no plans for the future, leading aimless lives. The treatment of animals is similarly unstructured. In addition, drunkeness is a worse problem than ever before in the UK. All of this leads to disintegration of social mores.

Glenda L.
Glenda L4 years ago

Sad, I think these things always get worse during economic hardship, when people are more stressed.

Shirley S.
Shirley S4 years ago

This is an OLD post.

Jennifer C.
Past Member 4 years ago


Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne R4 years ago

This is sickening! The only thing that would help is to create stronger laws. If some of these atrocities were performed on humans, the perpetrator would get life in prison. How can these same acts be ignored by law. Keep letting these ass h**** abuse animals and they find that it's more of a kick to abuse and kill people. Is this what it takes to stop these sick f****? It's been proven that many murderers start with animal torture. Why not stop them as soon as they start?