Anniversary of Wal-Mart v. Dukes Marked By Push For Anti-Pay Discrimination Law

Women’s rights advocates are not letting the issue of equal pay go, rallying at the Supreme Court to push the issue. Led by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) the rally is also to support legislation that would undo much of the damage done to women’s and workers’ rights after the court’s disappointing decision in Wal-Mart v. Dukes one year ago. The Equal Employment Opportunity Restoration Act, which will be introduced by Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), would help ordinary Americans stand together to challenge company-wide discriminatory employment practices.

The rally will feature the lead plaintiff in the Wal-Mart case, Betty Dukes; highlight the need for this legislation; and mark the first anniversary of the court’s problematic ruling. The decision prevented the 1.6 million women of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club from taking on America’s largest private employer as a nationwide group in what would have been the largest class-action civil rights lawsuit in history.

“The Supreme Court chose to let the biggest corporation in the world off the hook for gender discrimination,” said AAUW Executive Director Linda D. Hallman, CAE. “We’re not letting them off that easy. We’re going back to the Supreme Court to take a visible stand against a system that denied working women and their families justice and fairness.”

AAUW has been a leader in the fight to close the wage gap in both the public arena and in the courts, a two-pronged strategy necessary to address the egregious nature of the discrimination at hand. “AAUW is so proud to stand with the women of Wal-Mart and to join them in their fight for basic economic security and fairness for the nation’s working women,” said Lisa Maatz, AAUW director of public policy and government relations. “Together with the Paycheck Fairness Act, the equal employment bill introduced this week is a critical step in the ongoing struggle for fair pay.”

Kudos to Sen. Franken and  Rep. DeLauro for their commitment to economic security for all working Americans, and thanks the the AAUW for keeping this issue front-and-center in the halls of Congress. Now if we could just get some Republicans to break ranks and join the effort, the middle class of this country could see some real relief.

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Aurea Walker

The Walton's with their BILLIONS could and should use their lucre to pay equally ALL THEIR EMPLOYEES! what do these Walton a$$wipe$ do instead? Oh, build a massive museum of "art". Need to do my research, but I will bet this museum is also a tax write off for the Walton's Walmart are the new slave
owners of the working masses. The only way we the huddled poor masses however can FIGHT BACK! shop target, Costco, Sears, Kmart et al..... At the end of the day we must remember that these "mastahs" got rich off out pocket books. Do not count on out judicial system, most judges are either chauvinistic men or they have been bought off! Cut off walmart's money supply and then they WILL HAVE to change their evil ways.

Audrey B6 years ago

I think Walmart should start paying their employees better, $ 12.00 an hour they can start being more picky with the employees they hire. I live in South FL and I can say there are alot of rude employees, they are still fighting slavery, I am as nice as pie, I am sometimes the only one who says hello how are you, and thank you, and they will stand their like I was a piece of s----t. I find the more north I go, employees seem to be nicer, atleast a hello and thank you. Growing up I worked in a food store, I always found talking to the customers made my day go by faster, but I had a great time going to work, I loved it.
But the wages these people get, they don't think they have to go out of their way to be nice a all.

For as big as Walmart is in his Country, maybe cut down on some of the GREED, and share alittle with your employees to make a happier group of people, and that also goes for other businesses.

Christine C.
Chandra C6 years ago


Bartley Deason
Bartley Deason6 years ago

Jerry B.

Wow! Where did you get that silly idea? It is now the year 2012. 1950's "happy days" are gone.

Ernie Miller
william Miller6 years ago

Wakmart is just plane evil in every way.

Caroljean Thosath
Caroljen T6 years ago

Jerry B.
So what you are saying is that if you are unfortunate to have been born a woman you should never be able to make enough to support your family. Because unlike teenagers, you cannot grow out of being a woman and you must always be dependent on a man for your survival even if you are the head of the household or the only one earning an income.

Jerry B.
Jerry B.6 years ago

Regarding the Walmart case, see "Taking apart the Walmart gender-bias class-action" at

As for the gender wage gap:

Women’s job choices – and men’s – tend to be influenced by “what the market will bear” principle. Since most women are (still) either supported by a man or anticipate being supported, they as a group are able to bear lower pay than those in the group expected to do most or all of the spouse supporting. Many women, married women in particular, might be comparable to teens who live with, and are supported by, their parents and who are able to accept a job that pays little, while their parents must earn enough to support both the teens and themselves. Women as a supported group thus have been able to bear the low-paying jobs that men as supporters generally have been unable to bear. They often can regard their husband as an “employer” who pays them to work at home tending the hearth and raising the children. So they often need not necessarily seek a higher-paying real employer.

Men, after society’s 30 years of pursuing a “gender equality” that has been mostly the righting of wrongs for only one sex, are by and large still expected to be at least the primary provider who will take up the slack when the wife leaves the workforce, usually at a time of her own choosing. They are expected to be ever ready

Micheal Moffat
Past Member 6 years ago

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life has value beyond measure
Peace and Love
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