Another Big Primary Day Is Over: Who’s Up, Who’s Down and Who’s Being Arrested?

Tuesday was another big primary day for the country, and now that the dust has settled, some high publicity races are finally clear heading into the 2014 general. Others, oddly enough, are just as murky as they were before votes were cast.

Mississippi still has no idea who their GOP Senate nominee will be, as current incumbent Thad Cochran and Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel head into a run off vote after tying in the primary. A second vote will be held on June 24, and Sen. Cochran is urging those across the state to vote, regardless of their party, noting that every vote counts.

Every vote literally does count, it seems, and that may have gotten McDaniel’s campaign team into a bit of trouble on election night when somehow a group of them were allowed into the courthouse in the very early morning, and then got locked inside. The staff won’t say what they were doing in there or why they wanted access, but the fact that the courthouse was home of the ballots for the night has led to an investigation of the mysterious escapade.

The folks from the McDaniel team weren’t the only ones talking to the police on election night. In South Dakota, Republican Annette Bosworth not only lost the endorsement for Senate, but ended up arrested for perjury and filing false election documents, having claimed that she was collecting signatures to get onto the ballot when in actuality she was on a mission trip to the Philippines.

Bosworth claims the charges are “political intimidation” and that she never meant to deceive anyone. Bosworth received very little of the vote, and instead the nomination went to former Governor Mike Rounds, who will be facing off against Democrat Rick Weiland for an open seat due to the retirement of Democrat Tim Johnson.

In California, a number of races are settled, including a highly publicized battle for a state Senate seat that reproductive rights activist Sandra Fluke ran for. Fluke ended up in second place in what is referred to as a “jungle primary” (meaning the top two finishers face off in a general, regardless of party affiliation), which conservatives are lauding as a loss because obviously, if she were so great, why didn’t she get first?

Fluke wasn’t the only big name on a ballot in California, either. Orly Taitz, known as “Queen of the Birthers” thanks to her endless campaign against President Barack Obama and her utter conviction that his birth certificate is a fake, ran for state Attorney General, and she came in second to last place. Sadly enough, that means that 90,000 Californians still voted for her, about 3 percent of the vote.

There weren’t a lot of women candidates up in the Senate races this primary day, but one did come out a nominee — Iowa Republican Joni Ernst. Ernst made the national radar for her campaign ad about castrating pigs on the farm, which apparently is a strength we now look for in our politicians. Ernst has the backing of the Susan B. Anthony List, the Republican anti-abortion PAC that also will support pro-life women candidates when one is running, and will be vying against Democrat Bruce Braley for Democratic Senator Tom Harkin’s seat.

Although some states still have time before their late summer primaries, which mostly fall in August, Senate races are definitely shaping up into their final form. The question as we head into summer will inevitably be will we see another GOP sweep like 2010, or will Republicans step on their own feet and lose their chance to flip the chamber, just like they did in 2012?

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper2 years ago


David B.
David B3 years ago

no ! no! Barbara L that's the cream , oops! (blush) sorry I forgot we were talking politics here . it's so very sad that what was supposed to govern the country and in a productive manner has fallen to a sadly discus ting troop of morons . not really even fir to govern themselves never mind this once great country .

Cathleen K.
Cathleen K3 years ago

Deep fried Southern politics is fun, aint it? Thad Cochran is begging Democrats to vote in the Republican primary! I admit, if I lived in Mississippi, I'm not sure what I'd do. Do you help an old school, sane Republican stay in the Senate (if he wins the primary, he'll win in Nov), or do you sit it out and take the chance of sending a neo Confederate secessionist whose campaign is staffed by crazy grifters to DC? Being a Republican is now as firmly ingrained in the white Southern identity as was being a Democrat (because they WEREN'T the Party of Lincoln) prior to the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, so McDaniel will be very hard to beat, even if half of his campaign staff is in jail by November.

On the other hand, the Personhood Bill failed in the state after a great campaign educated Evangelical voters about what was really at stake, so it is, theoretically, possible, that if voters really get to know what McDaniel stands for, they'll just say no. If I were the Democratic Party in Miss, I'd make sure voters understood how much money the Koch brothers poured into their state to try to get them to send a wack job to Washington.

K Terri Morris
K Terri Morris3 years ago

It seems these tea-party nutters don't actually believe in the constitution then are so certain our President is ignoring and the laws they are so certain he is breaking. Maybe they should actually read it instead of just carrying it around in their pockets as a sign of their patriotism (not impressed). Or is their hypocrisy so deep they think no one will notice they are accusing the President of crimes with absolutely no facts to back it up while committing crimes themselves. Do they really feel the end justifies the means? For them alone? And what kind of idiots keep voting for this scum?

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm3 years ago

Yeah it was all innocent Ashley wink wink


Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm3 years ago

Good news Joan Thanks

Nikki J.
Nikki J3 years ago

The most ridiculous election campaign at the moment is the yes/ no one for Scotland's independence.

Nothing in life is so black and white/ yes/ no .... and any politician that thinks they can solve issues with this ideology is disillusioned.

Ron B.
Ron B3 years ago

When it comes to politics, the US may not be a Third World Banana Republic quite yet, but we're getting there.

kathrynelizabet Etier

I don't think it's fair to arrest a politician. Indict 'em all.