Update: Another Multinational Caught Promoting Rape, Violent Homophobia in Jamaica

Update: LIME has now disassociated itself from Potential Kidd, who is quoted saying in a release from LIME: “I do not support violence against women or homosexuals.”

LIME also said they would facilitate a meeting between the artist and people who were troubled by the lyrics.


A Caribbean mobile phone company is running a promotion aimed at children using a song which endorses the rape of women to prevent homosexuality.

LIME Caribbean, which is owned by the UK-based multinational Cable & Wireless, is using the song “A yah suh Nice” by Potential Kidd as its theme for its promotion aimed at Jamaican high schools’ athletics.

The words of the song convey the idea that being a rapist (of women) is preferable to being gay, with Potential Kidd singing:

“Before mi tun a battyman, mi wudda tun a raper.”

The promotion offers winning schools $100,000 for a project, two desktop computers and an all-expense-paid concert featuring Potential Kidd.

The chart-topping song has been the subject of criticism since it came out. In a letter to The Gleaner, T Roache wrote:

Do we listen to what we endorse? What message are we sending to our children by playing such songs, even if abridged, on radio?

Some of our artistes need to be more responsible and creative in their writing and discard negative messages. Don’t they have mothers, sisters and daughters? How would they feel about someone harbouring thoughts of raping a female family member?

We need to do better as a society and refrain from negative messages.

Wrote Jamaican blogger ‘constructed thoughts’:

The words fuel dangerous stereotypes and myths which already exist in the Jamaican society about women, their sexuality and the relation to rape. Chief among them the idea that a man’s sexual prowess must never be curtailed. Jamaica already records an alarming trend of rapes, abduction and sexual violence against our women, it is unacceptable for DJs to be suggesting that it is justifiable to rape.

The dancehall audiences that readily accept these lyrics must be called to task. Our people need to challenge our artistes to find creative ways of expressing themselves, without advocating homophobia, sexual violence and murder. These lyrics again bring into question the co-relation between dancehall and criminal deviance among our young people. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, when artistes who are so revered advocate these kinds of behaviours, our youth are susceptible to accepting them as legitimate. Our society has to guard against this.

Cable & Wireless is not the first multinational company found promoting violence, misogyny and hatred of gays in Jamaica through its subsidiary.

Last year, Coca-Cola was criticized for promoting a music festival which featured ‘murder music’ singers — those who advocate the murder of gay people.

Jamaica is known for a high level of homophobic violence and although last year’s election saw a pro-gay Prime Minister win, the election campaign itself was full of violent homophobic rhetoric.

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Photo: Activist Maurice Tomlinson at Stand against Homophobia, Emancipation Park, Kingston, 28 July, 2011. Picture by Maurice Tomlinson.


Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle5 years ago

It is abhorrent for such lyrics, sentiments, to be aired, for people to accept them as legitimate. Such "artists" are scum. And schools are part of a promotion of this song? will win money and computers for what? accepting this "artist" as legitimate? I'm confused, but the whole thing is awful.

Muriel C.
Muriel C5 years ago

..and it is to corporations as these that our own Supreme Court has given the right to buy our electoral process.
Corporations as moral persons? Wake up! There's nothing even remotely moral about a group with limited responsibility for its actions, which is entirely dedicated to amass an unlimited amount of $
* Yes I know that the term "moral" has a different meaning in a legal text, but when it's given along with political rights, it expends to all acceptances of its use.

antonia maestre
antonia maestre5 years ago

It is evil to wish evil...

Ronald N.
Ronald Nichols5 years ago

Homophobia is nothing more than ignorance

Karen C.
Karen C5 years ago

Wrong use of music and talent and Cable and Wireless should be held accountable for the choice they made to use that song in their promotion.

KS Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Suzy D.
Suzy D5 years ago

So what your clarifying for us Debbie D, is that he`d rather be a vile and disgusting criminal than have his over-inflated ego punctured by finding out that he was gay !
That doesn`t make the lyrics any more acceptable. I don`t doubt that there are many marvellous people living in Jamaica, unfortunately some of them are in fear of their lives simply because of their sexual orientation.

Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago


Christy Elamma
Christy Elamma5 years ago

Artists( and I use the term loosely in this case) that use lyrics of this sort are extremely detrimental to society. As far as I'm concerned, they should not be allowed to promote and use lyrics/language of this type. It is HATE speech, pure and simple. While you can go around and say whatever you want privately because of the right of Free Speech, it is, or should be, against the law to use language such as this in things like videos, cds, books, articles, etc. Anyone who buys crap like this put out by these artists is just feeding the foul diseases that exist in our society.

Sharon Balloch
Sharon Balloch5 years ago

Funny the more I hear from this type of person the more it sounds like fear.. deep seated fear.... who is he trying to convince?

And us women, we like having guy friends who are homosexual but not really into that rapists as friends, we would rather that they spend their time behind bars, and not the fun kind of bars either, but the kind that are more like cages. Those with bad cases of homophobia are just way too creepy to even have a neighbours.