Another Palin Uses Profanity In Public (Sigh)

Tripp Palin, the three-year-old grandson of Sarah and Todd and son of Bristol and Levi, can be heard saying an anti-gay slur to his aunt, Willow, on a recently-released video clip from the Lifetime reality series Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp. Definitely offensive and appalling but not, as many commented, too surprising, given that it was indeed Willow who directed an anti-gay slur to a classmate on Facebook in 2010.

Bristol and Willow can be seen gasping and the giggling after Tripp says the unnecessary word when he is told he cannot visit the swimming pool. Bristol acknowledged that she is “doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp…I know he’s going to continue to push the boundaries.”

But then, she wrote on her blog that Tripp hadn’t used that homophobic f-word but the other f-word and said he’d picked it up from friends and family, including his grandfather:

“Lifetime filmed over 12 months (on and off), and they caught a moment on film that would cause any parent to be red in the face. Tripp is always surrounded by adults – around the campfires with cousins and their friends, at the shop with my dad and his snowmachine buddies. He’s apparently picked up some language that I’d prefer he not use.”

I’m not so sure that explanation makes things better. Tripp is hearing quite a few things that many would “prefer” not to hear from the mouths of babes.

Lost in the usual Palin publicity is the effect on all of this for Tripp, who is being given a great deal of attention for all the wrong reasons. Every parent has that moment (moments) when your child does exactly what ought not to be done, usually at some high-profile moment — at grandma’s 80th birthday celebration, for instance. (That didn’t happen to me, but we’ve had plenty of “interesting moments” with our son Charlie.)

The topic of “how do I get rid of my kid’s foul mouth” is definitely under discussion on parenting sites. On Babble, one of psychotherapist Heather Turgeon’s suggestions is to “stay neutral” and “don’t take it too seriously” — exactly the opposite of how Tripp’s mother is addressing the situation.

Maybe this is the point of the Palins and of why, four years after Sarah Palin became the GOP VP candiate, we still hear about her and her family every day: They offer us a steady stream of reminders of what not to do.

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Photo by Gage Skidmore


Mary D.
Mary d5 years ago

I've never seen the show, disgusted that Bristol Palin, who never did anything other than be the daughter of Sarah P., has the ability to readily cash in for doingabsolutely nothing of value.

That said I really believe the episode should be aired to show the true Palin character -- hatred already spewing from the mouth of a babe.

I fully blame Sarah Palin for much of the divisiveness, fear, and hatred that has overtaken so many of our country's ill-informed populace. Her daughters evidently plan to continue this despicable legacy, teaching their children the same behaviors under the guise of pseudo Christianity.

No doubt this family will have its place as a huge black mark on our country's history, and we have John McCain's desire to be president so strong that he gave the Palins a forum for spreading their commitment to hate, greed, and love of killing defenseless wildlife.

Lee Witton
5 years ago

As a follow up to Beth's post about McCain not choosing Romney after seeing his tax returns; a Romney insider told a member of the media that Romney had not paid taxes for 12 years (in case anyone is wondering why he is refusing to show his tax returns!

Allan Yorkowitz
.5 years ago

The Palins are becoming the political equivalent of the Kardashians; both useless and un-necessary pieces of media.

Rosemary G.
Rosemary G5 years ago

I happen to agree with Jonathan as I posted earlier..

Rosemary G.
Rosemary G5 years ago

The way the poll is formulated is tricky and done on purpose..
As to the Palin daughter: The apple does not fall too far from the tree..

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE
Barbara T5 years ago

And people are saying mean things about A THREE-YEAR-OLD on the Internet.
Fortunately, he is too young to read them.
When will he not be "too young" any more?
VERY bad judgement, having a show built around him!

Beth K.
.5 years ago

Don't forget, McCain picked Palin over Romney, after he saw Romney's tax returns.

Judith g.
Judith g5 years ago

Unless any of you lived through the political nightmare that was Sarah Palin, you cannot even imagine how phony they are! I remember her election (she won by a very small amount of the electorate) and went on to become one of the worst officials (of many bad ones in Alaska) to date. Most folks do not have a clue how bad she was as a governor and how entitled. The kids are a hot mess. The son vandalized over 40 schoolbuses and had to join the military or risk jail; Willow and B were caught vandalizing a home that they were partying in. Again, covered up by the esteemed ex governor. There's a lot to distinguish this family as less than honorable. I lived in Alaska for over 25 years and was there during the "reign of terror" that was her governorship.

Anne F.
Anne F5 years ago

reality tv seems to emphasize situations that are not usually problems: didn't most of us have to label some words or phrases as inappropriate (for grandma's house, or yelled loudly in the grocery store, or at church school)? The youngster is using the language he has heard, but he hasn't learned the rules and customs about the words.

Chris Cole
Chris C5 years ago

Linda M and Pam W - you guys ROCK! You provided me with a major gut laugh regarding your comments on the illustrious, genteel Elaine A. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!