Antarctica Melting At Faster Rate

The worst effects of climate change will not be experienced by many of you reading this post or by me, the writer. It will be the generations after us who will suffer, particularly from rising sea levels. Consider a recent study on Antarctica by the University of Texas.

East Antarctica is lost ice mass at an average rate of five to 109 gigatons a year from April 2002 to January 2009, according to the study. The rate increased from 2006. The increased rate could cause sea levels to rise sooner than expected. The entire Antarctic region could be losing ice at the rate of 113 to 267 gigatons a year, with 106 to 158 gigatons from West Antarctica.

“The key result is that we appear to be seeing a large amount of ice loss in East Antarctica, mostly in the long coastal regions (in Wilkes Land and Victoria Land), since 2006,” said University of Texas scientist Jianli Chen. “This, if confirmed, could indicate a state change of East Antarctica, which could pose a large impact on global sea levels in the future,” Chen said.

Another study found Greenland and Antarctica  melting ice will cause a higher sea level rise. Scientific data by the environmental group, Clean Air-Cool Planet said climate change will cause at least a one meter rise in sea levels by the end of this century.

Next month representatives from countries will meet in Copenhagen to hammer out the details of a new climate change treaty. The Congress has yet to pass a climate change bill. A Reuters article stated that the majority of nations have abandoned the hope of agreeing to a binding legal treaty, “partly because of uncertainty about what the United States will be able to offer.”

It is clear that our nation must pass legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We elect the members of congress and it is time for us to remind them that as electors what we want matters. Sign the following petition: Press Senate On Climate Change. Go one step further and send an email to your senator, telling them you want them to pass climate change legislation. You can find contact information for congress at Remind congress that the generations to follow are counting on them.


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Thank you the information.

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Maria Elena Amoroso

It started about 1800s , but for sure the human race made a difference in only 200 years , dont wait 20 years more , just in case, we must do something now!!!!! We aré here now!!!! God , or whatever knows why, somehow somebody trusts us , lets make the difference!!!

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I bet Gore has gotten all kinds of good property buys since his movie was released. What a guy, eh?? (Here's one of his many websites:

This website boasts: "Gore's famed PowerPoint presentation has drawn in a reluctant public, with its meticulously researched content and lucid style."

...Where's that meticulously research material now Al??

This whole climate change/global warming, Kyoto Treaty, Cap-n-Trade crap has really gotten me riled up. It's all just *another* way to control our lives, how we live, and tax the heck out of us.

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To Lisa Bxx, and other concerned readers:

It's certainly your perogative to believe in "global warming" and/or "climate change". There's probably little anyone can do to change your mind since you're so far over the edge with your opinion. You don't need to "try this one more time", at least not from my perspective.

I would however, like to share with you an article that posted just yesterday:

I highly encourage all of you to read it, and see what else is going on. We on the other side see that the climate change hoax is finally crumbling. If you've not heard, a couple weeks ago, the Climate Research Unit in Britain revealed that many climate change supporting scientists chose to alter their findings so that the "global warming" debate would continue and succeed globally.

Never before in the history of science has such a cover-up of this magnatude been perpetrated.

And this all came to light because someone had the decency to hack into the CRU files and reveal the many altered emails, text messages, and doctored scientific documents hiding and/or altering the truth.

This is just one of the many articles that I concur with on this subject. There are many more on the internet if you're willing to search for them.


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this is the happen because of our human nature. We not care our planet and that's why we saw this day. I think in near future we loss the all beautiful things of the planet...I say to all Pls save our planet.

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I'm going to try this one more time: If someone thinks that our two hundred years of doing horrible industrial things to this planet's vegetation and atmosphere have NOT caused more irreversible damage than anything in the last several tens of thousands of years, then that person is simply very ignorant. If someone thinks ozone holes aren't new, or are make-believe, or are part of an invented profitable conspiracy (who profits??), then that person either has his or her head in the sand to dodge responsibility, or is having paranoid delusions. The overall, manyfold increase in our atmosphere's carbon dioxide by industrial pollutants and cars, and the overall destruction of oxygen-making forests by indiscriminate clearcut logging, are FACTS that cannot be disputed. To pretend that mankind has NOT done irreparable damage to the earth, with consequences which will be wrought on our great-grandchildren and beyond, is either incredibly naive or incredibly arrogant. Dramatic, unnaturally fast, complicated changes in global weather patterns, and the melting of the polar ice sheets and glaciers, at least 100,000 years old, can only be slowed down if we all plant trees, conserve energy, and stop burning fossil fuels now. This problem is not a natural event like 11- or 22-year sun cycles or sunspots. We did this, modern mankind poisoned the earth for 200 years, and only we can slow down its destruction. Be responsible. Take action, here and now.

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Can someone ask Gore why he is buying Oceanfront property when evryone is worried about oceans rising & why he passed up this "GREEN" Building just blocks away?
( )

Please explain why Al and Tipper Gore recently bought a luxury condo at San Francisco's St. Regis tower at Third and Mission streets when.....

Hmmm according to this stupid study San Francisco will be under

"The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) found that during past periods of high carbon dioxide, temperatures in Antarctica were up to 6C above current levels. This could cause a sea level rise of up six meters, threatening coastal cities like London, New York and San Francisco."

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Its NOT Global warming any more kids....remember now its Climate change..... They realized they were WRONG! The earth is just going through her changes....geez. The planet will be here long after we are gone baby. Our planet has been here apprx 4 1/2 billion years, we have been here about 200,000 years & involved in industry a little over 200 yrs. And we think were a threat? It has survived a lot worse than us like asteroids, meteors, fire, flood, earthquakes, ice age, poles reversing! Places that were hot are now cold & places that were cold are now ones going to tell me what the norm is.....And the glaciers started melting in the 1800s btw.

Get both sides. People need to be informed & Lord Monckton is trying to do just that.

No one will debate Monckton! Including Gore.

Monckton served as a policy adviser to Margaret Thatcher.

He sued to stop Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" from being shown in British schools due to its inaccuracies. The judge found in-favor of Monckton.

If you want excellent info watch Lord Monckton's speech here
& find out why this study & many more are not truthful.