Anti-Choice Activists About To Hit Congress With Wombs With a View


On October 13th, a new group is showing up in Washington to make “their voices heard.”   Yes, carrying on that great legacy of the suffragettes, of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and even N.O.W. and the Vietnam protesters, the anti-choice coalition of activists are bringing the fetuses to Washington, D.C. to let them “speak up” for their own rights.

According to Voices From the Womb, “All 535 members will be personally invited to witness live ultrasounds on women who are in their first, second and third trimester of pregnancy. Members of the House of Representatives and the Senate will have the opportunity, for the first time, in the United States Capitol to ‘hear’ from the pre-born children of America.”

Of course, there’s a reason why they are bringing fetuses at least 12 weeks (10 weeks gestation) to “testify,”  despite the fact that a vast majority of abortions are performed before that time.  It’s because earlier fetuses really don’t look like much of anything, yet.

Once more, “fetal theater” rears its ugly head with anti-abortion activists reiterating their belief that the woman carrying the child is just a vessel, and the “pre-born” is the real focal point. Notice, the women won’t be invited to say anything.  Just the fetuses they carry.

As Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky puts it: “Once again, anti-abortion activists do something emotionally manipulative with what they call the ‘pre-born child’ which does not address a women’s right to make decisions about her own body. No one who believes in planning parenthood denies fetuses have little developing hearts, fingers or toes. Women and families who decide to have abortions are simply prioritizing their own well-being and/or the well-being of their existing children over bringing more children into the world.”

Still, you can expect a lot of Congressional members to attend.  After all, this is an election year.

Now, are you worried that you might miss this momentous occasion to see a fetus “speak?”  Well, don’t be.  The fetuses will be doing a national tour across the country following their debut in D.C., so you can catch them “in schools, churches, state capitals, parks and legislative hearings.”

Lucky us.


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W. Cabout a month ago

Thank you.

William C
William Cabout a month ago

Thanks for the article.

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James Merit5 years ago

Thank you for article and comments.

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Ann S6 years ago

Awesome comments. I'm unable to send green stars: think I don't have the prereq's? Anyway, kudos to all.

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You cannot currently send a star to Dianne because you have done so within the last week. Darn that wall!

Love your last comment! Getting green stars really does make one feel less alone with their views. :)

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

I'm grateful for the star because it helps validate the fact that I'M NOT the ONLY ONE OUT HERE who is horrified by these control freaks who delude themselves about their enforcing GOD'S will. I wonder how it would go over if a team of urologists decended on Washington and everyone was forced to look at vasectomy pictures. Maybe they could read lists of men who have had them .Inspire some nuts to picket Urology Clinics, Actually ,I support vasectomy as a valad--and very effective method of birth control.( I also applaud men taking responsibility FOR birth control) It would,however be intresting to see how MEN would react to lots of public discussion---and harrassment about a private,and very personal decision----affecting THEIR PRIVATES!!

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Virginia B.
Dianne R.
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Amanda M.

Green Stars are raining over you! Thank you for your great postings!

And, now, a little note of confusion. With English not being my first language, I must confess I've never heard the term "pre-born" before. In my world of logic, that word can not exist. You're either born - or you're not. Period. Nothing before or after. If you're born you're a person. If you're not born (yet), you're a fetus/embryo/blob. Why do these imbecills keep creating words that have no bearing in the real world? Yes, I know. It's to confuse people. Like politicians and, sometimes me. I so wish those anti-life groups would stop their idiotics because it only makes them look as stupid as a clock-stopper! ( A clock-stopper refers to a Swedish saying: You're so stupid you'll stop all the clocks!)

Virginia B.
Virginia B6 years ago

Hoe many times must it be reiterated that the abortion issue is a RELIGIOUS ISSUE? Members of Congress are supposed to carefully separate issues of Church and State when casting their votes. Anti-abortionists haver no business trying to convince Congress to vote against our Constitution.
What a woman does with her own body is HER business! When aren't there angry fundamentalists rallying against men who choose to have vasectomies or to quietly pay for their mistresses to have abortions away from the spotlight? Such hypocrits! Why should unwanted children be brought into this already grossly overpopulated world. And -- NO -- groupings of cells are NOT a person!

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

This is sickening.Women have the right to make medical decisions WITH HER DOCTOR and TO NOT BE HARRASSED BY CREATINS FRON THE NEXT STATE! these people have no concern for the baby once it is born they just don't want women to "GET AWAY WITH HAVING SEX and not having to HAVE THE BABY! The BABY is ,in their corroded minds, PUNISHMENT SHE DESERVES! This stuff just needs to stop!

Melinda M.
Melinda M.6 years ago

Do the women who are subjecting their "pre-born" children care that repeated ultra sound scans have been shown to be deleterious to the health of their infants? Why would they allow sound waves to potentially crystallize the cells of their developing fetus unless the procedure were absolutely necessary? Repeated looks into the womb via ultra sound can create hypersensitivity, ADHD and sensory integration problems in those children as they grow. Who is speaking up for the fetus' right not to be bombarded with painful high frequencies?