Anti-Gay Arson Claims The Lives Of 7 Horses, 1 Foal

On the night of Sunday, April 24, Brent Whitehouse of McConnelsville, Ohio awoke to find his barn engulfed in flames. Whitehouse dialed 911, but it was already too late. The blaze was out of control. Seven horses and one foal died in the fire, which Ohio’s state fire marshal is now calling a case of arson.

“I couldn’t get the door open, I could still hear the horses kicking, and I tried as hard as I could to get them out, [but] I just couldn’t get them out in time,” Whitehouse told “I just can’t believe somebody would do something like this, and do this to poor animals.”

What spurred this senseless, heart-breaking crime? The words “FAGS ARE FREAKS”, spray-painted on the side of the barn, suggests the horses died as victims of violent homophobia. Whitehouse, their owner, is gay.

The arson has stunned Whitehouse’s friends. “Whatever his sexual orientation was, it had nothing to do with him as a person,” said Yvette Yeadon, who had frequently worked with the animals. “And to take it out on these innocent horses was beyond any fathom of what anybody should ever do to anybody.”

Yeadon told that the foal was only one week old, and one of the other horses was pregnant — she was expected to give birth later this week.

Investigators are still looking for the culprits and asking anyone with information about the fire or the anti-gay graffiti to come forward. Oddly, authorities are not calling this a hate crime.

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Photo by Peter J. Markham, Loretto, MN


Heidi H.
Past Member 5 years ago

What an awful act perpetrated by monsters. I hope they will be caught soon and prosecuted to the full measure of the law.

Ely Cee
E C6 years ago

not a hate crime? are they sitting on their heads (putting it nicely as I can), or are their brains out for maintenance? I hope they find whoever did this disgusting, horrifying thing--and string them up.

I especially hope they're found by horse lovers. If they'd done this in the old west, where horse stealing got a man hung---there would have been justice for sure.

Lisa Mazzola
Lisa M6 years ago

Whoever committed this heartbreaking, evil act of violence and hatred should be set on fire and burned within inches of death and left to live a horrible, disfigured and completely disabled existence for the rest of their useless lives. I hate them and I would feel no remorse whatsoever. They are nothing but the spawn of evil and should be suffer a worse fate than what they have inflicted upon the innocent animals they tortured and killed, and also the innocent man and compassionate caregiver and guardian who obviously has done nothing but exemplify compassion and kindness.

Kathryn B.
Kathryn B6 years ago

This is an act of TERRORISM!! Who needs the bogeymen in the middle east. The evil monsters are right here, right now!! DEVILS in human skin. Skinning someone like this alive is TOO GOOD of a punishment for the cold-blooded MURDER of innocents.

All of you who have innocent animal companions and could be targeted for whatever reason ought to have emergency plans in place so horrible tragedies like this can be averted. There are too many MURDERS like this taking place all over this country. Our voiceless friends need us to do that for them. I am ever vigilant and very protective of my furred and feathered "family."

Kathryn B.
Kathryn B6 years ago

This is what happens when "religious" leaders? and idiotic politicians inflame ignorant people with their intractable, hideous hatred and intolerance. Those poor horses harmed NO ONE!!! What a cowardly piece of human debris to cause so much needless suffering to those who could not defend themselves!! I sincerely hope the crud who caused this suffers SEVERE punishment.

Carolina Amena
Carolina Amnell6 years ago

OMG! It reminded me of those films based on the fifties with the KKK attacking innocent people!!! How sad...

Emma S.
Emma S6 years ago

Not a hate crime, then. So what do the authorities think the motivation was...?

Nancy V.

Won't those 'religious freaks' be surprised when they die and meet the devil instead of Christ? It wouldn't be "Christian' to wish the same suffering to them but all the same.... may they suffer horribly as those innocent animals did.............

Virginia E.
Virginia Esquer6 years ago

punish those cruel s.o.b deserve maximum penalities, owbinhumane innocent animals that don't have anything todo with their problems

Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams6 years ago

Oh my god...