Australian Anti-Gay Marriage Ad Sees Backlash


A political ad by right wing party Katter’s Australian Party, has sparked a backlash and widespread criticism for attempting to capitalize on anti-gay marriage sentiment in order to attack a political opponent.

The TV advert is aimed at the leader of the social conservative Liberal National Party (LNP) Campbell Newman. The LNP leader is currently campaigning to be premier in Queensland.

The advert draws attention to the fact that despite Newman telling religious conservatives and fellow party members that he would vote with the LNP to once again make civil unions illegal, he supports gay marriage.

The ad questions this, asking ‘How well do you really know Campbell Newman? Do you think he’ll stand up for your family values?’ Particularly controversial has been the next part of the ad that includes sound-bites of Newman saying ‘I support gay marriage’ while the viewer is shown a partially pixelated image of two topless men holding one another.

You can see the ad below:

One may note that the images of the two men depicts a wide age difference. It is unclear if the images were specifically chosen to infer anything improper about the relationship (pederasty, for example,) but it would not be reaching to suggest that the campaign chose these specific images for a reason. Why? The group appears to have gone out of its way to use these images despite having to doctor them with this curious pixelation. Further investigation reveals the images were lifted from a stock photo website (see more information and the original here) and had to be altered in this fashion because they originally show the younger man wearing a pregnancy simulating prosthesis.

Newman, the target of the ad, has hit back at this attempt at a smear. Via ABC News:

Speaking this morning, Mr Newman labelled the advertisement homophobic and said his personal support for gay marriage would not overide his party’s policy to scrap civil unions if it wins government.

“Gay marriage is a federal issue,” he told Channel Ten.

“I’ve said in the past that I had a personal view but that is not the view that my party has taken to the election. It is not the view we have expressed when we voted against the civil union bill.

“I think, though, these ads don’t do anything to take Queensland forward. They’re more negative nasty ads.”

Bob Katter says he does not think the advertisement is unfair.

“I’ve seen that clip, because I didn’t believe it. Then they showed it to me and I’ve seen him saying that he is for same-sex marriage,” he said.

“But if he is, he should be proud of his position.”

Carl Katter, the gay half-brother of the leader of the political party that put out this ad, has taken to Twitter to decry the advert, saying that it is “using the politics of fear and hate.”

In early February Australian lawmakers introduced two separate bills that essentially share the same goal: to lift the country’s ban on same-sex marriage while maintaining the right of religious institutions to deny recognition of such unions. Read more here on why party politics may hinder that push.


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RobynRobyn Brice
Robyn Vorsa6 years ago

Makes me ashamed to see that this is an Australian ad. Ashamed and sad,

Paul M.
Paul M7 years ago

Bob Katter's brother is the spokesperson on an ad of response.

The sentiments don't just hold for homophobia ... we deserve better from all our politicians, other representatives, and people of POWER. Rupert Murdoch, for example.

See the ad ...

'“My brother talks about family values. Well, I'm here to tell him that hate is not a family value,"Carl Katter, responding to his half-brother’s homophobic television ad that's airing right now in the lead-up to the Queensland state election."

Ra Sc
Ra Sc7 years ago

Using bigotry to get votes is a very old tactic.

Mary L.
Mary L7 years ago

But it's the right that's being picked on! Discriminated against! So very sad. So very lame.

Dr Clue
Dr Clue7 years ago

Those that would leverage bigotry as a tool of dis-representation deserve what I
hope is the dismissive of an intelligent electorate , no matter the flag waving above same.

It is time to send those of a pillow cased intellect to the shores of the buggy whip as
but a footnote in history.

wayne hall
wayne hall7 years ago

we are going to slow on this get a move on and put an end to this nonsense. com on Aussies com on.

David Lilja
Past Member 7 years ago

Bob Katter is an idiot his half brother is Gay

Krysti S.
Past Member 7 years ago

this i ust disgusting and aussies should get with the pogram

Jay Williamson
Jay w7 years ago

good grief seriously thats homophobic i cant beleive places like australia is still scared of same sex relationships

Marianne C.
Marianne C7 years ago

May I suggest to the anti-Gay bigots in Australia that you all politely go bite your own bums? I am sure they are big enough targets, and it will keep your teeth out of everyone else's.