Archbishop Damning Gay Kid’s Mom to Hell

A Minnesota archbishop, and central figure behind Minnesota’s anti-gay marriage amendment, once told the mother of a gay child to renounce her son’s homosexuality or risk going to hell, whereby he also compared his “hard saying” to the teachings of Jesus.

The letter, by Twin Cities Catholic Archbishop John Nienstedt, was reportedly written as a response to a mother pleading for acceptance for her gay child.

In Niensted’s reply, a copy of which you can see here, he writes:

I am in receipt of your recent letter objecting to the article that I submitted to the Star Tribune on April 28, 2010. I write to inform you that the teaching of the Catholic Church on homosexuality, as described in paragraphs 2357 and 2358 and 2359 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, is rooted in Scripture and based on the Natural Moral Law. It, therefore, shares in God’s revelation to us. Catholics are bound in conscience to believe this teaching. Those who do not cannot consider themselves to be Catholic and ought not to participate in the sacramental life of the Church.

Indeed, some might find this a hard saying but many of Jesus’ teachings were likewise received as such. I urge you to reconsider the position that you expressed in your letter. Your eternal salvation may well depend upon a conversation of heart on this topic.

That Archbishop Nienstedt apparently seems comfortable in comparing himself to Jesus while at the same time threatening a woman who may sincerely now believe that she risks eternal damnation for refusing to abandon her gay son, is profoundly monstrous.

It also shows a willingness to wage spiritual warfare that, if the moniker is to mean anything good at all, aught to define Nienstedt, and any who might choose to use such tactics, out of laying claim to the word Christian. It isn’t, however, out of the ordinary for this particular archbishop.

The letter has received renewed attention after the Star Tribune this week issued a profile on Nienstedt and the incredible way in which he has used his position to marshal religious support for passing a constitutional amendment to enshrine Minnesota’s same-sex marriage ban, a question Minnesota voters will face at the ballot in November.

While I urge you to read the full, illuminating piece, not least of which because it exposes the possibility that Nienstedt’s crusade may be as much a career move as it is a so-called moral position, the following excerpt relates in concrete terms just how powerful Nienstedt has been in using his religious privilege to manipulate believers in Minnesota into joining the fray against the “threat” of same-sex marriage:

Working aggressively behind the scenes, the 65-year-old Nienstedt has emerged as a key financial and political force for passage of the marriage amendment, which will be on the Nov. 6 ballot and is the most contentious issue in the state this election season.

He has committed more than $650,000 in church money, stitched together a coalition of leaders from other faiths and exerted all his power within the church to press Minnesota’s million-plus Catholics to back him.

“We wouldn’t have gotten very far without him,” said Frank Schubert, campaign manager for Minnesota for Marriage, the lead group pushing the amendment. “What the archbishop is doing in Minnesota is what the pope asked him to do. It’s hard to overstate his importance.”

This, of course, makes unquestionable that Nienstedt’s use of his position transcends enshrining Minnesota’s gay marriage ban. This exposes a disdain for the separation of Church and State that is entirely chilling.

Chilling, in fact, is a wholly appropriate word given that the Star Tribune has also spoken to those who allege Nienstedt is not above silencing dissenting priests, of which there have apparently been many, with an order of obedience.

But let every Catholic, every person in fact who might be sitting on the fence regarding Minnesota’s gay marriage ban, remember the archbishop’s words to that particular mother:

“Your eternal salvation may well depend upon a conversation of heart on this topic.”

Such a callous threat which exposes the heartlessness, indeed the ugliness, behind Minnesota’s anti-gay marriage amendment.


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Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Thank you for sharing

Mary L.
Mary L5 years ago

This creature is condemned from his own mouth. Remember "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

BMutiny TCorporationsAreE

From Alternet:
One winter day, far along into her pregnancy with her second child, 21-year-old Peggy Hayes received a phone call from Willard Mitt Romney. He wanted to talk to her, he said. Could he come over?
Hayes, the divorced, unmarried mother of a 3-year-old daughter, was struggling as a nurse’s aide in a working-class suburb of Boston. She had little in common with the successful Bain executive, but the request wasn’t as odd as it might seem. Hayes was a Mormon. Romney was her bishop. Romney walked into her small apartment, made small talk and then commanded her to give her baby up for adoption after it was born. He was her bishop, and as she knew, Mormonism disapproved of single motherhood. Hayes said no.

“Well, this is what the church wants you to do, and if you don’t then you could be excommunicated for failing to follow the leadership of the church,” Romney said, according to Hayes in an interview with Boston Globe journalists Michael Kranish and Scott Helman. Romney denied he made that threat, although he did not dispute the incident.

Somehow this tale didn’t make it into the Mormon Moment at the Republican National Convention.
Given Americans’ limited knowledge about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, let’s begin with an introduction to Mormon mores, where sin-wise “unchastity is next to murder in seriousness.” T

Pamylle G.
Pamylle G5 years ago

Just don't believe these creepy dudes in the frocks - these are the type of fellows who invented "hell" to begin with !

Lyn V.
Lyn V5 years ago

What should we expect from priests that cover up pedophilia

sick creeps------------------------IGNORE THEM

aj E.
aj E5 years ago


Allan Yorkowitz
.5 years ago

Creep? That's being more than kind. Minnesota has a chance in Nov.'s election to make a difference. Let's see what happens.

george s.
Glenda L5 years ago

Is that what the church told all those pedophiles that worked for it? I don't think so!!

Nils Lunde
PlsNoMessage se5 years ago

One word; ass....

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

If she risks damnation for not renouncing her son's homosexuality and could end up in hell, she may be in the company of predator clergy and those who hid them to protect the name of the Catholic church.