Are Anti-Choice Coming For Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed Funding?

When my daughter turned three, and her new baby brother came home from the hospital a few days later, we ended up with the inevitable “penis and vulva” discussion at the first diaper change.   Then, just last week, after first trying to explain the Holy Spirit to a very intelligent, nearly four year old girl going to Catholic school for the first time, I heard the question I had been waiting for almost a year from her: “Where do babies come from?”

Anyone who thinks that little kids don’t ask about bodily functions and body parts hasn’t spent much time hanging out with them.  A pre-schooler is just as likely to tell you about the fact that her baby brother always grabs his “boy parts” in the bath as she is to tell you that the gym teacher sometimes picks his nose, or the size of her last bowel movement.

So it’s kind of bizarre how “disturbed” anti-choice activists are by a new video put out by Planned Parenthood discussing how to answer real questions when you’re child starts asking them: about sex, about their bodies, and about relationships.

American Life League called the piece, “Exploiting kids: Planned Parenthood video-maker forces children to recite sex-questions in YouTube video.”  But each question that came out of each child’s mouth was extremely appropriate to the age of the child in question.

Do they really think 8 year old boys don’t wonder about the function of their own genitalia?

But then again, they have their own agenda going on.  As an effort to continue their war against Planned Parenthood, they’ve moved beyond just trying to remove all funding for the family planning, health screenings and birth control options the clinics provide.  Now they want to end their government funding for comprehensive, age appropriate sexual education programs, too.

It’s in many ways the most hurtful attack.  First, end educational programs that inform teens that they even need to be protected in the first place when it comes to participating in sexual activities. Then,  make contraception and sexual health screenings impossible to access cheaply, making it more likely that those who have sex will have unsafe sex that is more likely to end in unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

Do they really believe that not talking about sex will simply make kids not have sex?  Probably not.  After all, abstinence only education has been proven ineffective over and over again.  As Andy Kopsa writes, “Study after study has revealed the ineffectiveness of abstinence-only programs in reducing the number of teen pregnancies and reducing the spread of disease. According to the Journal of Adolescent Health, virginity pledges, a staple of abstinence-only programming, not only did not decrease occurrences of teen STDs, but actually resulted in pledge-takers not seeking medical attention once infected, leading to an increased possibility of transmission.”

But, abstinence only funneling more money to providers of those programs — almost always religious-based and Christian based groups that promote anti-abortion, anti-birth control, pro heterosexual marriage values.  Faith groups that normally shouldn’t be funded due to the issue of government funding promotion of religion instead have found a cash cow in abstinence ed, a cow that began to dry up after George W. Bush left office and that they want back.

There’s already a war on abortion, and a war on birth control.  Don’t be surprised to see the war on sex ed, and actually informing sexually active teens on how to avoid pregnancy and disease, break wide open next.


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LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Thank you.

wchi wink
.5 years ago

it all starts with sex - so, let's teach our children, beginning a very early age, about how it works and how to lead a responsible life with prevention of unwanted pregnancies being a PRIMARY goal! this would be much preferable to forcing women to have unwanted babies - there are enough of those already - it's costly, dangerous, unhealthy for our society...
abortion exists because there are rapists, ignorant and irresponsible men and women, life-threatening birth defects and rare diseases, etc. Eliminate those elements and we wouldn't need abortions! Unfortunately, it's rather impossible, so we need to be able to will
human rights!!! - do we want our planet even more populated with unwanted, needy or deformed people? NO

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik6 years ago

debra k - no, the correct verbage is anti-choice or anti-abortion...Because that IS what you are against. I know that Pro anything sounds better than anti anything but no one is actually Pro abortion. People who are Pro Choice are not Pro abortion - they ARE merely for the woman who is in the situation to make that choice - not you, not religion, not the government & not me. No one should be in the business of forcing women to carry a baby to term. No one should tell a woman that she MUST have an abortion & they don't. No one should be forcing them to birth the child either.
If you want to call yourself Pro anything then call yourself Pro-fetus or Pro-birth; either of those terms would be more honest. No one is saying that you personally cannot believe that life begins at conception. No one is interfering with your right to not believe that abortion is wrong. What some people ARE saying is that your rights to believe something should not ever tromp over someone else's right to believe that Choice - all 3 of them - has to remain an option. The woman in the situation is the only one who gets to choose. If you want to claim the mantle of Pro-Life - take that zeal & fight for the children who are already here to have a better life.

Ruby W.
Ruby W6 years ago

No force on earth is strong enough to prevent teenagers from having sex. The best way to handle this is to make sure they have knowledge of the process and birth control to preserve them from early parenthood. Oh, and raise them with self-esteem so they value themselves enough to only do the things they really want to and can't be pressured into behavior that isn't them. My parents brought myself and my brother up this way and we are fine. I started having sex at sixteen, my brother later than that, and neither of us caught any diseases, became parents too soon, or required any abortion services. I've never had sex that wasn't completely consensual. I've been lucky. But part of it was that nobody made me feel like an idiot or a piece of trash. All religious sermonizing on the subject of virginity makes the assumption that a young girl is one or the other.

debra k.
debra k.6 years ago

To Kathleen B,
I am simply stating facts. Abortion ends a life. It is true that a fetus does not breath on its own until it is out of the womb. But, it still requires oxygen which it gets from the mothers ambilicol cord, and it has a heartbeat. It is alive. And as an FYI: I wrote in to correct the verbage. Once again, not anti choice. But pro life, and I do my part to help others. Please do not make assumptions. I am just talking facts whether you like them or not, they are facts.

debra k.
debra k.6 years ago

To Lauren B,
Pro life means that you believe in the right to life from the moment of conseption to the moment of natural death. We are against aborion, capitol punishment and euthanasia. It is a respect for life at all stages. Please get your facts straight.

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Where did the photo come from? Says it all.

alex l.
alex l6 years ago

taking away information - not telling kids where babies come from, and how to protect against getting diseases or pregnant - is like saying that if you don't warn people about carcinogens, and just tell them to "eat well" they won't get cancer.
ignorance is never a brilliant move. it is about making sure people have less control in their lives.

Linda Gilbert
Gregory Gilbert6 years ago

Anyone who says they are anti-abortion and anti-birth control are really anti-sex. The anti-abortion part is just "spin".

Kathleen B.
Kathleen B6 years ago

@ debra k -
In Genesis, life is defined by "breath". Now when sperm meets egg and fertilization occurs, cell division may happen, but breathing does not. Breathing happens outside the womb. Nowhere in the Bible is abortion mentioned either for or against. Just please keep to yourself your judgments as to what is moral or immoral and, please you and your ilk stop trying to impose your beliefs on the rest of us. Hey, I have an idea----use some of that energy generated by your religious fervor to take care of all the living, breathing poor children in the world.