Are Donald Trump’s Kids ‘Off Limits’?

Apparently we need to have this conversation again: Yes, targeting Donald Trump’s childrenis completely fair game, with one notable exception. And though we expect conservatives to complain about “unfair treatment,” it’s frustrating to see Democrats making the same kinds of comments.

First, the exception: Barron Trump is 13 years old and categorically off limits just as Malia and Sasha Obama, as well as Chelsea Clinton, should have been. Children living in the White House should be allowed their privacy and treated with respect, as they definitely didn’t choose this life and have very limited control over their administrations. For those who come of age in the White House, the question of whether they’re “fair game” should hinge on their level of engagement in public life.

Tiffany Trump (the Trump child everyone seems to forget) has chosen to play a somewhat active public role but one that is largely separate from the administration. She has spoken at political events and supported her father’s campaign. And she undoubtedly has had many doors opened for her, thanks to her political connections. As such, she occupies a slightly awkward role in political discourse. As a public figure, she can and should be criticized for inappropriate behavior but as an individual and not necessarily someone connected to the administration, unless she’s engaged in activity linked to her father’s present occupation.

That brings us to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Ivanka Trump isn’t subject to the same standards of decency that apply to minor children. More than that, though, she has chosen to engage in public life and specifically to take an official role in the White House. It is absolutely ludicrous to suggest that she should be exempt from criticism due to the circumstances of her birth. Saying that people should be circumspect with their criticism is pandering to conservatives the same people who mercilessly bullied Chelsea Clinton and constantly made racist and inappropriate comments about Malia and Sasha Obama.

Ivanka Trump also has opened up another line of criticism as a member of the Trump administration who also happens to be related to the president. The news that she and her husband, Jared Kushner, may have received security clearances at the behest of her father illustrates that her role is one deeply intertwined with corruption. That’s not a great look and again something that people are well within their bounds to criticize. It’s also critical to pursue an aggressive investigation of that corruption, just as should be done for other corruption in the administration.

Patti Davis, the daughter of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, recently noted in a Washington Post op-ed that she was 28 when her father was elected president, and she was aggressively involved in the anti-nuclear movement. As an adult, she chose a role in public life and opened herself to criticism something she says Ivanka Trump has done, as well. And because her father is a beloved icon of the conservative movement, perhaps those building on his legacy should hear her out.

Photo credit: Michael Vadon/Creative Commons


Ben O
Ben O3 months ago

How would I know...? And, why should I care...?

Leo C
Leo C3 months ago

thank you for sharing!

Beryl L
Beryl L3 months ago

Thank you for the story.

Pam Bruce
Pam Bruce3 months ago

These Trump children are adults, not kids. They need to be removed out of the political scene. They think like their Dad they are untouchable. Hah.

Leo C
Leo C3 months ago

Thank you for posting!

Karin Hanson
Karin Hanson3 months ago

If the "kids" are working with the "Magot in Chief" in the WH, obviously they are NOT "kids" any longer - they appear to say and do whatever they want - so are not "off limits" to the press, or anyone else for that matter.

Gene J
Gene Jacobson3 months ago

I'd agree Barron is off limits, perhaps Tiffany too, but the others have chosen to put themselves very much front and center, loudly, falsely repeating their father's lies and supporting his mania. They're not "children", they are adults in political life, no way on earth they are off limits for anything.

Richard E Cooley
Richard E Cooley3 months ago

Barron is off limits & maybe Marla's daughter until she starts speaking out publicly than it game on!

Debbi W
Debbi W3 months ago

Barron is off limits, but his other children are adults, and have participated in his lies, scam business practices, and making millions off of trump's time in the white house.

His adult children are part of trump's regime, willing participants in his schemes. No, they are not off limits. They are not young children. They are adults and knowingly have backed trump with his lies, con games, etc. No One Is Above The Law!

Peggy B
Peggy B3 months ago