‘Are you Thinking of Committing Suicide?’ It’s OK to Ask! (video)

Q. If you suspect someone you know may be considering suicide, what should you do?

A. Ask them!

It’s OK to Ask. That’s the message at the core of this video produced to raise awareness and to break the silence surrounding the topic of suicide.

Every day in Scotland, an average of two people die by their own hand, and young people are at particular risk. Positive Mental Attitudes (PMA), part of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, spearheaded the project with the cooperation of Glasgow City Council and the Choose Life National Programme at NHS Health Scotland, as part of a project called ‘NAEdrama.’

Made with the help of ‘at risk’ youth, the film is intended to be shared, so please help raise awareness of this serious issue by posting on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites, and encourage others to do the same.

What’s the best way to identify someone who is at risk of suicide? Ask! That’s the first step toward healing.

If you are feeling suicidal, there are people who understand and care — please reach out for help.

For help in the U.K.:
Breathing Space: phone – 0800 83 85 87
Samaritans: phone – 08457 90 90 90
ChildLine: phone – 0800 11 11

Additional information:
The Trevor Project
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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Janine H.
Janine H6 years ago

Always when i hear about terrible things it makes me sad, and i cannot understand how someone could do something terrible - hurt, rape or kill a person or animal. When i was a child this also happened to me... and surviving this is more terrible than not (parents and other may think different, but a victim?), living with all this pain... living with guilty feelings... full with hate for the own self... having one wish, not to wake up at the following day anymore...
No one can understand, because most people cannot imagine this, cannot imagine how much it change. Some of them think, that this would not be so terrible, because all would make some sexual experiences, and so it would not matter if there were some without own interest or wish. This cruel and superficial society makes me sick.

I know that it is not good to wish someone who does terrible things something as a punishment. But when i hear about violent people then i think why are they so "afraid" to go to someone equal and get some hits for their selves. This is a perversion, to think being more a man when beating a woman or a girl. This men are a shame for all normal men.

"We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not yet learned the simple art of living together as brothers." (Martin Luther King)

Mark Alan Dellavecchia

FYI - Thursday, October 20, 2011 is International SPIRIT DAY - one of the minor holidays on the LGBT Calendar. It is asked that you wear a PURPLE SHIRT as a sign of LGBT support, and in memory of the LGBT Teens who have died because of their orientation.

KrassiAWAY B.
Krasimira B6 years ago

Difficult issue... A conversation with a good friend may be very helpful.

Serena P.
Serena P6 years ago

susan twentyeight-THANK YOU VERY MUCH for agreeing with me. I don't know if we actually have the same outlook on suicide, but I for one don't want to be condemned because I share different views.

What a lot of people don't realize is that yes, while a lot of suicidal people need help, not everyone does. Does that mean that just because I don't want to live to be 90, then there is automatically something wrong with me, and that I need psychiatric help to make sure I live that long? No. Thinking of suicide because your lover broke up with you and thinking suicide because you don't want a long life is two different things-1st needs help, 2nd doesn't. I could go on, but I won't. NO, I AM NOT SUICIDAL, SO DON'T EVEN THINK IT.

dawn w.
Dawn W6 years ago

If I had a penny for thought of sucide,a nickel for every shrink and therapist I've seen,a dime for every antidepressant I've tried,damn I'd be filthy rich.Started therapy & meds at 16 (should've been years earlier),now 31 and still in therapy & taking meds.Depression and wanting to die,I guess it's as under control as it's ever going to be,but it's still there.I've accepted that it will never go away completely,I've just learned to live with it. And I tweeted this article.

Virginia Thomson
Virginia Thomson6 years ago

Mayita A: You are a hero for actually going out of your way to help someone else. Unfortunately a lot would not do that, I would but then I was raised right. To anyone else reading this who is feeling 'stuck', I know what it feels like to feel helpless and hopeless, and have found that one of the best ways to help yourself and make yourself feel better in the short term and give your life meaning and purpose in the longer term is to find someone to do something for, such as an individual or a charitable or community group that needs a hand, even if you only have basic skills, they will find something for you to do. I have sat in back rooms of op shops and sorted bags of donated clothing, not terribly inspiring on the surface but I met a lot of inspiring people and had many great, meaningful conversations in the process of sorting and folding those clothes. Nothing like that where I live now so I post encouraging things on my Facebook page that I find online such as the video on here, and contribute to discussions on a wide range of topics and have received positive feedback from people around the world who are also on those discussion forums. Great friendships formed, people caring about each others' lives and raising awareness of certain issues in the process. If you get involved in something where you are doing something for someone else, in whatever small way it may be, you will be helping others, and will start to feel much better in yourself, believe me, I know.

Olivia Lim
Olivia Lim6 years ago

Clare C, when you think about all the problems in the world, shift your thoughts to all the wonderful compassionate people trying to solve it and you'll probably feel better.

Linda Bertaut
Linda B6 years ago

This is great advice. After losing my mom and an adopted mom to suicide I learned that the direct approach is much better than pretending that things will be okay. I wish I had said something to my mom that night. All the signs were there and I talked around what my instincts were telling me.
In addition to asking, "Are you contemplating suicide?" If I get a "yes" response I then ask, "Is this something you are planning or something you are thinking about?" This makes a difference in the actions I will take. I stand directly in front of them while asking this and then I let them know how hurt and disappointed I would be if they did this and how their life makes a difference to me. People want to know that they matter. It is normal for some of us to have thoughts of suicide...most the time it is a passing thought during a difficult time. But if you can make the difference with someone to choose life it is a good thing.
My mother thought that taking her life would get rid of her pain. But that was not the case. I was only 13 when she commited suicide and I felt her energy around me for many years and she was still depressed. We come to this life to learn and work out past karmic debts. Suicide is NOT the answer. Thanks to my mom I learned this...the hard way.

susan twentyeight
Past Member 6 years ago

No, it isn't. Assuming someone needs help just because they don't share your outlook or personal priorities is the height of condescension. You'd be outta my life before you could say "the men with the badges and the shocky-things are here to help!".

Hecate M.
Lori A6 years ago

It's nice for me to hear Scottish voices again, though it is a difficult subject. I lived in Scotland for six years, and occasionally felt sad and slightly depressed, but mostly due to the dark winters there. The sun would set very early, about from 3-4 in the afternoon. In the summer, it would be up until late at night, around 10. To address the problem, I used to use sunbeds. That made me feel a bit better psychologically. I hear that children in Russia use them too for the same reason. Hopefully research is also continuing into Seasonal Affective Disorder.

But indeed, this problem affects all nationalities and does not discriminate. If someone doesn't listen to you because your thoughts are too 'dark' they are not a friend. It's wonderful to see there are more anonymous services people can rely on now in those dark times. Talking openly can bring light to so many issues.