Arizona’s ‘Tell Your Boss You’re On The Pill’ Bill Dead


Arizona Republicans lost an effort to force women to explain to their employers why they need and use birth control so that their employer could chose whether or not to allow insurance coverage for that contraception.

The final bill was defeated on a 17-13 vote but not without causing significant controversy nationwide.

The bill functioned as a state version of the Blunt Amendment, the federal proposal that would allow any employer, not just religious institutions, to object to insurance coverage of any medical condition on the grounds they found coverage “morally objectionable”. It represents a distorted and dangerous mis-application of First Amendment principles and Republicans are showing no signs of abandoning this line of reasoning any time soon.

Eight Republicans joined the nine Democrats in voting down the bill.

While this is a good step for Arizona women the legislature still has a 20-week abortion ban waiting for House approval as well as a medical malpractice shield that would protect doctors if they lie to women about fetal abnormalities in an attempt to dissuade them from seeking an abortion.

Thanks to the over 1,000 Care2 members who signed the petition against this bill.


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Photo from M.Markus via flickr.


LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Thank goodness.

LMj Sunshine
James Merit5 years ago

Thank goodness.

Dale Overall

Truly bizarre. What next?

Sam Richardson

It must be terrifying to be a woman in Arizona, where these misogynistic Republicans seem bent on taking away every hard-won right. Shame on the Republicans!

Diana Bair
Diana Bair6 years ago

Why do these people get elected then re-elected ??????, oh yeah Bush got elected "TWICE"!!!!!!!!!. AND bush STOLE the ELECTION, I don't know if he even had the KOCH BROTHERS!!!!!!! or NOT, but that could EXPLAIN a LOT. IT SEEMS a lot of these gop/teaparty nuts belong in mental institutions, not congress,senate or president!!!!!!!. BUT they BUY their WAY in. how can they be stopped!!!!!????????!!!!!!!. We all need to VOTE and HOPE that is enough or america will lose. so once AGAIN VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!, your CIRCUMSTANCES not to CONTROL OTHERS!!!!!!, I am going STRAIGHT democrat, do NOT vote a third PARTY it will just take votes away from ours. Diana

William C.
William C.6 years ago

More like this ! MORE !

I want every crazy idea every Republican Lunatic ever thought of to be aired publicly.

Forced Busing to make school kids go to Church right after School !

No, better; a Bill to allow local Preachers to come into the Public Schools and preach sermons during Mandatory Assembly!

Whip that Crazy into a froth !

Don't hold back ! If your Religion commands you to ignore the Constitution and inject Religion into our laws, GO FOR IT !

The only way to end this, is for all the not-crazies to realize just how bad the problem is.

We still have Moderates that think we can appeal to reason, and compromise. They need to learn you can't appeal to reason or compromise with fanatics.

Once the majority of Americans realize the Insanity is growing, we can Recall the existing lunatic Politicians and bar the rest from power via the voting booth.

But if we minimize the problem, if we keep trying to compromise with lunatics, we'll stay stuck in this do-nothing logjam.

Cathy C.
Cathy C.6 years ago


Sing along with me..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Georgia L.
Georgia L6 years ago

They probably are James. They have some pretty heavy competition from Kansas and Oklahoma.

Linda W.
Linda W6 years ago

such blatant & Rampant stupidity

Carol P.
Carol P6 years ago

At a time when our planet is already so grossly overpopulated, it just doesn't make sense to go after any form of birth control.