Artificial Trees to Bring Renewable Energy

Trees are experts at converting the sun into energy, and the people at Solar Botanic Energy Systems have come up with a way to create artificial trees in order to harness the power of the sun and wind. With the use of nanotechnology, the twenty different species of trees that Solar Botanic Energy creates will create energy much the same way that regular trees do. Due to the combination of photovoltaic and thermovoltaic in the nanoleaves, they are able to convert light and heat into energy. Almost all of the light from the sun will be absorbed, except for the green light, and the leaves will also absorb the infrared wave, or radiation, even hours after the sun has set.

To fully integrate all the aspects of a tree, Solar Botanic Energy has also infused the twigs and branches with nano piezo-electric elements. These elements detect the stresses on the twigs and branches whenever the leaves flap in the wind or rain. Every time they flap, the nano piezo-electric elements will produce thousands of picowatts of energy. The stronger the wind, the more energy the tree can produce. Solar Botanic estimates that an average-sized tree with a 6-square-meter canopy could generate enough energy for a single household. But these trees will not only be used for homes, but also along highways motorways, suburban streets, and parks, basically anywhere trees can be found.

Solar Botanic Energy has decided to start plant their first palm tree in the Middle East. This palm tree should produce 5000 kilowatts hours per year. The company has already begun offering these trees to the government. The lifespan of these trees are about 30 years. Not only does it offer cheaper electricity alternatives, it also offers the same benefits as regular trees from shade to windbreaking and cooling. Solar Botanic Energy offers low installation costs and there is also governmental grants available for the planting of the trees.

Photo from Solar Botanic


Leio d.
Past Member 1 years ago

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Janine Kaczynski
janine Kaczynski7 years ago

This is perfect for Long Island. We have so many blacktop parking lots, which absolutely destroyed sailing on the Sound. On top of that, they make everything damn hot. Too boot, they make the runoff a nightmare instead of being filtered through sand and absorbed into the ground. These trees will create shade on these lots not to mention our hideous highways. WHOEVER thought of this was wearing a good thinking cap. I AM PRO TREE. Energy and shade are a necessity. My scotty, Winnie, gives this idea 5 barks.

Marthe B.
Marthe B8 years ago

Thank you for these good news:)
Hoping that Solar botanic Energy will visit saudi arabia too!we have plenty of sun and many highways!many places needing shade and cooling,and as we could spare much water too, to water the decorating plants in summer especially,this system would be of great help!