Ashtiani Rescued From Being Stoned To Death – For Now

Iran’s judiciary has said the the stoning sentence for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, convicted of adultery, will not be carried out – at least for now. But her fate remains uncertain. 

TAKE ACTION: Bring an end to stoning as a form of punishment!

Last week, Ximena Ramirez wrote a wonderful Care2 post, explaining all the details of this case, including the fact that Ashtiani only confessed to her crime after being lashed 99 times. Ramirez also documented in detail all the many groups around the world who have come to Ashtiani’s aid to denounce this horrendous sentence.
And yet the battle is not over. Malek Ajdar Sharifi, the senior judicial official in East Azerbaijan province, where the mother-of-two was convicted, said yesterday that the sentence “will not be implemented for the time being.” He added that whatever the final decision, the verdict “will be carried out regardless of western media propaganda.”

Mohammadi Ashtiani, 43, was found guilty of having an “illicit relationship” with two men in 2006 but her lawyer and her family denounced the trial as a sham. She received the 99 lashes, but then was accused of “adultery while being married” during the trial of a man accused of murdering her husband.

So what will happen next? Nothing is certain. Ashtiani has already been in prison for 5 years, awaiting execution. On Friday, Iran’s senior human rights official Mohammed Javad Larijani that Ashtiani’s sentence was “under revision” as the judiciary chief preferred to use another method for execution instead of stoning.

Iran says that stoning is used only rarely, but it appears that 15 people, 12 women and three men, are currently on death row awaiting stoning.

Meanwhile, the world is in uproar, with condemnation of this atrocious practice coming from the U.S., Britain and many other countries, in addition to celebrities and intellectuals around the world.

Yet we still don’t know. Ashtiani has been saved for now, but her future is unclear and she remains in prison. Let’s keep the pressure on. Sign the petition to free Ashtiani and bring a permanent end to stoning.

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Jouni N.
Jouni N.8 years ago

Don't murder Ms. Ashtiani by stoning her to death! Spare her, thank you Iran.

Majid Sadr
Abbas Yari8 years ago

The Islamic Republic of Iran is paralyzed more than ever. It felt so pressured by the August 28 events that it first barked that it will execute Sakineh on Aug 29; then it tried to do a mock execution; then it has held Sakineh incommunicado. All of which indicates that our campaign is working very well. The barbaric regime of IRI is now paralyzed to implement its barbaric stoning/execution upon Sakineh.

We must keep the pressure on the IRI to the end.

Colleen Maranda
Colleen B8 years ago

This family's trauma is hopefully forcing many to properly realise that we're one human family responsible for the welfare and also the actions of each and every member on this bright blue dot in the cosmos.

Those who still believe in the existence of borders and divisions – what Albert Einstein called the human delusion of separateness - might finally decide to let go of that “security” blanket and escape their confinement.

"Muslims" and "Christians" alike, by virtue of their labels and sub-group identity, often appear to dishonour their human identity and thereby deny their spiritual identity. Everyone came to this world fully equipped to coordinate the tools of brain and heart for progressing towards ultimate enlightenment.

Tragedies such as this are also choice-points for closer, therefore higher, connection.

Richard Zane Smith
Richard Smith8 years ago

thanks for sharing that Patrick,
we have so much hate and Islamaphobia spreading across this land, its awful. Such promoted ignorance and suspicion make things so much worse for differing religions towards mutual respect. Its as if some americans are anxious to pick a fight, and sadly beginning to sound like Christian versions of the Taliban. Someone came up with the word - Talibangelists
to describe the self-righteous "we're-goin-to-heaven-n-you-aint"
types. Just didn't think they'd surface here on Care2.

Patrick H.
Patrick H8 years ago

As a Muslim, I can tell you the punishment for adultery is 100 lashes, this is for both the man and the woman, not just the woman. Also there must be 4 reliable witnesses against them.
As Sharia is based on the Quran and the example of the Prophet (PBUH) if should also be noted, that the Prophet (PBUH) preferred mercy to punishment, and there are repeated examples of him refusing to carry out this punishment, or even take testimony if he was able to avoid it.
As to murder, the Murderer is to be put to death. This is the Law. I do not see where it prescribed that this death must be carried out by stoning. Further if the family of the victim does not wish the death sentence to be carried out, then it is not. As forgiveness is better.
So Sharia itself is not as Barbaric as people believe, just certain peoples interpretations of it. It goes back to the difference between extremist and real Muslims.

Diane S.
Diane S8 years ago

This is so sad. Those disgusting, illiterate, stinky, toothless pieces of sh!t men will be mightily surprised when they meet up with a guy in a red suit who has horns and he tells them to take the "down elevator" instead of virgins when they die.

Hey, Mr. Kwasi, after reading your posts, I'm pretty sure you'll be on that down elevator, too. Enjoy the heat.

Brandon J.
Brandon J.8 years ago

None of this really matters, because in the end, all that is happening is people are being murdered in the name of a god that may or may not exist. Organized religion is by far the most deadly poison know to mankind, because whether or not the word is good, people will take it out of context and use its potentially good influence for something horrendous! The "truth" that people get out of it ends up numbing them to the fact that people everywhere deserve the same basic rights to life and freedom of choice. I suppose thats why it is called the opiate of the masses, because it truly does numb people to others suffering and being in general.

Jewels S.
julie S8 years ago

this is a video i was sent that gives a "islam 101" explanation. It makes sense from what I have observed.

DeannaGiggles JustBecause
Deanna Zimmerman8 years ago


DeannaGiggles JustBecause
Deanna Zimmerman8 years ago


Mr. Kwasi,

I read my comments again, looking for anything snide I might have said. There is nothing but sincere comments from my point of view, based on what you said, and what I have learned about Islam.

In other threads, I DEFEND moderate Muslims (those who have turned their backs on the violence of the Quran) and their right to worship how they want, without fear of reprisals for doing so. I still don’t know who they are, but you have proven that you are not one of them.

I made a sincere and calm attempt at having an educational dialog with you, and instead of you adding educational content, or even responding to what I believe are truths, you call it my “rantings and ravings…” And then, you said: “If you take note, I have yet to use insulting remarks about you or those who spout the rhetoric, if it can be called that.”

I did not insult you, but you have intentionally tried to insult ME. Fortunately, I’m a lot tougher than that.

It’s such a shame; you SHOULD have been trying to ENDEAR the readers to your point of view. But you’ve just lost all credibility for those who are TRYING to see peace in Islam.

You ended with:
“Using an archaic farewell" See you, wouldn't want to be you"”

No Mr. Kwasi, that's not archaic; it's juvenile. You just managed to show the entire readership just how juvenile YOU are.

Nope, I’m not insulted. I would be giggling if it weren’t so s