Ask Australia to Ban Live Animal Export to Middle East

Imagine you are a sheep.  You were born in Australia, a country where sheep are iconic.  You become part of Australia’s live export industry.  You are pushed off the land, forced onto a truck or railroad car and take a long drive to the huge ship awaiting your arrival.  You are stuffed together in close quarters with little freedom of movement.

Shuttled off the transport vehicle onto the gangplank, you and your sheep mates are again forced to live in crowded conditions, this time below deck.  The air is stifling, the ship moves constantly with the waves and your balance is becoming affected. The trip takes two weeks before your hooves feel dirt beneath them again.

Now the Horror Begins

You heard some rumors you were being transported to a land called Kuwait.  And there is a religious holiday about to be practiced there.  You are the centerpiece — literally.

Eid-al-Adha translates to Festival of Sacrifice.  It represents the biblical story of when God intervened to prevent Abraham from sacrificing his son.  Hundreds of thousands of Australian animals are slaughtered every year during this festival.  Thanks to Australia’s live export industry.

Lyn White from Animals Australia — an active animal welfare organization advocating for a ban on live export of animals to the Middle East — traveled to Kuwait last month.  She documented the abject cruelty Australian sheep endure. 

Take a look at the photos.

Warning:  The video is graphic and depicts animals being inhumanely handled and slaughtered.  Don’t let that stop you from seeing the truth.

Imagine you are one of the sheep in this video.  Your legs are tied with barbed wire. You are dragged on the ground and tossed into the boots (trunks) of cars for rides to your final destination – to be slaughtered in the name of God.  Some are slaughtered right on the street in full view of each other, a practice that is forbidden by Islamic rule.  Their blood flows in the streets like a stream.

In 2008, the documentation of identical abuses in Egypt enabled Animals Australia to see a ban on live export of Australian animals to Egypt.  The 2010 Kuwait investigation revealed the same abuses.  They are now asking for the same ban for Kuwait.

What You Can Do

Sign the petition telling Australia to stop allowing this animal abuse.

Australia has a new agriculture minister who is open to listening to animal welfare issues.  Contact Joseph Ludwig:

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600
Phone: (02) 6277 7200

Tell him to stop allowing the export of live animals to the Middle East.  The animals sent there suffer a cruel and inhumane death.  Tell Mr. Ludwig that is unacceptable.

Go to the auto form to email Australia’s Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and let her know your dissatisfaction with the exportation of live Australian animals to the Middle East where they are slaughtered inhumanely.


Three sheep stuffed into a trunk last month in Kuwait: Animals Australia


AniMae Chi
Animae C2 years ago

i was at the Ban Live Export demo in Adelaide last Saturday!

Should Australia stop live animal export to Kuwait?
Voted, YES of course!

4% no!
0% leaning no
1% leaning yes
95% yes!

Thank You

B Smith
Barbara Smith5 years ago

Barbaric, absolutely barbaric.

Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson5 years ago

We're on it, we have super woman for the animals on our side.
Lyn White is the Campaign Director for Animals Australia. She is recognised and respected as one of Australia's foremost animal advocates and animal cruelty investigators.

Formerly a South Australian police officer, Lyn worked with the Animals Asia Foundation on animal cruelty issues in South East Asia before joining Animals Australia in 2003. The Cormo Express disaster in that year, in which nearly 6,000 animals perished at sea, precipitated Lyn's first investigation into the live export trade. Since then she has conducted 11 investigations in the Middle East, Turkey and Indonesia documenting the cruel treatment of Australian animals exported live for slaughter.

Evidence gathered has resulted in a leading live export company being prosecuted for animal cruelty, the suspension of the live trade to Egypt and Indonesia, a ban on the sheep trade to Egypt, an end to the private sale and slaughter of Australian animals in the Middle East and significant reforms to the entire live trade.

Lyn's 2006 investigation in Egypt, which documented cattle having their tendons slashed and eyes stabbed at Cairo's notorious Bassateen abattoir and sheep being trussed and transported on roof racks, resulted in the Federal government suspending the live cattle trade and banning the live sheep trade to that country. Lyn's investigation was the subject of a feature article in Australia's most respected publication The Bulleti

carole f.
carole Fr,aser5 years ago

How truly awfull oh my God these poor poor sheep what they must have had to suffer at the hands of these cruel people it does not bare thinking about how could this be allowed to happen they have no regards for animals at all evil barbaric an cruel.

Sylvia Kreye
Sylvia Kreye5 years ago

"Imagine you are one of the sheep in this video!" This sentence says everything, and I have to admit that I cannot bear to watch the video because such things make me suffering so much - feeling just the pain and agony those poor animals are suffering! The way in which we are treating animals is revealing a lot of our society's character, and you can infer from this behaviour how the weakest members of our society might be treated one day. - Therefore: nip it in the bud and stop this cruelty!

LEN Hughes5 years ago

Muriel, it was brave of you to watch any of the video, I found the pictures horrific enough, I have always considered farmer's who ship animals abroad or any long distances to be callous, cruel, uncaring morons, their only aim in life is profit regardless of the misery inflicted on any of this planets creatures.
If you look at the way ARABS treat their fellow human beings it begs the question......what chance of humane treatment does a sheep have?

Walid Sabaa
Walid S5 years ago

Yes dear Muriel , what can we Do to change the way treating animal by this ugly way ? I watch the Video & I felt to upset ...pls Don,t Take wrong idea about , Even Do is too bad but must find perfect way to teach them how to treat ....

Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege5 years ago

All animals should be treated well. I couldn't watch the whole video, it's too horrible. The barbaric treatment of Australian sheep should be stopped for ever. In the first place, why are sheep still reared in such a hot country? It makes them suffer from the first day of their lives.

Jackie F.
Jackie F.6 years ago

Surely efforts should also be made to educate the Kuwaitis in order to end this dreadful suffering.

Allan L.
Allan L.6 years ago

please stop the abuse of the poor amimals in egypt kuwait and outher countrys stop stop it now you scums