Assange Fears He’ll Be Sent To Guantanamo

Lawyers for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said they would oppose his extradition to Sweden over concerns that he may later face “illegal rendition” to the United States, placing Assange at risk for imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba or possibly even the death penalty. 

Assange’s lawyers cited statements calling for the execution of those who leaked the State Department documents in support of their opposition to extradition.  They also plan to argue that Swedish law did not permit their client to be extradited on “the mere suspicion” that he had committed a crime.  According to Assange’s lawyers, Swedish prosecutors seek extradition solely to question Assange about the sexual assault allegations.

His attorneys insist that Assange is a victim of illegal and corrupt behavior by Swedish prosecutors.

Assange remains defiant, both of the sexual assault allegations and the continued release of State Department documents.  Assange has said his work will continue unabated and that the group plans to increase disclosures, targeting financial institutions and at least one media outlet.

But prosecutors are not backing down either and have gone to court to demand Twitter account records of several people associated with WikiLeaks.  The demand is the first public evidence of the ongoing U.S. criminal investigation.

Assange’s extradition hearing is scheduled for Feb. 7-8.

photo courtesy of espenmoe via Flickr


Judith Howard
Judith Howard6 years ago

Yeah and George W is out promoting his new book, Rumsfeld,Cheney,and others involved in war crimes, all free when their asses should be in prison. If anyone should be targeted, it should be that bunch.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W6 years ago

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and their henchmen should be sent to Guantanamo.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W6 years ago


Michael M.
Michael M6 years ago

As can be seen by the events of the last few weeks around the world abuse of power is no longer immune to often catastrophic results . If the US does in fact somehow take Assange into custody and try him by their laws for something he did in another country I doubt if any American will be safe anywhere other than in the US . As well it should be.

Michelle G.
Michelle G7 years ago

The U.S. once again reaching it's long arms out over sovereign borders. Who the hell do they think they are? These officials that get angry when someone dares to fink on them. They think that they are above the laws that govern the rest of us. We should all be glad when someone tells the truth about what these overpaid over powerful idiots do in the name of country. It is exactly this type of reaching across borders and going into other countries that do not want the "help" of the U.S. that has taken it from the world good guy to the big scary dictator that it has become. One, of if not the scariest country going these days. Democracy is a thing of the past, bring on the brain-washing!!!

Ingela F.

I doubt Assange is ever going to any prison in Sweden. He will probably have to pay high fines instead. Mind you, our prisons in Sweden are all quite comfortable, so Assange will basically have nothing to fear in that respect, should he be extradicted to us.

Bernard Cronyn
7 years ago

Lawyers including Assange's are good at stretching reality any which way to win. It would probably be easier to extradite him from the UK to US authorities than Sweden given the "special relationship" between the UK and the USA. In reference to the hero worship that Assange enjoys it may be worth looking at some of the simple maths surrounding this celebrity as published under “Number Crunching” in The Private Eye Jan 2011:
“£240,000 Bail money raised by celebrity supporters for Julian Assange, who spent 8 days in prison on suspicion of rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion
£1,000,000 Value of deals signed for authorship by Julian Assange because “I need to defend myself”
£60, 000 Money raised so far for defence fund of Private Bradley Manning who has spent 7 months in solitary confinement accused of leaking documents to Julian Assange”
As Bob Dylan said many years ago, “Money doesn’t talk, it swears!”

Alastair L.
Alastair L7 years ago

@James J. says…
As I said previously, there is zero evidence Assange stole the documents and like many media outlets is only in possession of the cables. Espionage, not. These diplomatic cables are not "Top Secret" whatever nomenclature they get stamped with. It's likely that every ally and enemy of the US had access to this info prior to Wikileaks. In fact it's very possible these cables were lifted by Wikileaks or their source from an intermediate server being used by, say Chinese govt, hackers to transfer cables from a US diplomatic source.

The reason I mentioned treason (I _didn't_ say you used that word) was because there is a rash of American politicos and even military now shouting treason from the roof tops (just to prove the US is more 'Kingdom' than 'Freedom'). All this stuff including your Joint Chief of Staff is very recent and relates to political egg on faces and has nothing to do with military targeting. As Assange said in the Frost interview, those accusing him are up to their knees in blood.

Bush and puppet-master Chenney publicly named a CIA operative who was frequently living in a foreign countries as political pay-back against her husband, any espionage/treason charges going down there any time soon? Yet you want to charge a foreign citizen who's not living in the US. That's priceless because the US continually refuses to subscribe to any articles of War that would allow a US soldier/officer to be charged of a War Crime by the UN.

Gloria W.
Gloria W.7 years ago

We have to help him, he tried to open our eyes....I'm sure they hate him for telling us the truth..

Micha Shepher
Micha Shepher7 years ago

Wahhhh, Waahhhh, someone call the Waaaahhhmbulance!