At Least 10 Killed in 2 Earthquakes in Spain (VIDEO)

Two earthquakes struck southeast Spain almost one after the other, killing at least ten people, injuring dozens and damaging many buildings. MSNBC reports that three people, including a teenager walking his dog, were killed by falling rubble. One woman died when a newly-constructed building collapsed. The quakes, which occurred just two hours apart and had magnitudes of 4.4 and 5.3, occurred close to Lorca, a town of about 91,000 in the municipality of Murcia.

The larger earthquake struck 220 miles south-southeast of Madrid, according to John Bellini, a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colorado. He also said that the quake was about 6 miles deep and that, while moderate, the quake could still cause damage to older structures and masonry.

The quakes occurred in a seismically active area where hundreds of small quakes have occurred since 1990. The area sits near a large fault beneath the Mediterranean Sea where the European and African continents brush past each other. Indeed, MSNBC notes that “earthquakes in southern Spain are a frequent occurrence but most are so slight they cannot be felt and go unnoticed.”

Local authorities fear the death toll may rise as some 150 rescue workers dig through the rubble of fallen structures. El Pais reports that 272 soldiers from Valencia, Seville and Madrid have bee deployed to the area.

The Guardian reports one especially close call:

Large chunks of stone and brick fell from the facade of a church in Lorca as a reporter for Spanish state TV was broadcasting live from the scene. A large church bell was also among the rubble, which missed striking the reporter, who appeared to be about 30 feet (9 metres) away when it fell. The broadcaster reported that schoolchildren usually gathered at that spot around that time and, if it had happened 10 minutes later, a “tragedy” could have occurred.

Here is a video showing the church after the earthquake:

A self-taught seismologist had predicted that a huge earthquake would devastate Rome today. 22 small earthquakes were felt throughout Italy by midday but this is a “perfectly normal” figure for Italy, a country prone to earthquakes, says the Guardian. While thousands of Romans took the prediction of Raffaele Bendandi, who died more than 30 years ago, seriously and many storefronts were shuttered, “Rome’s espresso-drinking, Vespa-driving, hand-waving activities continued as normal.”


Image from a screenshot of a video by TheYoungTurksTC via YouTube.


Karren Exley
Karren Exley7 years ago

people need to realise this is happening because of us the earth can only take so much before mother nature pushes back we should bow to her & stop trying to out do her theres many people who will disagree with me & say its not karma at all but surely the dissasters that we'v endured in recent years proves this attitude of mine correct we need to do things now or god help us all

Songbird No Messages Plea
.7 years ago

Just as Carol say read the Bible. The end of times are comming upon us. People need to wake up. They think it a joke that the Lord is not comming back, They will see for he says. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess to him that he is Jesus is Lord. People are living as they did in the old testment before he destroyed it with water. but he says the next time it will be with fire and brimstone.. But if you his child this is no worry for you are protected. Are you? I'm Blessed be Yes

Manuela C.
Manuela C7 years ago

Looks like that this is only starting...

Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M7 years ago

My deepest sympathies to those lost in the quake and their families.
Thanks for this post and video. Sure must be scary!

Chris S.
Chris S.7 years ago

I read the book The late Great Planet Earth a long time ago when I was a kid age 11 it really resonated !
I have seen our Planet go through change in the last 20 years especially what has happened in the last 10 , Flooding, Tornadoes, Tsunami, Earthquakes.
The message is clear CHANGE IS UPON US.
Time to put Politics and $ to actually work.. to Revitalize Planet Earth ...Our ONLY Life Boat of Survival .

Loo Samantha
Loo sam7 years ago

the fury of mother nature.

Marie W.
Marie W7 years ago

Mother Nature upset?

Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams7 years ago

so sad...

Lois Jordan
Lois Jordan7 years ago

My heart goes out to those suffering. But I take exception to those professing "end of times." Too many people are making money off that. I prefer the simple line my grandmother used to say, "live every day as though it were your last." That doesn't mean to stock up on material items and fearmonger...but to treat others with respect and kindness. Peace to all!

Yvonne S.
Yvonne S7 years ago

My thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by these terrible events.