At Least 62 Killed in Syria; UN Condemns Violence (VIDEO)

Thousands marched in some 50 cities, towns, and villages throughout Syria on Friday despite government warnings against holding any protests. Troops responded with gunfire: At least 33 — some carrying olive branches and marching peacefully — were killed in the opposition stronghold of Dara’a, 27 in and around the northern city of Homs, and two more in the port city of Latakia, says the BBC. Protests were also reported in Aleppo, the coastal city of Banias, Deir Ezzor in the east, Qamishli in the north-east, and along the the Syria-Jordan border. Significantly, protests spread closer than ever to the center of Damascus, Syria’s capital.

Below is a video of protests in Banias:

This video shows people marching in Homs:

In Geneva, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution to condemn the violence by the Syrian government by a vote of 26 votes to nine with seven abstentions; Russia, China and some Arab and African countries resisted passing the resolution. US officials have announced that they will seek sanctions against Syria and freeze the assets of the top three officials. Furthermore, European Union member states are seeking to impose an arms embargo on Syria.

Friday was billed as a “Day of Rage,” as it has been in other Middle Eastern countries swapt by protests after the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt that began in January. In Damascus, a crowd gathered to shout anti-regime slogans after prayers at the Great Mosque. There are reports that some 200 Syrians have fled into Turkey to escape the security crackdown.

Dara’a has been under siege by troops and tanks. The Guardian reports that not only are there severe shortages of water, bread and baby formula and that electricity and phone wires have been cut, but — in the absence of medical supplies — people are using sewing needles to stitch up wounds. But as the New York Time reports:

..the cries of grief in Dara’a and angry chants in dozens of towns and cities on Friday seemed to signal a new dynamic in the uprising. As much as calls for freedom and an end to President Bashar al-Assad’s rule, the protest movement appeared to be feeding off its own symbols and legitimacy, as the demonstrators’ anger grows over the suffering inflicted on Dara’a and the deaths of more than 500 protesters — by activists’ count — since March.

“Stop the siege of Dara’a!” demonstrators shouted in Homs, Syria, near the Lebanese border.

“We cannot challenge the government,” said an opposition figure in Damascus who asked not to be identified. “They’re armed, and we’re unarmed. If they want to kill us, they can kill us. If they want to arrest us, they can arrest us. But no matter how much blood gets spilled and how violent it gets, this is our country, and we’re not giving it up.”

Says Wissam Tarif, executive director of Insan, a Syrian human rights group, about the Friday protests:

“I’m amazed. People are in the streets. I can’t believe it.

“The government is going to have to reconsider their strategy.”

President Bashar al-Assad has shown little sign of doing so, despite growing international condemnation of the violence against protesters. For the time being, the Syrian government can draw on its security and forces and army, as well as “bastions of support, particularly among religious minorities.” But the revolt — which Assad has so far been unable to stop — may only be widening. Says an Obama administration official:

“There really isn’t a coalesced movement yet or official organizers of the protests. It’s almost an organic thing. The more violence happens, the more the cycle continues, the more people hit the street.”


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Photo from screenshot of video by freedomsyria via YouTube.


Ahlam Zaid
Ahlam Zaid8 years ago

America: leave us alone ...what you want from us : you don't give a damn f**k for us (people) you only care about the issue of the black gold : Oil ... and to protect Isreal only not with violence in Syria or anywhere but America & Isreal are the roots for all evils in the world ... stop this madness , we'v e had enough from you both : respect your people first then the rest of the world .

Lynn C.
Past Member 8 years ago

I guess it's worth risking when your back has been against the wall and there's no hope.

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson8 years ago

thanks for the post.

Penny C.
penny C8 years ago

So sad for these people.

Ammar Darkazanli
Ammar Darkazanli8 years ago

It is hard to imagine that what the Syrian People want.. need... like is so out of reach. As human beings, it is the least they deserve. Is it not enough what Bashar has stacked in his bank account? May be he can get some help from his cousin. He owns TWO COMPETING telecommunication companies. whatever happens to live and let live?

As an American who was born and raised in Syria, went through the events of 1980 and 1982... as a teenager.. Lost many of my friends... ALL my friends who have left Syria with me are now cardiologists / Neurologist / MIT professors and the likes. Is not it a shame how much the father robbed Syria? Now the son want to take whatever is left in the country?

My heart is bleeding!...

Carol H.
Past Member 8 years ago

All of this is so sad all they want is their freedoms and look what lives are being lost just like it happened in the USA so many years ago and now we have a President who wants so badly for us fall and if he stays much longer this what is going to happen here and we just can't allow that and that is a fact.

Gene W.
Gene W8 years ago

That should scare Syria, the UN has passed a resolution. Watch them bend over backwards to comply with the resolution.
I thinkk they passed 17 resolutions condemning Iraq before the US finally did something about it. Let's hear it for the U.N. they have done such a great job raping Africa.

Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams8 years ago

thank you

Bruce V.
Olive Tassell8 years ago

The UN/NATO are proving how useless they are, quaking in fear over what a response would be from Iran. Making only rhetoric where oil is of no concern while innocent people seeking change are slaughtered. What happened with the Father when he erased an entire crowd of thousands? Little or nothing just like now. Stand up for freedom help the people of Syria kick out the demons and begin again.

Mrs Shakespeare
Mrs Shakespeare8 years ago

May God bless, guard and aid the people of Syria for they are real heroes. They've put up with an autocratic, suffocating regime that has turned the nation into a police state, and are now sacrificing their own lives to regain their freedoms and dignities.
Viva Syria, Viva freedom.