Aussie Climate Scientists Go Gangsta VIDEO

You feel like an oppressed minority, scorned and misunderstood. Your work is mocked and  targeted by powerful unbelievers and dissed by many in the public. You are a climate scientist.  Sometimes you just gotta let go. How do you speak up for yourself?

In Australia,  a group of real live climate scientists got together to create a rap video, defending their work and the science that shows that the earth is in trouble.

Originally created for an edgy Australian current affairs program, the video has garnered a lot of attention.  The method is funny, but the message is real: “Climate change is caused by people. Earth, unlike [the movie]  Alien, has no sequel.”  The scientists decry the deniers, including FOX News journalists and pundits, and even takes aim at the negotiators at the U.N. Climate Change talks.

The scientists made the video at the urging of the host of the TV program. Dr. Ailie Gallant, a climate change researcher at the University of Melbourne, said she participated because the video “highlighted the issue of unqualified opinions on climate science by politicians, economists etc. in the media.”

The “performance” comes at a difficult time. Earlier this year Australia’s government  introduced a carbon tax bill that is being vigorously opposed by business and energy interests. Though it has a small human population (22 million), Australia has one of the highest per capita rates of carbon emissions in the world, and some 75% of its energy is generated by greenhouse gas-emitting coal. The country is the world’s largest exporter of coal.  Australia has started to see the effects of climate change in recent year with severe drought, wildfires and damage to the famed Great Barrier Reef.

Will this video change some minds? We can only hope the catchy rap sticks and makes a difference where all the scientific data in the world has so far failed.

Photo: Still from Climate Scientist rap video on Australian TV program Hungry Beast via YouTube:


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Thank you.

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Eternal Gardener,

Maybe not infantile. Undergrad though. Licence to be stupid for a good cause - what's wrong with that?

Will take suggestions for a follow up. Must be funny though.

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hopefully this will get the message of global warming across to a whole new audience

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lol thanks!!

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Good for them!
IF it gets the kids involved them they are on a winner!

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thanks, will post of Fb. :)

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Great going by our friends, the Aussie climate scientists. Hopefully, the younger generations will cop the clue the older generations seem to be ignoring. Thanks for sharing, Nancy.