Austin Becomes a No-Kill City

Have you redeemed butterfly credits to help a shelter puppy or kitten? If so, then you’ve been supporting Austin Pets Alive! by providing a bottle-fed meal for kittens and puppies in desperate need of love.

This great shelter just achieved an amazing goal. After three years of hard work, they helped make Austin a no-kill city. 

Sarah Weinstein, from Austin Pets Alive! says, “Three years ago, Austin Pets Alive! set a goal of making Austin a no-kill city and we never once doubted that, of all cities, Austin would be able to do it. Yesterday, TLAC announced that in the month of February their Live Outcome rate was 92%. The No-Kill goal is 90% so not only did Austin reach No-Kill, we passed it!”

By donating meals to animals in need, you made it easier for Austin to support all of their shelter animals. This support is essential to being a no-kill city.

Sarah continues, “Congratulations are owed to everyone. Every volunteer, foster, donor, every other rescue group and anyone who simply supported the No-Kill goal. All of you made this happen!”

This is a great step for the shelters in Austin. Thank you for your donations through Care2′s butterfly rewards program!

Want to do more to help animals in your community? Vote for your favorite animal shelter and help your local rescue win up to $15,000 during an America’s Favorite Animal Shelter contest sponsored by Care2, ASPCA and The contest runs from May 16th to July 10th so vote for your favorite shelter today. 
Vote for your favorite animal shelter in Care2′s animal shelter contest.

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Barbara Peterlin
Barbara P3 years ago

Good to hear that in Austin it's no kill city.

fatima r.
fatima r6 years ago


Frederico D.

Muito bom.

Wendy Mason
Wendy Mason6 years ago

excellent news and a sit should be disgraceful All shelters should do just that shelter
amen x

Heather O.
Heather O6 years ago

This is Great!!! What a Win for our furry friends in this city. Congrats to them.... Hopefully this will be an example for all..

Caitlin T.
Caitlin A6 years ago

That is so wonderful to hear. Great Job!

Luisa A.
Luisa A6 years ago

thtas great! u go autins city!!!! yeah for saving lifes, hope all citys in US follow your example and see that it can be done. Thats there is a solution instead of killing our beloved pets!!! My wish is that the US becomes a NO KILL NATION!

Deborah F.
Deborah F6 years ago

First the Music Capitol and now the No Kill Capitol. Way to go!!! Now, I just have to convince someone that we should move there.

Katherine W.
Katherine Wright6 years ago

This is indeed, tremendously great news! Why can't all communities recognize the need to go no~kill????

We have a small contingent of folks in Detroit trying to raise money to start the first no~kill shelter in Detroit. Perhaps you saw NBC nightly news do a news feature last month on Detroit Dog Rescue????

Wonderful people doing wonderful work for the animals.

Bruce S.
Bruce S6 years ago

It appears to me that Austin may just be the BEST city in America to live. It says a lot about the people and government of a city that cares enough to not KILL innocent animals.

Now all I have to do is convince my wife to move to Austin.