“Anti-Consent” College Students Create a “Pro-Rape” Facebook Group

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this article this morning.  Students at an Australian university created “pro-rape” Facebook group?  And Facebook allowed it to stay on their site for months?  Was this some kind of disgusting, unfunny joke?  I almost checked my calendar to see if it was April Fool’s Day.

But no, sadly, it’s still November, and this Facebook group was very real.  A group of students at the all-male St. Paul’s College decided a few months ago to create a “pro-rape” Facebook page called “Define Statutory,” in which they proudly declared that they were “anti-consent.”  The page was public and the group’s members openly displayed their affiliation with the group on their Facebook profile.  The page stayed online from August until very recently, when it was finally shut down.

The Facebook page’s existence is apparently just a symptom of the culture at Sydney University, one that is often “sexist” and “sexually violent” toward women.  Rape, assault and harassment are disturbingly common on campus, and although the university is attempting to downplay the seriousness of the issue, people are starting to speak up about the situation for women on campus.  Many women say that because of “the privileged atmosphere of colleges, combined with a culture of binge drinking and few restraints on behaviour,” most rapes go unreported.

“This is a story that has to be told,” said Reverend David Russell, the outgoing master of Wesley College, “there is no question in my mind, women are seen as meat. That is the awful, ugly truth of it.”  Linda Burney, the New South Wales Minister for Women, said that “The idea that a group of young men that are going to become leaders within our community – leaders in the law, leaders in medicine, leaders in business – studying at an elite college, at an elite university, think it’s OK to post information like this encouraging rape on a website is absolutely abhorrent.”

The site has been condemned by the university, the New South Wales Police sex crimes unit, and the New South Wales Rape Crisis Centre.  But Hortense at Jezebel raises another important question: how is it possible that Facebook, a site that refuses to allow women to post pictures of themselves breastfeeding, let this page exist for three months?  Maybe it was the supposed “hilarity” of a “pro-rape” group (which was posted in the “sports and recreation” section of Facebook), but for some reason, I’m not laughing.

The creation of this Facebook page – and the fact that Facebook allowed it to exist for as long as it did – are proof enough that rape culture is alive and well.  I am sickened by the thought that these young men could be among Australia’s future leaders.  I hope this also serves as a wake-up call to Facebook, and that next time, they pay as much attention to ending rape culture on their site as they do to images of women breastfeeding their children.

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natasha p
.2 months ago

facebook is shit

Ruth S
Ruth S2 months ago

UGH! Thanks.

Janine H.
Janine H6 years ago

Always when i hear about terrible things it makes me sad, and i cannot understand how someone could do something terrible - bully, hurt, rape or kill a person or animal. When i was a child this also happened to me... and surviving this is more terrible than not (parents and other may think different, but a victim?), living with all this pain... living with guilty feelings... full with hate for the own self... having one wish, not to wake up at the following day anymore...
No one can understand, because most people cannot imagine this, cannot imagine how much it change. Some of them think, that this would not be so terrible, because all would make some sexual experiences, and so it would not matter if there were some without own interest or wish. This cruel and superficial society makes me sick.

I know that it is not good to wish someone who does terrible things something as a punishment. But when i hear about violent people then i think why are they so "afraid" to go to someone equal and get some hits for their selves. This is a perversion, to think being more a man when beating a woman or a girl. This men are a shame for all normal men.

"We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not yet learned the simple art of living together as brothers." (Martin Luther King)

carla a.
carla a6 years ago

i have heard about this thing before and to hear about this again is a very painful realization how low our young people have become!! we strove to educate them, even send them to exclusive schools to enhance their knowledge, but alas, they learned the opposite of goodness and humanity. their twisted minds is but one of the products this troubled time has created. gone are the search for what is the truth, the beautiful, the noble, the pure and the godly. in it place are the angst coming from nowhere, anger for anything without reason, malice and envy for all things material, and greed for power, fame and fortune! but all is not lost, there still are people who can endure and continue our quest for that which is honorable and respectful of humanity. if only each and every one will take even a small step to help redirect their misguided principles and beliefs, there is still a chance mankind will rise above the "squalor" it is in right now. let that first step be yours!

David K.
Dave K6 years ago

"I'm quite sure you have at least several pedos in the school"

With a title like "Define Statuatory", that pretty much says it right there.

On the other hand, I'd be curious as to how some of the members would react when they read these comments. If they have any human decency left, I imagine they'd be hating themselves by now...

JoTasha T.
JoTasha T8 years ago

In response to Antony T.:
I agree that some females put themselves in situations that can lead them into trouble only to regret it later. However, if a female is so drunk or high, then to protect himself, why doesn't the guy just "say no" instead of taking advantage of the females diminished mental state?

Antony T.
.8 years ago

Lastly because I did not have enough words, any American is entitled to an opinion, and the right to express it, just like the rest of us should be, so here is one more fact that the Americans do not tell you, when posting, here, that fact is that in America one in three women will be raped at some stage in their life, if the female figures by the feminist brigade, are to be believed.

That surely is the territory of raiding Norsemen, or Vikings, or are they also excluded or included as being presumed beforehand to be a rapist ?, regardless of what is said or done by them ?.

It ill behoves most of the females of America to sign up to the "LYNCH ALL AUSSIE MALES" club when the level of proven non rape events is so high, in the U.S.A., and they have not admitted, it is a crime, to make false allegations, and to seek to destroy a mans future life, simply because too often they do not even remember what happened the night before, and it was often them, that actually started the sequence of events that led to them, waking up next to someone whose name they can not remember, let alone spell....

Please do not say that all girls are "sugar and spice, and all things nice", when currently the levels of female sexual offenders, is going through the roof, worldwide.

This is, or should be, about evidence, not bigotry, girl on man action, toward a female domination society, sadly it is anything but, it is just vile opinion, dressed as virtue, and has a si

Antony T.
.8 years ago

It is in Facebooks power only to do something when it knows about something, stop blaming them, simply because they do not have someone on guard at the gate 24/7 skipping through all postings 30,000 a day or more, so come off it !#
The site was not pro rape , it was a site expressing an opinion agaist the ludicrous laws relating to statutory rape, where by a girl is presumed not to have consented, or been able to give comsent by law, if she is below a certain age.....
In recent years, their has been a swing to feminisation of rape laws, that want to start at the point of presumption of a girls/womans innocence, and an equal imparting of the mans guilt before trial.
Nearly half the population face ruin when we refer to America a recent study says that more than 60% of all allegations of rape, are PROVEN to be false, by evidence alone, and British studies, ( released, last Sunday ),show that "date rape" drugs are present in less than 1% of all cases alleged, add the right of an "alleged" victim to anonymity, and the case does not even permit a man gathering evidence for his defense, but his name and profile along with slanderous assumptions are plastered all over the press.
Yet here we are, calling for castration, when not one of you, have even looked at the facts, in English I believe the words you are looking for, is "hypocrites"
Law and evidence is now held hostage by the "sisterhood", and presumed innocenmce is only a girls right now.

Raysha Harris
Brooke Harris8 years ago

This is horrible. Facebook should most definately have shut that group down instead of leaving it on there.

Sara N.
Sara N8 years ago

I find it fascinating that a college student or any student that matter can be punished for something that they post on facebook but these individuals are not punished for their behavior. I would hope that if that happened in the US (since to be honest I'm not aware of the laws in Australia) that not only would these students be punished by the school, but that if it were possible criminal charges would be filed.

As a victim of rape and sexual harassment myself, I found in abhorring that any individual would think that not only is it ok, but to support it in such a public way as a group dedicated to it.

What's more I am disappointed that Facebook did not respond quickly in dismantling this group. However to give them some respect they can only do things about which they know, if someone did not bring it to their attention than how would they know. It's our responsibility as caring members of society to put a stop to discriminating and hateful behavior like this. Because unfortunatley if we stand idley by and do nothing we are no better than the individuals who joined this groups.