Australian Crocodile Plays with Lawnmower

A cranky and cantankerous crocodile called Elvis stole the show last week when he decided his new water toy was going to be the noisy lawnmower. The over-sized grump lunged out of his lagoon at the wheel of a lawnmower and dragged it into the water with him.

Elvis has resided at the Australian Reptile Park,north of Sydney, since 2008. Prior to that, he was moved to a crocodile farm after being caught attacking fishing boats in the northern Australian town of Darwin. The crocodile farm had him moved to the reptile park after Elvis devoured his two (crocodile) girlfriends. He has a singular enclosure and enjoys fame as the testosterone-ridden dominant croc.

The 50-year-old crocodile kept the prize lawnmower underwater with him for several hours. Staff at the reptile park decided to retrieve the water-logged mower by distracting Elvis with some kangaroo meat. They were also able to remove two super-sized three inch (7 centimeter) teeth he lost in the altercation with the lawnmower from the bottom of his lagoon. The teeth reportedly could damage the filter system but will also make a good souvenir.

He’s a monster. He’s the unfriendliest crocodile you would ever have the pleasure of meeting, said park spokeswoman, Libby Bain.

The 16 foot (5 meter) and 1,100 pound (500 kilogram) saltwater crocodile was reportedly very pleased with himself at the conquest of the lawnmower. The happy news is no one was hurt including Elvis except for giving up those two teeth in the exchange. Its safe to say, Elvis is still the king!

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Mary Cromley
.3 years ago

Poor Elvis. All alone.

Isabel Araujo
Isabel Araujo3 years ago

Go Elvis!

Jordan G.
Jordan G3 years ago

Something not right about this story.

Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

rene davis
irene davis5 years ago

no need to taught crocodiles. Steve Irwin was a good example of that & look what happened to him.

SeattleAnn S.
Ann S6 years ago

This video was fun to watch, and the caretakers seem to know how to deal with an aggressive croc. Really makes me miss the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Erwin (sp?), though. I think he introduced many of us to a healthy appreciation and fascination for all dangerous/unusual animals in the wildest parts of the world. He was always so enthusiastic and gentle (as much as is possible with animals like crocs) with the creatures he handled from the large to the small. I'd prefer that he died of old age instead of a stingray attack, but he was doing what he loved. It was really cool that he had his entire family in on the adventures as well. He inspired us as a fearless adventurer and as a exemplary family man.

Marieanne Phillips

Glad that Elvis isn't in one of those crocodile farms. His behavior wouldn't be tolerated. I do believe he would be mistreated.

Velmapearl Hawkins
Velma Hawkins6 years ago


Alan B.
Alan B6 years ago

Well done Elvis,pity he lost his trophy though! Next move would surely be to advertise for non-motor mower dudes,to mow the lawn with a supplied hand pushed mower,maybe he would like the more natural,quiet sound of it, any applications?

Cheryl H.
Cheryl H6 years ago

Go Elvis! ;) I'm glad they were able to remove the mower safely and Elvis didn't suffer any serious injury. Crocs are creatures best left to their own devices and viewed from a safe distance.