Austrialian Ladies Should Put a Ring on It

Ladies, you know how when you’re trawling for booty your main source of advice is a priest? Yeah, me neither.

But don’t tell that to Fr. Tony Kerin of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, because has he got some advice for you! You see, Australia is having some kind of man crisis. Statistics show that there are fewer single men than single women age 25-34 in the country. So laaaaadies! You know what that means! According to The Courier-Mail:

“Are women getting too choosy? I’d say yes,” Fr Kerin, speaking on behalf of the archdiocese, said.

“I think many are setting aside their aspirations for later, but by the time they get around to it, they’ve missed their chance. In trying to have it all, they end up missing out.”

Silly women! You’re being too picky, and now you’re going to be lonely for the rest of your life. Lock. It. Down.

It seems like Fr. Kerin is making several assumptions about women here. First, that all women are heterosexual. Because why would you want another woman when you can have a real man? Second, it assumes that women aren’t getting married because of a dearth of men. Could it be that women are being more selective when it comes to choosing a mate because they have the economic power to do so?

Economic power, schmeconomic power. You aren’t worth a dang thing if you don’t have a husband — even a lackluster, less than compatible husband — to validate you. You have to put that career on hold and get some bling on that ring finger.

It’s simple, women of Australia! Don’t have a career and focus all your attention on snaggin’ that man. It’s the only way you’ll ever be happy.

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Linda McKellar
Past Member 5 years ago

I recall a cartoon called "Women waiting for Mr. Right". It was a group of skeletons with cobwebs sitting around a table in wheelchairs. Loved it!!!
Why do men OR women assume they are not complete without a mate? Strangely enough, I was extremely happy having had a productive and rewarding career and I NEVER was desirous of either a man or children. Don't you just love it when mommies assume everybody must love their little darlings? Yuch! Different strokes for different folks. My single status enabled me to travel, be free of many commitments & enjoy life on my terms. Many women I know who are widowed or divorced say they would never remarry or do so in the first place if they knew what they do now.
Nothing against men but, if I want to be in servitude, I expect to get paid for it. A lot of men just want a substitute mommy. For those who chose married life, good for them I hope many are happy for life but it was never my thing and no ?"celebate"? priest will tell me how to live my life.

Turid K.
Past Member 5 years ago

Where are all the men gone?

Pamela H.
Pamela H5 years ago

Yep, over here we're being told to settle for 'Mr ok' rather than waiting for 'Mr Right' to come along (as if there ever was such a thing anyway). And believe me, Australia is not short on 'Mr oks', especially here in Queensland. Actually it's more like 'Mr Youvegottobejoking'. It's mostly football, daggy shorts, low IQs and beer; and worst of all they're proud of it.

Pamela H.
Pamela H5 years ago

Another assumption is that all women want to get married. Marriage is rapidly becoming rather passe. Remember why it was invented in the first place; so that men could be certain that any offspring were of their genes (LOL) ;)

Heather B.
Heather BennetT5 years ago

Availible women?!Party time for lesbians!:)

Alan G.
Alan G5 years ago

Should a celibate priest really be giving advice about marriage?

Patsi Hoffstaetter
Patricia rommers5 years ago

I only got married in my very late twenty's because I was looking a person who would treat me with respect and definitely a non-alcohol drinker. I had a terrible childhood growing up with alcoholic parents and developed a hated for anything to do with alcohol. I am happy to state that I have been married for thirty years although I must admit that we have both very volatile tempers, and so will rant/rave & act like a lunatic at times, not once has he or I lifted a hand in violence. So Ladies, choose your mate carefully and don't ever settle for 2nd best just because you have to.

Gabriela M.
Gabriela Moreno5 years ago

Since I am a woman I know math is not my strong subject but if there are less single man than single women how are all single woman supposed to marry a man? Is the Padre suggesting polygamy as a way to ensure all women are married? Maybe I just got the whole math thing wrong!

Christine C.
Chandra C5 years ago


MEGAN N5 years ago

Settling for the wrong man will just lead to divorce. Then he will have something else to crab about.