Baby Dolphin Rescued in Uruguay (Video)

Meet Furia (Fury).

He’s a baby boy La Plata dolphin who was found still alive, with his umbilical cord still attached in Uruguay. He had net marks on his body and his mother was nowhere to be seen.

This rather fabulous photo shows Richard Tesore, the Head of S.O.S Rescate Fauna Marina, who hand-reared the little baby.

He bottle-fed him and took him from his small tank at the rescue center for swims in the sea. Furia was getting 24 hour care. Unfortunately, after twelve days of rehabilitation, Furia died from respiratory symptoms and hypothermia.

S.O.S Rescate Fauna Marina wrote on their website:

Today is a day of sadness and reflection. The loss of animals is very hard, but it is something we face every day. We all know that this is part of the work and that we must find the strength to continue working.

Tesore’s work has made the news before. Last year, another picture with a similarly cute juvenile dolphin, rescued in similar circumstances, showed the little fella being introduced to a rescued penguin.

The La Plata Dolphin or Franciscana (Pontoporia blainvillei) is found in coastal Atlantic waters of southeastern South America. It is a member of the river dolphin group and the only one that actually lives in the ocean and saltwater estuaries, rather than fresh water.

The La Plata Dolphin is a particular conservation concern because of its restricted distribution and vulnerability to incidental capture in fishing gear. Large numbers are killed in gillnets.


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Photo credit: Divine Dolphin


William C
William C2 months ago

Thank you.

W. C
W. C2 months ago


Cindy A.
Cindy Araya3 years ago

Thank you for taking care of this baby Dolphin! So sad that he didn't make it. Rest in Peace precious!

Mary Cromley
.3 years ago

I didn't watch the video. But at least baby Furia, was taken care of until his death.

Muriel Servaege
Muriel Servaege3 years ago

Thank you for helping that baby dolphin, who already likes its saviour.

Jeannet Bertelink
Jeannet B3 years ago

Thanks for helping this baby dolphin, sad he didn t make it

Jeff S.
Jeff S.3 years ago

Very cute.

Cindy Miars
Cindy Miars3 years ago

it's a shame all the work by Richard Tesore & his team wasn't enough. Gillnets should be banned.

Jav R.
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Mary Deforest
Mary Deforest4 years ago

I'm in love.