Michele Bachmann and Bill Clinton Duke It Out

Fundraising is an endless game for politicians, and often they will use pretty much any big name, event, or holiday as an opportunity to make a plea for cash.  But things may have gotten a little out of hand as a simple fundraiser has now turned into an cyclical battle between Tea Party leader Rep. Michele Bachmann, and a former president of the United States.

Via Salon:

At a late-night fundraiser for state Sen. Tarryl Clark, Clinton described Bachmann as the epitome of a trend he regards as profoundly dangerous to the nation’s future. “Your opponent,” he told Clark, “is the ultimate example of putting ideology over evidence.”

“I respect people with a conservative philosophy,” he continued. “This country has been well-served by having two broad traditions within which people can operate. If you have a philosophy, it means you’re generally inclined one way or the other but you’re open to evidence. If you have an ideology, it means everything is determined by dogma and you’re impervious to evidence. Evidence is irrelevant.

“That’s how I see Rep. Bachmann. She’s very attractive in saying all these things she says, but it’s pretty stupid.”

So what do you do when the former president of the United States says bad things about you?  Why, send out a fundraising appeal, of course!

City Pages reports:

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann may put on a brave face everyday, but underneath it all she is a delicate flower. So don’t call her stupid. It hurts her feelings.

While former President Bill Clinton was in town stumping for Bachmann’s Democratic opponent Tarryl Clark, he was quoted saying that Bachmann is the “ultimate example of putting ideology over evidence,” and that “it’s pretty stupid.”

Bachmann pouted today in an e-mail to supporters, saying, “Bill Clinton took the opportunity to attack me personally by calling me and other Tea Party acitivists ‘stupid.’”

Is there anything that can kiss that boo-boo better?

As a matter of fact there is.

Bachmann says she’d feel a whole lot better if her supporters will just “make an emergency contribution of $25 or more.”

Apparently, being called stupid now rates as an emergency. “I must have the resources to defend myself,” she writes.

Now, to keep the momentum going, the former President has issued an ask of his own on behalf of Tarryl Clark.  This morning I saw my own request in my email from Clinton:

Tarryl is a friend and ally we can count on, who will make a real difference for Minnesota’s families in Congress.

But first, she needs our help to win this election.

Join me by making a secure online contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more to Tarryl Clark’s campaign today.

I’m proud to support Tarryl Clark, and I hope I can count on you to do the same.


Bill Clinton

Will Bachmann now do an ask in reaction to an ask in reaction to a fundraiser?  And if so, exactly how long will this back and forth continue?

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Jae A.
Jae A7 years ago

"Let us lock them up in a padded, isolated room for 24 hours, and then open the door to see who raped who."

I don't think even Bill could survie 24 hours with that women. She has the aura of a very sexually frustrate women. He'd be scream'n for them to unlock the doors after the first hour of her clawing and screaming for...well..I'll just say for more of what Bill want be willing or able to go for by then.

Jae A.
Jae A7 years ago

"make an emergency contribution of $25 or more."...sort of says it all as to her poitical motives me thinketh.

Jae A.
Jae A7 years ago

"He is like Carter claiming he was the best president ever"...Carter cleared that up...he was talking about what he has done since he left the WHite House as in 'helping others' etc. Which he has done more than any other President once they left the Oval office. Anyway...M.B. is one uptight bitch in my opinion. Heart as cold as ice and mind that's one big void of any real thought...one more right wing drone who has nothing to say other than sound bites of hate and greed. Her action are stupid as are her thoughts on politics...which due to their coming from her mind they are void of all reasoning ....Just my opinion. :-)

Walter G.
Walter G7 years ago

Let us lock them up in a padded, isolated room for 24 hours, and then open the door to see who raped who.

Walter G.
Walter G7 years ago

OK, on your marks, get set, And may the best fundraiser out-greed the other! I hate fund-raisers! They misrepresent fundraising disguised as poles, and they lie about where the money went. The worst part is if you give to one, next day your inbox is stuffed with Internet's version of outstretched hands, palm up. I don't have that much longer on this planet, so I have a simplified way of taking care of the mess, it is called "Delete!"

Mike Masley
Michael Masley7 years ago

The Black Panthers were nice to me and I am white Clifford.

Anyway, on topic - boo hoo Michelle, gonna cry like Glenn Beck now?

Jo Hofreiter
Jo Hofreiter7 years ago

Please, we all know that Clinton is right, and she is just another one trying to the lime light in politics.


Craig C.
Craig C7 years ago

Why does a former POTUS have to stay in the spot light? If it had not been for the contract for america he would have been useless. He is like Carter claiming he was the best president ever, yeah i remember waiting in a line in detroit for my gas back then when we were out of it remember??? Hey give to that Haiti fund, them people are still waiting for food and shelter after how long? None of them could give a sh*t about you or me just how much can i pocket from this.....

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

President Clinton said it better than anyone else. Right on Mr. President.

Danielle K.
Danielle K7 years ago

Oh, please, Bill Clintion isn't calling Rep. Bachmann stupid, he's calling her ACTIONS stupid. Sheesh.

And considering all the nasty things Bachmann has said, one would think she should have thicker skin.

What's wrong, Michele? You dish it out, but you can't take it?