Bachmann: Gays Already Have Marriage Equality (VIDEO)


Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann held a town hall meeting at the Pizza Ranch in Waverly, Iowa, on Wednesday and when asked by a high school student why it is gay people shouldn’t have an equal right to marry, Bachmann decided to set the record straight: gays do have an equal right to marry…. the opposite-sex spouse of their choice.

Watch below:

Jane Schmidt, 16, was the one asking the first question there. She deserves a proper answer and Bachmann did not give it.

Bachmann’s reasoning is circular and gives no insight into the issue: There is no civil right to same-sex marriage. Why? Because that’s not the law of the land. Why is that not the law of the land? Because there is no civil right to same-sex marriage.

Except it is the law of the land in Iowa where in 2009 the state’s supreme court ruled unanimously that a statutory ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. Despite recent moves to try and change this, same-sex marriage remains legal in the state. Even so, same-sex partners are denied the federal benefits of marriage due to the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

This leads to our next issue. Bachmann’s second point is that you should not and do not get special privilege for your sexual practices.

Unfortunately she does. For being in a heterosexual marriage Bachmann gets access to in excess of 1049 federal rights and benefits that are denied same-sex couples in the handful of states where same-sex couples can marry, and that is not to mention the broad range of rights they are denied in states that ban same-sex marriage, rights that include joint adoptions and survivor benefits.

Toward the end of the video Bachmann is also keen to highlight her GOP credentials as supporting small government and letting the people of Iowa decide their issues themselves, yet she clearly does not support small government in all regards because she vehemently supports the Defense of Marriage Act which has been found to infringe state autonomy because it denies federal recognition to same-sex couples and therein prevents states from offering those couples equal marriage rights.

A presidential candidate should not have to dodge questions from a teenager. When they do, as Bachmann did here, we know there to be a serious problem.

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sharon b
sharon b3 days ago

Some people are so narrow in their ability to think and so easily led by others that they are blind to the thoughts, feelings, reality, and rights of others. These people should never be allowed in any position of authority.

Jen S
Jen S3 days ago

I thought the girls were impressive and that Michelle Bachman was again advertising her lack of intellect and the absence of reason in her absurd responses.

Ann G.
Ann G6 years ago

While Bachmann's responses were typically absurd, I found it incredible that the people asking her the questions were teens. Our democracy needs to be taken back by we the children, we the future, and these three girls did a wonderful job of that in this video.

Redgie H.
Redgie H6 years ago

Wonder what she would answer if asked why gays shouldn't have equal treatment in the workplace. All gays ARE treated equally in the workplace?

Gary S, "and we don't have to worry about their heterosexual partners reproducing."
Yeah, because if we allowed same sex marriages we would really have to worry about that! 'Cause you just KNOW they're not gonna use birth control...

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

Steve R said: "I doubt it - it's a liberal thing you see!". No Steve, it's an "EQUALITY" thing! But you'll never get it, will you?

Bachmann is a total ignorant idiot with a closeted gay husband. No wonder she's so crazy! Heaven help the kids they come in contact with!

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

Steve need to go back to S. Africa and get your bigoted ass outta here! You do nothing, I repeat nothing to help the US. If you're so against the democrats and want to push your agenda, why aren't you getting off your effing lazy ass and do something about it? Start your own blogs and articles! But all you do is point fingers and bitch.

Steve R said: "If we let same sex couples marry, and we allow unlimited abortions, in a couple of generations, there will be no liberals or Democrats." The same sort of stupid thinking that "ass-u-me's" that if gays or lesbians are simply allowed to continue to be together, then the population of the world will cease! Outrageous! There are and always will be plenty of straight/hetro breeders to churn out them babies!

What about that woman who's had 15 kids and now wants "help" to take care of them? You talk of lack of procreation from the gays, but sounds like this lady is doing a fine job taking up the slack!

Go back to S. Africa Steve and join up forces with your new boyfriend Dawid.

ewoud k.
ewoud k6 years ago

In politics, the important thing is people know your name, know that you exist, to have the papers write about you. What you do, or what you say, is of far less importance, it's the name-fame that counts (surveys showed this s true. anyway, how on earth Ronald Reagan could have been elected president?)

So, actually, she's doing quite right: we know her, we're talking about her, what do you want wore?

FAnd frankly: are the other candidates better?

William K.
William K6 years ago

Hasn't she conceded yet? All the attention-getting bigoted outrageous comments are not going to get her any votes any more.

Nina Anghel
Nina Anghel6 years ago

I would just like to say those two young women were very well spoken!

Read more:

Annmari Lundin
Annmari L6 years ago

MB proves over and over again that she is ignorant, unintelligent and basically a waste of space. With her as President,even US allies will turn their backs on the country.