Bachmann Says She Would Be a One Term President

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann has stated that if elected, she would serve only one term as president — and both parties breathe a sigh of relief:

“I’m a principled reformer, and my goal is to see the country turn around,” Bachmann said. “I’m also committed to being a one-term president if that’s what it takes in order to turn things around, because this is not about personal ambition.”

Although the “Bachmann will be a one term president” jokes sort of write themselves, this is actually a pretty savvy political move for the candidate, who is showing much more political strategy than many give her credit for.  As President Obama waxes and wanes in the court of public opinion, growing stronger or weaker depending on what bill is up for a vote, a there is a growing push for a new candidate to come into the Republican race and really push into frontrunner status.

Some of the stronger Republicans who haven’t declared: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, could all potentially change their minds about deciding to sit out until 2016, a non-incumbent year, if Obama begins to look more beatable.  If Bachmann makes it clear that 2016 would not be a reelection year, even if she does manage to win the White House, those potential strong candidates would be more likely to continue to wait on the sidelines.

Plus, this grabs her a few more headlines, and if there is one thing Bachmann is good at, it’s getting the attention of the media.


Photo from wikimedia commons


Doug G.
Doug G7 years ago

One term in house,far too long. President? not even

Dolores C.
Dolores Campbell7 years ago

Look into my eyes because I can not figure where they are focused.

Armand F.
Armand G F7 years ago

Sorry, she will be a NO TERM President.

Lee K.
Lee Keys7 years ago

Get real.
No male bankers will allow this nitwit or any other woman for that matter to be president as they could screw up the system.
Lets face it the bankers like Rockerfeller pick the president so do you think silly Bachman has an inkling of a chance!

Edward M.
Edward M7 years ago

She shouldn't even be a Representative.

Shelly Peterson
Shelly Peterson7 years ago

I hope she runs with the GOP!!!....The Dems will WIN FOR SURE!!!!!

Marie W.
Marie W7 years ago

Mo term is better- crazy witch--sorry that's an insult to Wiccans - crazy loon.

Barbara V.
Barbara V7 years ago

Even one quarter of a term would be horrifying to contemplate.

Marilyn J L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

President Stepford Wife?

Victoria M.
Past Member 7 years ago

bunch of dingbats lol