Bachmann: The Primary Should End. No, Wait, No It Shouldn’t

What a difference two days make.  Friday, Minnesota Congresswoman and former Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann suggested that it was time to wrap up the GOP primary.  Sunday, she’s saying the contest shouldn’t end until everyone has had their say.

It was during an appearance on “Morning Joe” that Bachmann made the statement that everyone was suffering from “primary fatigue” and it was time to start turning the battle to President Barack Obama instead.  “There’s a lot of fatigue among our party…They are really kind of tired of this. They feel like the vetting is happening and they want us to kind of batten down the hatches and make the decision…[W]e are factionalized. That’s just the way that it is right now. We’ve got to come together and reach out to independents and disaffected Democrats.”

She then reiterated her point in another interview that day, saying “she’s hearing from voters across the country that they are ready” for a nominee. “They want us to get that person because now they want to pivot and focus on President Obama because I think everyone recognizes he can’t have a second term.”

But that fatigue apparently wore off quickly.  Within 48 hours, Bachmann was then doing talk shows stating every voter should get a chance to weigh in on the nominee.  She told ABC’s “This Week” that, “This is the people’s race and it is the primary voters who are going to make their decision…I think the quicker that the Republicans can unify behind our candidate and make Barack Obama and his failed policies the focus of this election the better off we all will be, but the people need to decide….It is up to the people. The people will make the choice, not the politicians.”

That was a pretty abrupt turn around.

Photo from Gage Skidmore via flickr creative commons


diana rojek
diana r5 years ago

I supposed she is entitled to her opinion(s), however many times they change.

Vicky Pitchford
Vicky P5 years ago

not that I support her, but some people change their mind when they have more information about something

Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

Does this no-mind always wear her flip-flops?

Frank Y.
.5 years ago

Ha ha ha ha hah! You guys are hilarious. I think that you are trying to be intelligent? You guys are really a gas...bag! Go clean the dribble off your beards.

James Maynard
James Maynard5 years ago

Ha ha ha ha ha, Christopher F., you took the
words right out of my mouth.
Michelle take your flip/flops and go home.

Christopher Fowler

Doesn't she endorse the unrealistic ideology of women staying home and being housewives and mothers, silently obeying their husbands (like chattle)?
Shouldn't she be practicing what she preaches and shut up, as, in accordance with her own belief system, she has nothing of value to contribute?

She has already proven that she has nothing to contribute so why does she continue to try to spew her hypocrisy?

Hey Michele! Get over yourself. You lost and you shall continue to do so as people realize just exactly what little value YOUR opinions have compared to intelligent women and men.

Ann Delicath
Ann Delicath5 years ago

Maybe her husband is away from home and she has to rely on her own brain(?) for her statements and then he comes home and -- you know the rest. Or maybe it's god one day and her brain(?) the next.

Keevin Shultz
Keevin Shultz5 years ago

She's never been there so how would she know it should end?

Gary Heck
Gary Heck5 years ago

Why is this whack job still polluting the air? I guess the asylum hasn't found her yet.

John chapman
John chapman5 years ago

She should tean up with what's her name, you know, the former Gov. of Alaska. Who quit, when she figured out that she could make more $$$ doing something else.

I'm sure it would be picked up by one of the Murdock's, Nit Wit Networks.

That the voters would reelect her, says something about them, & it's not flattering.