Barbour May Vote Against Mississippi Personhood Bill

The hard right is gathering strong behind Mississippi’s personhood amendment and their goal of criminalizing abortion and outlawing contraception. But there may be a few cracks in the shell.

Yesterday, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) expressed significant concern over the bill’s very broad, and very vague, language, telling MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that he may not vote for the bill due to its “ramifications” on women’s access to health care and maybe even their rights.

The Personhood USA campaign, the collective force behind the effort to get a fertilized egg recognized as a person, was quick to attack Barbour, pointing out that Barbour took campaign contributions from pharmaceutical companies Monsanto and Pfizer, companies that both manufacture the abortion bill.

These are hardly damning accusations since there is likely not a single elected official who has not received some campaign cash from the pharmaceutical industry. And it reveals the larger, more terrifying problem for conservatives (let alone women) in this debate: deviation from the agenda is simply not allowed.

Barbour noted his concerns surrounded the fact that there are at least four ways an egg can be define as fertilized and the Mississippi bill deals with only one. The others, which can result in life-threatening medical conditions for women and ban in vitro fertilization procedures for couples trying to conceive. He did so while reiterating that he firmly believes life begins at conception and would normally support a “personhood” bill and he was still attacked by Personhood USA.

When Barbour is attacked by the anti-choice community it is clear there is no possibility for a sane, rational debate, grounded in science, about this bill. And that right there should tell you what the real agenda behind the egg-as-person movement is all about.

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Jean  L. C.
Jean Corcoran6 years ago

NO, even though he did not agree with the wording, or the jeopardy that it put women in, or how it denied us LIFE he still VOTED TO LET US DIE!!!

Amanda M.
Amanda M6 years ago

Anti-choice = ANTI-WOMAN. This is nothing more than an attempt to return women to the days when they were under men's thumbs and had no control over their bodies and lives, and that's a fact.

A zygote is NOT a person, and since it cannot think or breathe for itself and has no sentience whatsoever, it does NOT trump a woman's right to decide for herself what does and does NOT happen to her body. Ditto an embryo or a pre-viability fetus.

Ellie Damann
.6 years ago

keep abortion and birth control legal

Gary Ansorge
Gary Ansorge6 years ago

Eileen M.

Bald eagles may no longer be endangered but they are still "threatened", meaning they're still on the edge.

"The Bald Eagle is now listed with a status of "threatened" by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Endangered Species List,"

Read more:

The only reason to encourage the birth of more humans is to provide more human meat for our alien overlords,,,(this might be referred to as SATIRE)

Ira L.
Ellie L6 years ago

SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK! G-d please make it so that men carry and give birth, and let's see how fast these moronic, hiding behind Jesus, bigots, racists, women-envy haters would scramble to abort!! Get the hell out of a woman's Uterus. and don't you dare ever, ever, ever, ever, let one drop of "precious sperm" ever not be totally accounted for and reported as a "person" to the authorities. GO F**K YOURSELVES.

Lloyd H6 years ago

One question about the 'life at conception' misdirection, if it goes to person-hood just when does the person enter the picture. It sure as hell ain't conception as that means twins etc would all be counted as a single person as there is not always separation, in fact there is a condition where only parts of one twin continue to exist in the other but without separate life. Also aside from the totally ignorant classification of spontaneous abortions/miscarriages as homicides of varying kinds not all fertilizations result in viable zygotes that will or can result in a live birth.

Sharon M.
Sharon Moore6 years ago

According to above, one doctor has said that life begins at conception. It takes both an egg AND a sperm to conceive. I, for one, believe that a fertilized egg becomes a person when it can live on its own, outside its mother's womb. These are all beliefs, not facts. Keep your scary beliefs to yourself!

Bette M.
Bette M6 years ago

Eileen M. Guess what.......There are seven billion humans all over this BLUE DOT(Google that.) And there are not seven billion eagles on this BLUE DOT......If there were seven billion eagles I guaratee you we would not have seven billion greedy, selfish & materialistic humans rapeing the earth clean like vultures.

Are you living a fairy tale life or what??!!

Plant & protect Danny's trees for life.
Trees are the lungs of the earth.

Eileen M.
Eileen M.6 years ago

It is simply bringing the constitution in line with what science already recognizes: "By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception." Dr. Hymie Gordon, Chairman, Department of Genetics at the Mayo Clinic

"The only times we even question whether human beings are persons (or “truly” human) are during exploitation and injustice. During the Holocaust, in support of slavery, and to spread eugenics, for example, we have questioned whether the people exploited or abused are really, truly human. To me, that’s powerful." Ana Banderas

AIN’T I A WOMAN? This is what Sojourner Truth asked when she gave her famous speech about the rights of black women.


Ryan Bomberger answers this question in this beautiful music video written by a man who was conceived by an act of rape:

How fortunate his mother recognized his “personhood”!

Eileen M.
Eileen M.6 years ago

Maybe you can explain why even though the eagle is no longer an endangered species, its eggs are still federally protected while they’re still in the mother eagle; once they are laid; through the 35-day incubation period and beyond through hatching. In fact, even the nonliving eagle egg shell is protected by the federal law. We're talking a $100,000 fine! Shouldn't a human baby have at least the same protection under the law?